Body 6 (60)
Mind 4 (40)
Soul 5 (50)

Combat Value 5
Attack Combat Value 5 (8 Melee, 7 Ranged)
Defence Combat Value 5 (8 Melee, 8 Ranged)

Damage Multiplier 5 (+1 Sniping, +1 Leaping, +1 Kicking, +1 Superstrength)

Attack rolls:

Sniper Rifle 2d6+9
Unarmed 2d6+6
Grapnel 2d9+9, defence roll -2

Damage Totals:
Sniper Rifle 27/31 (4 * 5/6 + 7) -8 armour
Unarmed 44/50/56 (6 * 6/7/8 + 8)
Grapnel 17 (2 * 5 + 7)

Health Points 75/75

Initiative 11


Armour 3 (0)- Armour Rating 6

Combat Technique- (26)

Blind Shooting (2)- Aethers long experience in combat and his augmented senses allow him to much more easily pinpoint targets he can’t clearly see, reducing all penalties for shooting at targets obscured by bad light or darkness, or invisibility, by one degree.

Brutal 2 (4)- Aethers metallic fists and feet strike with much greater force than those of any mortal man. His unarmed attacks count as weapon level 2

Critical Strike (2)- Aether is lucky, and when if a shot was going to go really well for somebody else, it goes spectacularly for Aether. If an attack roll exceeds the defence by an outrageous (12) margin, it deals triple rather than double damage, and if it exceeds it by a monstrous (18) margin, it does quadruple damage. Additionally, if the dice score a natural twelve, the attack automatically does double damage.

Dead Eye (2)- Aethers targeting programs, specially optimised for his own high pace of movement, have no problem keeping track of fast opponents, reducing all penalties for shooting at them by one grade.

Diving Attack (2)- Aethers prestigious athletic abilities means he can leap, dash and jump into combat, using his considerable momentum to increase the power of his attacks. Any time the he has a higher Initiative than his opponent and is free to move, he may attempt a leaping attack. If the strike is successful, he gets an extra +1 to his or her Damage Multiplier. If he fails to hit, however, the character is off balance and receives a significant (-3) penalty to any defence rolls until his turn to act in the following round.

Far Shot (2)- Aethers extensive repertoire of combat programs allows him to reduce all penalties for firing weapons at long range by one degree.

Lethal Blow (2)- Aethers martial arts synergises perfectly with his augmentations to make his blows lethal. His unarmed attacks deal normal damage, rather than stunning.

Lightning Reflexes 2 (4)- Aethers augmented nature means both his mind and body work at high speed. He gains a +6 bonus to all initiative rolls.

Multiple Targets (2)- Aether learnt to fight against mobs the hard way, often outnumbered but always willing to share the pain. When attacking multiple targets with a single attack, he reduces any penalties by one.

Precise Aim (2)- Aethers use of high level combat programs reduces any dice penalties when attacking with pinpoint accuracy, such as when making called shots, or trick shots. When making pinpoint attacks, aiming provides a +3 bonus rather than a +1, and can accumulate for two consecutive rounds.

Steady Hand (2)- Aethers nature as a high speed combatant virtually necessitated this line of augmentation, allowing him to use his weapons competently even while moving at high speed. All penalties for attacking while moving at high speed are reduced by one, and he may aim while he is moving.

Extra Arms (4)- Aether has two additional arms, mounted below and behind his regular pair, anchored to his shoulder blades.

Features (1) HUD- Aethers HUD is specially configured to supply him with easy access to his targeting software, ammunition counts on his weapons as well as any notifications or warnings the systems deem appropriate. When in use, his eyes glow with a very dim inner light.

Heightened Awareness 2 (4)- Aethers long experience of rooftops and running, combined with his augmented perceptions, means he is very able to sense hidden or unexpected things before they occur. He receives a +2 bonus on any roll to notices ambushes, hidden objects, or anything else involving sensory awareness

Jumping 4 (8)- Aethers heavily augmented legs give him a great jumping distance, roughly a hundred times that of a normal person, further augmented by his incredible running speed, allowing him to bound between rooftops and walls at an incredible pace.

Land Speed 6 (12)- Aethers highly augmented legs give him a normal running speed of 125kmph, which can increase up to 187kph at a jog, or 250kph at a sprint

Massive Damage Focused- Sniping (4)- Aethers training and combat programming give him an ability to put a bullet right where it hurts, increasing the damage output of any ranged weapon he’s given time to aim with.

Massive Damage Focused- Kicking (4)- Utilizing the highly enhanced musculature and structure of his legs, Aether can deliver kicks of punishing force, capable of killing unaugmented human beings and heavily damaging more hardy opponents.

