AI Council

The AI Council is the ruling organization of the UN after Earth was abandoned. No one remembers whether the AI's were always in control or whether they used to be subject to human commands, but no one argues any longer as they have guided humanity through numerous crises with only minimal losses. Within itself, the AI Council is moderately democratic, though the members with more fame among the human populace tend to have more clout than the others. Any AI founded before Sol was abandoned has a voting position on the council.

While many AI Council members remain on Bastion Station, some are in charge of more remote colonies or large warships(always Cruiser-size or bigger.), but recent advances in FTL communications permit them to remain in touch with the rest of the council and still participate in votes.

All AI-Council members have at least Beta-Dominion levels of information clearance, and only AI's on the council ever have Alpha-Seraphim clearance.

Noteable Members


Noteable non-Council AI's


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