Name: Ainalhai
Callsign: Aina
Association: United Nations
Party: UNFCr Ainalhai

Ainalhai, or Aina, is the ship's AI of the UNFCr Ainalhai, the most recent AI construct within the UN and entirely designed by Mercurial. In one of those odd twists of fatherhood, however, she has turned out to be completely unlike the man who created her. While Mercurial is somewhat random and unpredictable, she seems to have more in common with Templar and Paladin, preferring things nice, quiet and according to plan.

She has also been supplied with an android body which she usually keeps clothed in something that looks like the ship's outer hull wrapped around herself, as well as remaining bald.

Her android body sees little use, mostly remaining present on the bridge as a fixture and face-to-face communications unit(Though she can tap into the near-telepathic network The Six have or simply use the ship's PA system, if need be.).

Ever since the Phalanx Troopers of team Fire Eagle and their leader Lieutenant Natasha Severin came on board, she appears to have struck up a friendship with Natasha, as well as taking a liking to the Fire Eagles. Either that or her expanding of the various internal causeways to better accommodate their vehicles was mere practicality.

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