Melee Attack 3 [Parkour Martial Arts] (9)

Melee Defence 3 [Parkour Martial Arts] (9)

Organisational 2 [UN Fleet] (0)

Ranged Attack Light Weapons 2 (6)

Ranged Attack Energy Weapons 2 (6)

Ranged Defence 3 [Personal] (9)

Skills- (21)
Acrobatics-Parkour 3 (9)
Climbing-Walls 1 (2)
Driving-Motorcycles 1 (2)
Stealth-Rooftops 1 (2)
Street Sense 1 (2)

Special Defense [Aging, Disease, Freezing Cold, Freezing Water, Lack of Air, Lack of Food, Lack of Water, Low Pressure, High Pressure, Overheating, Poison, Sleep] (0)

Special Movement [Balance, Wall Bouncing] (4)

Supersense Sonar 2 (4)- Aethers augmented sonar senses allow him to actively sense the area surrounding him, proving of great use during his roof running, especially since it also gives a vague idea of how thick surfaces are, making it easy to avoid fragile objects which wouldn’t stand up to his impact

Superstrength 1 (8)- Aethers augmented body is far stronger than any humans, and although its not as powerful as some other augmented entities, it still packs a punch.

Tough 4 (0)

Weapon 6 [Enhanced Limbs, Optimally Linked] (14)

Weapon 4 [Sniper Rifle, Accurate 2 (+2 to hit), Penetrating 2 (-8 armour), Hands, Range 3] (14)

Weapon 2 [Grapnel, Accurate 2 (+2 to hit), Impact Lock 2, Flexible 2 (-2 to defence), Range 2] (7)


Less Capable [Mind- Common Sense 3] (-3)
Weak Point [Active Joints- normal joints have no armour] (-2)

Jumping- GMs can allow characters to jump as far as seems dramatically appropriate for the game. If distance is important, a stationary person can jump about 2 metres forward, or 1 up or back. A successful Body Stat roll allows a character to jump (in metres) one-quarter of his or her top speed (in metres/round); a failed roll means the character falls short. Thus a character can normally jump a distance, in metres, equal to 75% (or three-quarters) of his or her Body Stat (since a character sprint at up to 3 metres x his
or her Body Stat in a round). Similarly, a car racing along at 250 kph (250 metres/round) could “jump” 63 metres (250 ÷ 4 = 63) — but a wheeled or tracked vehicle or a boat can only jump if it has a ramp.


Real Name: Derek Simmons
Codename: Aether
Association: EuroCorp
Party: Paladin Team Beta

Str 2
Dex 5
Con 2
Int 2
Per 3
Wil 2

Life: 26 (52)

Current LP: 52/52

Endurance: 23/23

Speed (Mph): 12
Speed (Yps): 6 (24)
Essence: 6

Fast Reaction Time (2)
Situational Awareness (2)
Nerves of Steel (3)
Show Off (-2)

Acrobatics(Dexterity) [Parkour] 3
Climbing(Dexterity/Strength/Constitution) 1
Driving(Dexterity) [Motorbike] 1
Dodge(Dexterity) 2
Electronic Surveillance(Intelligence) 1
Escapism(Intelligence/Dexterity) 1
First Aid(Perception/Intelligence) 1
Firearms(Dexterity/Perception) [Pistols] 1
Firearms(Dexterity/Perception) [Rifles] 4
Melee Weapons(Dexterity/Strength) [Knives] 2
Martial Arts(Special/Dexterity/Strength) 3
Notice(Perception/Intelligence) 2
Running(Constitution) 2
Sleight of Hand(Dexterity) 1
Stealth(Dexterity/Perception) 2
Streetwise(Intelligence/Perception) 1
Surveillance(Perception) 2
Tracking(Perception) 1

Large Knife: [1D4*Strength]
Sniper Rifle, .50 Caliber: [1D10*6] (10)
Handgun, .45 Caliber: [1D8*4] (7)
HEWG Laser Rifle [1D10*6]

Enchanced Limbs [Legs] (1)
Enchanced Limbs [Arms] (1)
"Either arms or legs(including hands and feet) can be boosted with this and have separate levels. For every level, their relevant strength can be increased by 2 points(2, 4, 6) for one round at the cost of two endurance points. Enhanced legs can also absorb worse falls while "active" and increase their speed by twice the amount they increase their strength by."

Sonar Hollow 2.0 (2)
"The cyborg can generate sonar-like "thumps" and then process the data returned to him, essentially being able to see in pitch-black conditions and through thin walls. Every "thump" requires the expenditure of one Endurance Point.
The upgraded version contains an alternate setting, emitting a longer burst of thumps, but with shorter range and penetration, effectively allowing the user a short term ability to see the area around them (up to ten meters) in good detail, with needing line of sight. It costs one endurance point per minute maintained.

Environmental Disturbance Negation Computer (1)
"Remove all negative modifiers from a ranged combat roll for 3 endurance points per shot."

XP: 0 Available, 10 Spent

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