Academy NPCs


Professor Toran

Eccentric bookworm, purple robes, the Academy's youngest teacher.

"dressed in a long, arcane robe that's several different shades of purple along its length. She's deeply tanned, has dark hair and wears a pair of glasses. "Um," she says, as she steps out of the pentagram, clutching a large, leather-bound tome to her chest."

Toran's Constructs

"a pair of strange constructs lurking in the corners of the room. They appear to be made entirely of ornate, metal scrollwork, suspended in the air in humanoid forms without anything connecting the individual pieces."

"it suddenly animates, purple light flaring in the eye sockets and running over the scroll work. It steps forward and bows to Lily"

Professor Évelyne

Very concerned with appearances and cleanliness, mostly focused on elemental magic(ice, water) and illusion. Wears a lot of lipstick and mascara, as well as ornate white robes.

Professor Triumphal Sunrise

Teaches Necromancy and Healing all night, every night.

Professor Emerald Greensparkle Leafington

"Bark Fairies and Other Vermin"

Professor Goldur

"Essence of Arachnids"


House Swords(Red)

Elma(Fourth Year)

Scarred, blonde, "country" accent. Wears a wig, has platemail added to her robe. Favoured weapon is a sword.

Princess Steph(First Year)

She's a princess, very haughty and has her own maid and pony, as well as a ridiculous assortment of names. This makes her superior to everyone. Her dad is a duke somewhere.

"I'm duchess-to-be Stephanie Theophania Rosemarie Aikaterine Hlif Mareike Drusa Blandina… the fourth."

The Six Goons(Second Year)

Extremely friendly, extremely rowdy, prone to playing rugby at the drop of a hat, pin or air molecule.

House Beasts(Black)

Melisande(First Year)

First-year student, looking for a missing griffon. Carries a shepherd's crook and is extremely, cripplingly timid. Has long black hair to go with her black robe.

House Hammers(Blue)

Adrian Dobrogost(Third Year)

"Tall, wearing a blue robe festooned with toolbelts and looks like he's confident that he could take on the world and win. His robe would probably be fancy except for the fact that it's been patched up repeatedly and has quite a few discolouring stains."

Seems to know people all over the Academy and from all the houses. May have a kleptomaniac streak.

Titania(Fourth Year)

Self-absorbed, wearing something that looks more like a stage magician's outfit than a serious set of wizarding clothes. Lots of frills, cut-down, icy blue hair, manicured fingernails and obviously never bothers with House Hammer's construction work. Also a pointy wizard's hat.

House Plants(Green)

Penelope(Second Year)

Chubby, red-haired and permanently in a good mood. Penelope is one of the best cooks that House Plants has, and always has time for her friends and tutoring new first years in cooking. She also has a massive sweet tooth.


Marcella the Maid

Princess Steph's quiet maid, makes good tea, physically strong. Short blonde hair and otherwise maid-like in all ways.

Miss Snufflesworth

Princess Steph's pony. A mysterious creature…

William the Butler

A skeleton.

The Griffon

It likes Frances.

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