107 Piscium



Approximate size: Approx. Luna-sized
Atmosphere: Low density, standard oxygen level.
Climate: Terran
Ocean Level: 50% surface area

Notes: Gibraltar is an off-limits military outpost containing the system's only FTL communications ansible, administrated by the Terran Republic.


Approximate size: Mars-sized
Atmosphere: High density, standard oxygen level.
Climate: Terran
Ocean Level: 85% surface area
Population: 800 million
Government: The Terran Republic maintains a firm grip on all orbital facilities and spaceports on this oceanic world, fiercely policing all banned technologies.

Notes: Several Benevolence outposts are tolerated to exist in the deeper regions of the oceans.


Approximate size: Smaller than Mars
Atmosphere: Standard atmospheric density, standard oxygen level. Warning: Atmosphere contains active nanotech spores and a high volume of irradiated particles.
Climate: Hot, Arid
Ocean Level: None
Population: 800,000
Government: The Silver Dominion maintains its unique brand of unpredictable anarchy on Athas, there are no formal leaderships of any groups larger than ten thousand members, and all authority is maintained either by common agreement or force of personality. Athas remains the most high-tech enclave in 107 Piscium despite the damage the world suffered during the prior centuries of war. So far no efforts have been made to terraform Athas.

Notes: Visitors to Athas are recommended to thoroughly scrub their suits, belongings and vehicles for nanotech spores upon departure.

Kun Lun

Approximate size: Earth-sized
Atmosphere: Standard atmosphere, standard oxygen density. Warning: The atmosphere contains dense pollen and plant life spores which may trigger allergic reactions or breathing difficulties.
Climate: Hot(45C average temperature)
Ocean Level: 16% surface area
Population: 800 million
Government: The High Benevolence of Divine Metamorphosis maintains a theocratic government on Kun Lun, ruled over by the local Bishop and his religious police that ensure all genetic modification is according to plan and law, most of the citizenship is maintained in a state of pre/early industrial existence, though the central government maintains enough high tech equipment to defend the planet and continue terraforming/genemodding projects.

Notes: Kun Lun's terraforming has proceeded at a rapid pace, with the populace as much adjusted to the world as the world is to the populace. Long-term habitation on Kun Lun is unhealthy without the necessary genetic modifications to survive the local biosphere.


Approximate size: Mars-sized
Atmosphere: Standard density, standard oxygen level.
Climate: Terran.
Ocean Level: 45% surface area.
Population: 80 million.
Government: The Crimson Corporation sponsors a largely democratic government with laws comparable to those of 21st-century Earth, anything that doesn't endanger other citizens or company property is generally legal. Standards of living are high, but the Crimson Corporation has the assets to derail the local democracy if it works counter to their purposes or interests.

Notes: Utopia is a new experiment of the Crimson Corporation, most of their worlds are organized along more corporate lines where leadership is determined by consistency in maintaining profit margins.

Minor Bodies

During the latter stages of humanity's interstellar wars, several small, rocky worlds were literally pulverized by the deployment of experimental, high-energy weapons. As a result, 107 Piscium has an unusual amount of asteroids and cometary bodies.

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