Alchemist Class

The Alchemist

"Oh, these mystic herbs? I think they call it 'tea'."

Hit Die: d6
Skill Points: 6+Int
Class Skills: Appraise, Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Disguise, Forgery, Gather Information, Hide, Knowledge, Listen, Move Silently, Profession, Search, Sense Motive, Spot, Tumble, Use Magic Device

*The Alchemist always has maximum ranks in Craft (Alchemy), even if multi-classing

Proficiencies: the Alchemist is proficient with Light Armour, as well as Thrown Weapons of any kind, One-Handed Bashing Weapons, and all Simple Weapons.

Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special
1 +0 +2 +0 +2 Internal Alchemy, Super Juice
2 +1 +3 +0 +3 Acid Blood, Brew Potion
3 +1 +3 +1 +3 Pharmaceuticals
4 +2 +4 +1 +4 Healthy Body 1
5 +2 +4 +1 +4 Alchemical Saliva
6 +3 +5 +2 +5 Super Duper Juice, Acid Body
7 +3 +5 +2 +5 Sound Constitution, Potent Pharmaceuticals
8 +4 +6 +2 +6 Behold, My Latest Test Subject!, Healthy Body 2
9 +4 +6 +3 +6 Dual-Alchemy, Elixir
10 +5 +7 +3 +7 Dire Pharmaceuticals
11 +5 +7 +3 +7 Super Duper Juice Plus
12 +6/+1 +8 +4 +8 Healthy Body 4, Toxic Spittle
13 +6/+1 +8 +4 +8 Cloud of Fumes
14 +7/+2 +9 +4 +9 Emergency Pharmaceuticals
15 +7/+2 +9 +5 +9 Amorphous Anatomy
16 +8/+3 +10 +5 +10 Super Duper Juice Ex Plus Alpha, Healthy Body 8
17 +8/+3 +10 +5 +10 Supreme Pharmaceuticals
18 +9/+4 +11 +6 +11 Triple Alchemy
19 +9/+4 +11 +6 +11 Hideous Transformation
20 +10/+5 +12 +6 +12 Healthy Body 16, Elixir of Life, Metal to Metal

Internal Alchemy (Su):

The Alchemist can make alchemical preparations inside his own body and draw them out with a syringe or knife blade. Whenever an Alchemist is injured by a slashing or piercing weapon, he may splash an alchemical preparation of his choosing in his own square, and if he has a bottle and some time he can make a more conventional flask of it. Using a Dire Syringe, he can simply draw the goods out of their body with minimal damage and an attack action. In order to make these concoctions, the Alchemist can and must "Take 10" on the Craft Alchemy test, though his body does count as masterwork tools for this purpose (providing the +2 bonus for such equipment).

List of Concoctions:

Creation Craft DC
Alcohol 15
Acid 15
Healing Salve 15
Vodare 15
Dreammist 20
Baccaran 20
Thunderstone 20
Caustic Solution 20
Alchemist Fire 20
Smoking Oil 20
Motelight 20
Smelling Salts 20
Festering Bomb 20
Sannish 20
Devilseye 20
Sufferfume 20
Melt Powder 20
Frostbite Salve 20
Darkvision Powder 20
Shedden +1 20
Weak Ditherbomb 20
Strong Ditherbomb 25
Shedden +2 25
Lifebane 25
Eyeblast 25
Agony 25
Ambrosia 25
Armour Insulation 25
Freeze Powder 25
Polar Skin 25
Razor Ice Powder 25
Universal Solvent 25
Holy/Unholy Water 25
Alchemist Frost 25
Antitoxin 25
Antibiotics 25
Sovereign Glue 25
Softening Agent 25
Confusion Fumes 25
Oil of Taggit 25
Burnt Othur Fumes 25
Feather Powder 25
Dwarfblind Stone 25
Underdark Blight 25
Psychotropic Rot 25
Wyrm Ditherbomb 30
Darklight Brew 30
Shedden +3 30
Shock Juice 30
Terran Brandy 30
Truth Serum 30
Tranq 30
Desiccator 30
Tear Gas 30
Vilestar 35
Shedden +4 35
Shedden +5 40

This only has a shelf-life of one hour, plus one hour per full five points taking 10 beats the DC by, before it loses all potency and becomes a brackish mess. Furthermore, every time his body produces something he is not immune to the effects of (note that enough resistance to not take damage from the maximum damage on a critical hit counts as immunity), he must pass a Fortitude Save (DC = the Craft DC of the concoction, minus ten), or be Nauseated for 1 round, then Sickened and Fatigued for one minute.

