ACS Surplus Equipment Outlet

For all your destructive needs

The "currency" of the game will be Favor, and is a mishmash of contacts and hard currency.

Up close and personal beatdowns

Small Knife: Free
Large Knife: Free
Huge Knife: Free
Katana: 5 Favor
Small Stick/Club: Free
Police Baton/Large Stick: Free
Chainsaw: 5 Favor
Tazer/Stun Baton: 1 Favor (5 zaps, 1 shot with stun hooks(for tazer). Hard Will test or collapse for two rounds, causes d4x3 endurance damage)

Reach out and touch someone. With a bullet.

Next, ranged weapons!

Note: Weapons which do not have listed ammo costs come fully loaded for every mission, with two reloads besides, or fully loaded and with thirty extra shots, whichever amounts to more ammo.

Thrown Rock: Free
Thrown Knife: Free
Crossbow: 30 Favor
Handgun, .22 Caliber: 10 Favor
Handgun, .32 Caliber: 10 Favor
Handgun, .38 Caliber: 15 Favor
Handgun, 9 mm: 15
Handgun, 10 mm: 20 Favor
Handgun, .45 Caliber: 25 Favor
High Velocity Handgun, .357 magnum: 30 Favor
High Velocity Handgun, .44 magnum: 30 Favor
SMG, .22 caliber: 10 Favor
SMG, 5.7 mm: 25 Favor
SMG, 9 mm: 25 Favor
SMG, 10 mm: 30 Favor
SMG, .45 caliber: 50 Favor
SMG, 7.62 mm: 70 Favor
Semi-Automatic Rifle, .22 LR: 25 Favor
Semi-Automatic Rifle, 5.56 mm: 50 Favor
Semi-Automatic Rifle, .30-06: 80 Favor
Semi-Automatic Rifle, 7.62 mm: 60 Favor
Shotgun, 12-gauge: 40 Favor
Shotgun, 12-gauge underbarrel: 50 Favor
Shotgun, 12-gauge, Automatic: 80 Favor
Shotgun, 4-gauge: 80 Favor
Assault Rifle, 5.56 mm: 70 Favor
Assault Rifle, 7.62 mm: 100 Favor
Sniper Rifle, .50 Caliber: 150 Favor
Machine Gun, 5.56 mm: 150 Favor
Machine Gun, 7.62 mm: 200 Favor
Machine Gun, .50: 250 Favor
Autocannon, 30mm: 250 Favor

Clip, Autocannon(Comes in armor piercing, explosive and incendiary variants!): 20 Favor

For when you absolutely, positively have to kill someone very, very dead

Explosive Weapons!

Grenade Launcher, Breech-Loaded/Under-Barrel/Otherwise Single-Round: 100 Favor
Grenade Launcher, Drum Mag: 150 Favor (12-round capacity, semi-auto)
Hand Grenade, Standard: 5 Favor
Hand Grenade, High Payload: 15 Favor
Hand Grenade, Flashbang: 5 Favor
40mm Grenade: 10 Favor (For Grenade Launcher)
40mm Shotgun Shell: 2 Favor (For Grenade Launcher) (d8*5 damage on birdshot, d10*6 damage on buckshot, d10*5 damage on slugs)
Tear Gas Grenade: 5 Favor (Either thrown or launcher)
Smoke Grenade: 5 Favor (Either thrown or launcher)
Mortar: 75 Favor
Mortar Shell: 10 Favor
Mortar Flare: 5 Favor
Rocket Launcher: 150 Favor
AA Rocket Launcher: 100 Favor
Laser-Guided Rocket Launcher: 200
Rocket: 15 Favor
Hi-X Blasting Charge: 25 Favor
Detonator, Remote: 10 Favor
Detonator, Timed: 5 Favor
Detonator, Motion: 25 Favor
Detonator, Tripwire: 10 Favor

Barbecued Badguys

Burning Weapons!

Molotov Cocktail: Free (Max of two per character, D6/D4 damage per round.)
Flamethrower: 50 Favor (D6x2/D6 damage per round.)
Dragon's Breath Shell, Pack of 10: 10 Favor (D8*2)
Hand Grenade, White Phosphorus: 15 Favor
40mm Grenade, White Phosphorus: 15 Favor
Rocket, White Phosphorus: 20 Favor

LTL Weaponry

If you keep them alive you can have even MORE fun later.

