Network: CorpNet
Type: Hydroponic Farming, Agricultural Research, Livestock/Crop Genetic Engineering
Allies/Friends: Paladin Security, Vecna Robotics
Enemies: The Sea Wolves, The Guiness Family, The Ghost Syndicate, Mercurial Enterprises

The aptly named AgriCorp uses advanced hydroponics techniques and genetically engineered crops to produce ridiculous amounts of cheap, nutritious food for the North American market. They have cornered the entire sector and in most parts of the continent there is no competition. While superficially benevolent, there are rumours that they have several local governments(and even some state governments) in a stranglehold since they could selectively starve large parts of the continent if they wanted to.

This has caused the rise of several rogue farming groups who run their own hydroponics operations, as well as regular attempts at stealing non-sterile AgriCorp crop plants or genetic data. In response, AgriCorp has contracted Paladin Security for a long-term defensive/offensive contract worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

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