Super Juice (Ex):

The Alchemist can coax greater effects out of alchemical products he uses personally, causing them to act as if they were one size "bigger". So an acid flask thrown by an Alchemist would inflict a d8 of damage instead of a d6. When an Alchemist uses an alchemical or potion related effect that allows a Save, he can substitute a Save DC of 10 + 1/2 Level + Intelligence Modifier instead of whatever Save DC it would normally have.

Acid Blood (Ex):

Starting at second level, the Alchemist has Acid Resistance equal to his Hit Dice, as well as a +4 bonus on Fortitude Saves against Poison, and a +5 bonus to Escape Artist checks as the acid in his body makes him a little more slippery and limber. Any time he takes damage from a Piercing or Slashing weapon, the adjacent square in the direction the attack came from takes an amount of Acid damage equal to his Constitution bonus (minimum 1).

Brew Potion:

At second level, the Alchemist gains the Brew Potion feat, and need not meet the Spell Knowledge components (nor cast the spells), nor does he pay the XP requirement.

Pharmaceuticals (Su):

Starting at third level, the Alchemist learns how to make a special potion that lasts 10 minutes per rank in Craft (Alchemy), requiring a DC 20 Craft (Alchemy) check and 1 hour to make. This potion does not effect the non-living, and the duration expires begins when taken, or after 20 minutes per rank in Craft (Alchemy) have passed, whichever comes first. For instance, if he has six ranks, then he has two hours in which to consume it to get the full effect - after that, it lasts another one hour, so if he waits half an hour beyond the first two, he only has thirty minutes of effect left. He may select one of the following options:
1: Titanidol: +2 Alchemical bonus to Strength & Improved Carry Capacity (toxicity: Exhausted 10 min)
2: Elfidrine: +2 Alchemical bonus to Dexterity & Run (toxicity: Slowed 10 min)
3: Trolliptanol: +2 Alchemical bonus to Constitution & Endurance (toxicity: Nauseated 1 min)
4: Illithidazone: +2 Alchemical bonus to Intelligence & Skill Mastery: all Knowledges (toxicity: Rage 10 min)
5: Coatlivil: +2 Alchemical bonus to Wisdom & Darkvision (toxicity: Confused 10 min)
6: Nymphoprofin: +2 Alchemical bonus to Charisma & Improved Feint (toxicity: Crushing Despair 10 min)

Normally, the imbiber suffers no toxicity. However if they take one Pharmaceutical while still under the effects of one or more others, they instantly suffer the toxicities for all the Pharmaceuticals they have taken.

Additionally, the Alchemist Can enhance a drug to a stronger version, adding "Dia-" to the beginning of the name (Diatrolliptanol for instance), increasing bonus to +4 but taking a -2 Alchemical penalty to any one other ability score, and adding +5 to the Craft DC.

Healthy Body (Ex):

At level four, the Alchemist becomes immune to both Poison and Disease, as his acidic immune system just kicks the crap out of all invaders. This includes Magical and Supernatural Poisons and Diseases. He also gains Fast Healing 1, and every four class levels, this number doubles.

Alchemical Saliva (Su):

A fifth-level Alchemist can spit any concoction as a Swift action with a Ranged Touch Attack out to 10', add can add his Constitution modifier (if positive) to Craft (Alchemy) checks.

Super Duper Juice (Ex):

Starting at sixth level, the Alchemist's alchemical and potion use is now two sizes "Bigger" instead of just one. Also the save DC of such items (if any) is increased by +2. Additionally, the shelf life of all such things is doubled to two hours, plus two hours per 5 complete points the take-10 beats the DC by.

Acid Body (Ex):

At sixth level, much of the Alchemist's body consists of acid and other noxious chemicals. He becomes completely immune to both Acid and Constitution damage, and has a 25% chance to negate any critical hit (or similar effect) against him. Additionally, his bonus to Escape Artist checks increases to +10 as his body becomes significantly squishier and wobblier, and even his skin slowly burns at ropes and other bindings.

Sound Constitution (Ex):

Starting at level seven, the Alchemist has a permanent Enhancement bonus to his Constitution. This bonus is +1 per three hit dice (round up).

