2nd Season Factions

The United Nations

Leadership: AI Council, London
Main Settlement: Bastion Station
Values: Survival, freedom, AI rights, corporate freedoms.
Social/Technological Restrictions: Next to none

Fleet Flagship: UNFJ Behemoth/UNFDr Leviathan
Fleet Aesthetics: White colouration, rectangular shapes. "Like great big, heavily armoured and armed, bricks."
Fleet Designations: UNFX(Where X is the ship class. United Nations Fleet.)
Fleet Naming: Earth locations(military), none(civilian). Examples: UNFFr Detroit, UNFD Thames

The Vegan Republic

Leadership: AI Triumvirate, elected human officials
Main Settlement: Alpha Lyrae(Vega)
Values: Survival, expansion, resistance against the UN
Social/Technological Restrictions: State-owned businesses, limited private enterprise, limited freedom of speech

Fleet Flagship: Unknown
Fleet Aesthetics: Grey colouration, long, narrow shapes.
Fleet Designations: RFX(Where X is the ship class. Republic Fleet)
Fleet Naming: Weapons(military), none(Civilian). Examples: RFF Stiletto, RFF Catapult, RFCr Warhammer.

The Sun Coalition

Leadership: Emperor
Main Settlement: Earth
Values: Expansion, security of the Sol system, military excellence, destruction of AI's
Social/Technological Restrictions: Authoritarian government, limited freedom of speech, all industry devoted to the military

Fleet Flagship: Unknown
Fleet Aesthetics: Blue colouration, broad delta shapes.
Fleet Designations: HCFX(Where X is the ship class. Holy Coalition Fleet)
Fleet Naming: No known conventions, it's all moon runes, anyway.

The Free Fleet

Leadership: ?????
Main Settlement: Liberation Prime, Liberty System
Values: Genetic perfection, fleet strength, revenge, destruction of AI's
Social/Technological Restrictions: Military government, extreme propaganda, enforced genetic enhancement.

Fleet Flagship: Unknown
Fleet Aesthetics: Black and red colouration, insectoid shapes.
Fleet Designations: FFX(Where X is the ship class. Free Fleet)
Fleet Naming: No established conventions.

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