LTL Dart Rifle: 25 Favor
LTL Dart Pistol: 20 Favor
Riot Foam Sprayer: 50 Favor
LTL Gas Grenade: 30 Favor
LTL Antidote, Auto-Injector, Five Doses: 30 Favor
LTL Ammo, Five Darts: 5 Favor
Riot Foam Cartridge: 25 Favor

LTL Rules

Less Than Letal toxins require specialized delivery systems. All LTL firearms are single-shot and have limited range(too much propellant would just shoot them right through the target at close range). On a headshot or neckshot they take effect immediately, body or limbs, the next round. They cannot punch through ANY armor, but if someone's wearing torso armor, his head or limbs are still viable targets. LTL gas is of course foiled by gas masks.

Anyone affected must roll 1d10+Will or 1d10+Con to stay conscious every round after being affected, with a cumulative -1 penalty for every round after the first, and the same penalty to anything they try to do. On a roll of 1 on any of these checks, the target has had an allergic reaction to the gas and goes into cardiac arrest. Only immediate CPR(First Aid or Medicine) will keep them alive, or an immediate injection of LTL Antidote.

Unconscious targets will usually regain consciousness within a few hours.

Riot Foam sticks to anything that isn't skin and then rapidly hardens in the space of ten seconds. It's porous enough after hardening to permit breathing assuming it hasn't somehow glued the victim's mouth and nose shut. A "hard" strength check at -1 is required to break free without help, but anyone not trapped, or with only one limb trapped, can easily cut themselves loose in half a minute assuming they have a knife or similar object that isn't trapped by the hardened foam. Automatically dissolves after half an hour, or when exposed to even low concentrations of ethanol.

Sometimes you just don't want to get shot


Class I Armor: 25 Favor
Class IIa Armor: 50 Favor
Class II Armor: 100 Favor (Causes light encumbrance)
Class IIIa Armor: 200 Favor (Causes medium encumbrance)
Class III Armor: 400 Favor (Causes medium encumbrance)
Class IV Armor: 500 Favor (Causes medium encumbrance)
Riot Shield: 50 Favor
Hazard Suit: 550 Favor(-1 Perception, -2 Dexterity, provides the same level of defense as Class IV armor but also protects fully against fire and explosives.)

All the boring stuff that isn't about shooting people in the head.

Assorted Gear:

Cell Phone: Free
Headset: Free
Laptop: 5 Favor
Walkie-Talkie: Free
Auto-Injector: Free
Doctor's Bag: 10 Favor
First Aid Kit: 5 Favor
Biohazard Suit: 25 Favor
Geiger Counter: Free
Radiation Suit: 25 Favor
Binoculars: Free
Camera: Free
Goggles, Infrared/Nightvision: 10 Favor
Camouflage: 5 Favor
Gas Mask: 10 Favor
Multitool: Free
Flare Gun: 5 Favour (And yes, you can shoot at people with this.)
Rope: Free
Scuba Gear: 10 Favor
Cutting Torch: 10 Favor (Again, yes, if you really must try.)
Fire Extinguisher: Free
Lockpicking Set: Free
Tool Kit: Free
Handcuffs: Free
Silencer: 5 Favor, 10 Favor for both silenced and flash-suppressed.
Flash Suppressor: 5 Favor, 10 Favor for both silenced and flash-suppressed.
Scope: 5 Favor
Flashlight: Free
Flashlight duct-taped to barrel of gun: Free
Spectral Jammer: 25 Favor(One-use item that disrupts all active-camo and wireless communications within a 10km radius for approximately an hour. With enough electronics or related skills, it may be possible to adjust one to only kill certain frequencies rather than all.)

What's an action movie without a car chase?


Car(SUV, Sports car, whatever. No James Bond gadgets): 50 Favor
Armored Car(Looks normal, but bulletproof windows and armoured doors): 100 Favor
Truck, Flatbed(One of those generic army trucks with the soft top): 100 Favor
Humvee(Or equivalent armored jeep. Somewhat bullet-proof, can mount an MG or rack of missiles up top): 200 Favor
APC(Yes, a goddamn APC. No weapons installed, but has room for them): 400 Favor
Tank(Russian surplus, has turret and chassis, but no main gun or other weapons installed): 700 Favor
Helicopter, Small(Ordinary, civilian, room for four): 300 Favor
Helicopter, Transport(Think Black Hawk or sea rescue chopper. Hardpoints for MG's and chainguns, comes with none installed. Carries 12 people.): 600 Favor
Helicopter, Assault(One pilot, one gunner. Hardpoints for rockets and cannons. Comes with none installed): 1000 Favor
Boat, Inflateable(Seats six and some gear, outboard engine): 25 Favor
Boat, Small Hovercraft(The size of a car, really.): 50 Favor
Boat, Small(Small boat, sail and/or engine, nothing fancy): 50 Favor
Boat, Yacht(Considerably larger and more luxurious): 200 Favor
Boat, Assault Hovercraft(More Russian surplus, hardpoints for missiles and guns): 400 Favor
Ship, Cargo/Tanker(Makes a great mobile HQ): 400 Favor
Motorcycle(Perfectly ordinary): 25 Favor
Bicycle(It has a bell you can ring!): Free