Potent Pharmaceuticals (Su):

The Pharmaceuticals of the seventh-level Alchemist grant a +4 Alchemist bonus to the listed ability score, and a +2 Alchemical bonus to any one other. If increased to Dia(drug), the bonuses become +6 and +4 respectively, with the penalty to another ability score becoming -4. For a +5 increase to the Alchemy DC, it also grants DR 5/- and one of the following for the duration:

  • A Constrict attack for 2d6+Constitution modifier, toxicity: Coma 1d10 minutes, then the other effects
  • A Bite attack for 1d8+Strength modifier (19-20/x3 critical), toxicity: -6 penalty to all Fortitude Saves for 24 hours
  • 2 Claw attacks, each for 1d6+Strength modifier, toxicity: -6 penalty to all Will Saves for 24 hours
  • A Gore attack for 1d10+Strength modifier with Powerful Charge, toxicity: 5d6 Vile damage
  • A Sting attack for 1d4+Strength modifier + 1d6 Acid damage, toxicity: become Blind for 2d4 hours

All of the above assume an imbiber of Medium size. Adjust all damage (including Acid damage) up or down based on the size. If the imbiber, having taken the Pharmaceutical, has only one natural weapon, multiply the Strength bonus by one and a half.

Behold, My Latest Test Subject! (Ex):

At eighth level the Alchemist gains a loyal cohort who always has a CR precisely 2 less than his level. If it dies, another wanders along in a few days or he creates one overnight. It should be an Aberration, an Ooze, or a living creature with various weird templates applied to it. Feel free to break the rules for templates with this, for shit like Vampiric Assassin Vines.

Dual-Alchemy (Ex):

At ninth level, the Alchemist can make an alchemical concoction (not a Pharmaceutical, but an Alchemical item from the Internal Alchemy list) that is in fact two alchemical items. When used, resolve both effects independently - so an Acid Smoke Bomb splashes acid in the normal radius (and deals main damage to the one target), and also sends a cloud of smoke to the usual smoke radius. The DC to craft this is equal to the higher DC of the two things, plus five.

Additionally, he can handle 2 Pharmaceuticals at a time without suffering toxicities, and indeed can craft a single Pharmaceutical that has the effects of two different ones, in the same amount of time. This double-Pharmaceutical is still treated as two separate ones for all intents and purposes except for creation time, Craft DC (see below), number if Craft checks needed, and number of actual actions needed to consume it. The name for such a creation is probably quite long, and the DC to create increases by +5.

Elixir (Su):

At level nine, the Alchemist can create a number of potions of Heal per day equal to his Constitution bonus (minimum 1), requiring 10 minutes to brew each one, with a shelf life of 1 hour - after that, they go to waste, becoming useless. They needn't be actual potions and can just as easily be pills or eye drops or whatever. The effect is still the same. The Caster Level is equal to his hit dice, and should an Undead decide it is the perfect time to see if it has a functioning digestive system, it turns out the potion (or pill or whatever) is indeed infused with positive energy, so it turns out quite badly for the undead.

Dire Pharmaceuticals (Su):

At tenth level, the Alchemist can add +5 to the Craft DC of a Pharmaceutical to add an additional effect to it:

  • Gain 2 Rake attacks, each for 1d8+Strength modifier, and 1 Rend for 2d6+Strength modifier (subject to the usual Rake and Rend rules), as well as an additional Attack of Opportunity each round, toxicity: 4 Strength Drain
  • Become Immune to the Stun and Daze conditions, and gain Leap Attack as a bonus feat, toxicity: 4 Dexterity Drain
  • Become Immune to [Mind-Affecting] effects and gain the ability to Demoralise as a Swift action, toxicity: 4 Constitution Drain
  • Become Immune to the Fatigued and Exhausted conditions, and foes provoke Attacks of Opportunity from you for entering a square you threaten, even when charging you specifically, toxicity: 4 Intelligence Drain
  • Gain a Greater Heroism effect, toxicity: 4 Wisdom Drain
  • Become Immune to the Sickened and Nauseated effects and gain Mettle, toxicity: 4 Charisma Drain

Super Duper Juice Plus (Ex):

At level eleven, the Alchemist's alchemical concoctions see yet another damage increase, and have their Area of Effect (including splash radius) and any Duration tripled.

