Agent Dossiers

The Wasp

Real Name: Eva Sieglinde
Affiliation: Mercenary, formerly of the Black Wasps mercenary company
Abilities & Source: Extreme regeneration, inhuman strength, genetic in origin. Not an expert marksman, but nonetheless a confident user of guns.
Description and notes: Eva is mentally unstable, highly aggressive and almost unkillable. Agents have reported "confirmed" kills on her almost two dozen times over the last decade, but she keeps returning. It's unclear what level of corporeal destruction would prevent her return, but without tissue samples to test her regeneration abilities, this is difficult. Has a high opinion of herself and tends to gravitate towards high-risk. high-violence assignments.
Current Location: Baikonur City, RUU Contract.
Blackmail Material: War criminal
IM Name: "StingGrrl87"


Real Name: Ivan, last name unknown
Affiliation: RUU, Military
Abilities & Source: Spike's skeleton is remarkably reinforced and his skin is extremely tough, in addition his skin spouts strong, hedgehog-like spines that are capable of penetrating kevlar or stronger. Obviously this mutation is genetic in nature. Stealthy despite his appearance.
Description and notes: Spike has been working for the RUU essentially since birth, as his genetic structure was modified shortly into his childhood. He's quiet and professional, but doesn't shy away from violence when it's necessary.
Current Location: Baikonur City.
Blackmail Material: Smokes weed, not illegal in Russia, but his very conservative family would disapprove, and it's not allowed for on-duty military officers.
Additional Information: Highly decorated Russian military officer.
IM Name: CrazyIvan


Real Name: Unknown
Affiliation: Unknown, RUU military or mercenary
Abilities & Source: Trance wears a semi-exosuit that seem necessary to channel his powers, which are either psionic or technological in origin. They consist of vivid auditory and visual energy projections, lasers, sonic blasts, force walls and more.
Description and notes: Seems obsessed with "trance" or "techno" music, and agents report that if he wasn't trying to kill you, his music actually presents a "cool" beat. These agents have since been reassigned to desk work. Ulterior motives remain unknown, but he does not seem to enjoy pointless violence.
Current Location: Baikonur City, possible RUU contract.
Blackmail Material: Friend/Girlfriend/Sister/Acquaintance named "Sonata," possibly a connection to his past or someone who can be threatened.
IM Name: OontsOontsOonts

The Raptors


Real Name: N/A
Affiliation: Mercenary
Abilities & Source: Some members may have minor cybernetics, otherwise they have a pool of weapons abilities, piloting skills(largely aerial), stealth and demolitions abilities rivalled by few mercenary outfits.
Description and notes: The Raptors are a well-established mercenary outfit that can trace their history back to the 2020-2030 wars on Earth. They tend to stick to reputable jobs that involve low-to-no civilian casualties and collateral damage, but aren't afraid of pulling out dirty tricks, ambushes and similar to complete missions. On some occasions they have taken military hostages. Usually work on NAU or UAC contract.
Current Location: Baikonur City, not on contract.

The Ice Queens


Real Name: N/A
Affiliation: RUU(Possibly RUU Intel)
Abilities & Source: Skilled gunfighters, potential psionic abilities.
Description and notes: The Ice Queens are a group of RUU operatives that all look strikingly alike: Dark skin, gaunt build, sunken eyes and pale white(some report very pale, "cyan," blue) hair. Current theories are that they are a batch of experimental clones. Mostly they have been observed as apparent security for high-profile RUU generals, corporate leaders and politicians. On occasion they've been implicated in suspected sabotage and assassination, but have never been caught on any recording media. Current speculation is that they function as a deeper layer of intelligence-gathering and secret police for the upper RUU cadres.
Current Location: Two have been spotted in Baikonur City.



Real Name: Unknown
Affiliation: UAC
Abilities & Source: Divine/Arcane
Description and notes: Unknown
IM Name: AtomicPrayer

"White Cap"


Real Name: Chelandra Fung
Affiliation: NAU
Abilities & Source: Unknown
Description and notes: Unknown
IM Name: Mycotoxin

Doctor Wizard

Real Name: Bernard Spector
Affiliation: EUC, Department of Strategic Intelligence
Abilities & Source: Divine/Arcane, divination, scrying, ESP, vast amount of knowledge of pointless occult trivia
Description and notes: Dr. Bernard Spector has a PhD in pretty much every field of occult and paranormal knowledge, and has pioneered many studies into the abilities and origins of psychic, arcane and divine powers. He, himself, insists that his powers are a boon granted to him by the profane deity Y'Gron in return for favours best left unspoken. In appearance, Dr. Spector is an older man wearing a vest and jeans, and on top of that a huge, flowing cloak with a collar that reaches above his head. Serves as head of Paranormal Intelligence for the EUC's spy groups.

Colonel Aubert

Real Name: Jacques Aubert
Affiliation: EUC, Department of Strategic Intelligence
Abilities & Source: Being aggressively bland, brewing tea, poisons, necksnapping
Description and notes: As public a face as the DSI has, usually the person to greet and initiate new members and operatives. Word has it that he's the only one who keeps track of everyone who works for the Department.

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