Real Name:
Codename: Airburst(Formerly Paladin)
Association: EuroCorp
Party: Originally with Mexico City's Paladin Team Alpha, after an accident with the "drug" Anarchy his team was dissolved. Currently stuck in Mexico City.

While investigaging the Anarchy drug and its sudden appearance on Mexico City's streets, Airburst and Team Alpha were engaged in a vicious firefight inside a warehouse full of stockpiled Anarchy. The stockpile was struck by explosive munitions and all members of the team except for Airburst inhaled amounts of Anarchy that destroyed their chips. While still stunned by the explosion, and with the rest of his team having fled, Airburst was assaulted and crippled by an android.

Only timely intervention by Paladin and Team Beta saved him. He was relegated to desk duty while he recovered, and only barely managed to hide himself during the Siege of Mexico City.

Currently on a strict diet ordered by his commanding officers after binging on jelly-filled donuts for a week straight.

Airburst greatly resents the new codename, grumbling that it makes him sound like a "crappy superhero."

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