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Active Games

Magical Academy: Way better than playing some game about stupid aliens, this is about magical kids doing magical kid stuff.

Inactive/Defunct Games

X-COM: In this universe, X-COM is an illegal, extranational conspiracy that the world's nations want to hunt down.
Camps and Counsellors
Godbound: Five demigods, one bloodborne-esque wasteland of a country, one divine throne to attain, what wacky slice of life adventures will they get up to????????
Fading Worlds: The adventures of a bunch of sailors and other misfits, whose modern Earth cargo ship has ended up being transported through an alien FTL transport network. Will they make it home? Will they strike it rich? Will they make out with any blue alien babes? Only time will tell.
Fallout Florida: It's Fallout. In Florida. This will not end well for anyone.
PSMG, PlaneScape Magical Girls. Because crossing Planescape with Sailor Moon was totally an awesome idea.
St. Across' Girls Institute, a heartwarming(?) slice of life in a school setting. In Warhammer 40k.
Sundered Valley, what happens when the children of the old adventurers pick up where they left off.
Task Force Charon, a dark, futuristic game set in the Eclipse Phase setting
Three Empires, a game of transhuman adventure in the far future.
The Corporate Chronicles, dystopian cyberpunk on Earth and in space.
TSC, Tactical Squad Chaos. High on the chaos, medium on the squads and low on the tactics.
Escape from Neverwinter, a light-hearted and completely canon-ignoring romp through the Forgotten Realms
Weapons of the Gods, Sunday morning kung fu action hero serial
Tactical Squad Cthulhu, if Cthulhu couldn't deal with a Norwegian fishing boat, he's going to be fucked when the PC's crash a helicopter covered in chainsaws into him.
Birthright, an exciting campaign of totally serious adventures across Aebrynis and its continent Cerilia. There will be no goofy shenanigans whatsoever.
Old School Dungeons and Dragons, a romp through the settings and adventure modules of 1970s and 1980s D&D.
Descent: A playtest of a new system. And no, Sanev, I will not elaborate on any cloacas. jfc.
Ascension Wars: The Pretender Gods have awoken to claim the world after the Pantokrator's disappearance.

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