Car stereos and rocket launchers, all in the same category

Vehicle Gear:

Sidecar, Motorcycle: 5 Favor
Radio Gear: 5 Favor
Mobile RADAR System: 100 Favor
.32 Cal MG, Mountable: 50 Favor
.7.62mm MG, Mountable: 100 Favor
.50 Cal MG, Mountable: 130 Favor
.5.56mm Minigun, Mountable: 150 Favor
.7.62mm Minigun, Mountable: 170 Favor
Rockets, Anti-Tank, Wire-Guided(Rack of four, plus guidance system): 300
Rockets, Anti-Tank, Dumbfire(Rack of Four): 200
Rockets, Anti-Air, Heat-Seeking(Rack of four): 250
Rockets, Anti-Air, Laser-Guided(Rack of four, plus guidance system): 200
30mm Autocannon: 200 Favor
60mm Cannon: 250 Favor
105mm Cannon: 300 Favor
120mm Cannon: 350 Favor
Grenade Launcher, Auto: 200 Favor
Grenade Launcher, Smoke: 100 Favor
Mortar Launcher, 120mm: 100 Favor
Mortar Launcher, 300mm: 200 Favor

Vatican Sponsorship Equipment

Templar Rifle: 100 Favor(5.56mm assault rifle with scope and under-barrel grenade launcher)
Crusader Tank: 800 Favor(Tank with 120mm cannon, two .50 machineguns and a smoke grenade launcher)
Security Kit: 250 Favor(.50 cal sniper rifle, one-use active camo suit, spectral jammer)
Squire Jeep: 300 Favor(Humvee with 30mm autocannon and smoke grenade launcher)
Swiss Guard Package: 300(5.7mm SMG, III body armour, IR/NV goggles)

UEG Trooper Equipment

Bastion Kit: 300 Favor(5.56mm machinegun, 12-gauge shotgun, two suits of class IIIa body armor)
Heron Helicopter: 600 Favor(Transport helicopter, two dumbfire rocket racks, two mounted 5.56mm machineguns)
Hunting Hawk: 400 Favor(5.56mm sniper rifle, rechargeable active camo suit)
Pelican Package: 300 Favor(Rocket launcher, drum-mag 40mm grenade launcher, five rockets, twenty-four grenades)
Toucan Tank: 800 Favor(Tank with 120mm cannon, 30mm autocannon, wire-guided missile launcher, 5.56mm minigun)

Starlight Enterprises Equipment

Wraith Kit: 200 Favor(10 blasting charges, 5 remote detonators, 5 tripwire detonators, 5 motion detonators, 5 timed detonators, silenced .45 SMG)
Banshee Gear: 300 Favor(7.62mm sniper rifle, one-use active camo suit, blasting charge, timed detonator, remote detonator)
Vampire: 600 Favor(Assault helicopter with 30mm cannon, 8x dumbfire rockets, 8x wire-guided rockets)
Phantom Kit: 175 Favor(Silenced .45 SMG, IR/NV goggles, class II armor, Spectral Jammer)

Russian Federation Surplus

Variety Pack: 400 Favor(7.62mm machinegun, rocket launcher, breech-loaded grenade launcher, 5x rocket, 5x 40mm grenade, 2x 7.62mm assault rifle)
Gornyj Lev Tank: 800 Favor(Tank with 3x 105mm cannon(rotary mount), 2x 7.62mm machinegun, 4x heat-seeking AA rockets)
Liberator Kit: 400 Favor(7.62mm assault rifle, 7.62mm semi-automatic rifle with scope, 9mm silenced sniper rifle with scope, 2x class IIIa armor)
Zheleznyj Orel Helicopter: 800 Favor(Transport helicopter with 3x 30mm autocannon(stationary front mount), 2x 7.62mm machinegun(passenger compartment side mounts), 1x 7.62mm minigun(under-nose turret mount), 16x dumbfire missile)

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