Toxic Spittle (Ex):

At level twelve, whenever the Alchemist uses his Spit attack, it automatically deals a single point of ability damage (his choice of which ability score each time). There is no saving throw, but immunity to Poison provides immunity to this. He also gains another +4 bonus to Craft (Alchemy) checks.

Cloud of Fumes (Ex):

Starting at thirteenth level, the Alchemist is constantly surrounded by a cloud of fumes. He may cast Cloudkill a number of times per day equal to his Constitution bonus (minimum 1), and has Concealment against all adjacent foes, due to their eyes watering. Foes who are immune to both Acid and Poison do not suffer the miss chance.

Emergency Pharmaceuticals (Su):

Every Pharmaceutical created by a fourteenth-level Alchemist provides both a Regeneration and a Greater Vigour effect.

Amorphous Anatomy (Su):

At fifteenth level, the Alchemist's bonus to Escape Artist checks improves to +15 for the purpose of things like being Grappled, but he can squeeze through any gap as though making a DC 60 check without rolling. Additionally, he has no actual internal organs of which to speak, just a mass of "stuff", so is completely immune to Critical Hits, Sneak Attack and the like.

Super Duper Juice Ex Plus Alpha (Ex):

The sixteenth-level Alchemist produces alchemical concoctions so awesome that they are still relevant at high-level play. The damage is increased yet again (so a basic Acid Flask would deal d6 -> d8 -> 2d6 -> 3d6 -> 4d6 damage). Additionally, any Save DC is increased by +2, and non-damage numerical effects (such as the size of penalties) are doubled.

Supreme Pharmaceuticals (Su):

At seventeenth level, the Alchemist can create the best Pharmaceuticals in the world by adding +5 to the Craft DC. This grants any one of the following benefits:

  • Plus: Extend Reach by 10' and gain (5*HD) Temporary Hit Points
  • Extra: Grow 4 Tentacles (1d8+Str for Medium) and Improved Grab
  • Forte: Gain 1 Size Category, complete with all changes
  • Rapid: Constant Haste and Blur

The Toxicity, however, becomes instant death with no saving throw allowed. This isn't a [Death] effect, the imbiber just dies, and I'm sure at seventeenth-level their allies would be heartbroken, what with death being so hard to get around at that level.


For instance, he could make Diaferalicolossalantitanelfidrinol Forte at DC 40, granting:
+6 Strength, +4 Dexterity, -4 Wisdom
An actual size increase with all ability score and natural armour changes
Run as a bonus feat
Improved Carry Capacity as though one more size larger
2 Rake attacks, each for 2d6+Strength modifier
1 Rend for 3d6+Strength modifier
Horde Breaker as a bonus feat
1 Sting attack for 1d6+Strength modifier + 1d8 Acid damage,
Instant Regenerate and Greater Vigour effects
Toxicity: instant death, no save


At eighteenth level, the Alchemist can create alchemical creations (again, not Pharmaceuticals) that are three things at once. As before, resolve each item independently. Use the highest DC + 15 when crafting.

Additionally, he can handle three Pharmaceuticals at a time without suffering toxicities, and indeed can craft a single Pharmaceutical that has the effects of three different ones, in the same amount of time. This triple-Pharmaceutical is still treated as three separate ones for all intents and purposes except for creation time, Craft DC (see below), number if Craft checks needed, and number of actual actions needed to consume it. The name for such a creation is probably stupidly long, and the DC to create increases by +10 - meaning the maximum Pharmaceutical DC is now 50, for three complete "all modifiers and buffs and extras stacked" Pharmaceuticals mixed into one thing with a name that takes up half a page.

Hideous Transformation:

At nineteenth level, the Alchemist can create a special Pharmaceutical with a Craft (Alchemy) check of DC 30, however only he gains any effect from it, with his unique body. For anyone else it is just brackish water. It takes the usual time to make, and has the same shelf life, but the effects granted are:

  • A +6 Alchemical bonus to all ability scores
  • He radiates a 100' radius Aura of Fear (Constitution-based DC, causes all creatures to become Frightened)
  • One Size Increase (complete with ability score and natural armour changes)
  • +10' to Reach
  • 4 Tentacles with Improved Grab & Constrict
  • 2 Rakes & 1 Rend
  • Improved carry capacity as though another size larger
  • Run as a bonus feat
  • Endurance as a bonus feat
  • Skill Mastery with all Knowledges
  • Darkvision equal to his Normal Vision
  • Improved Feint as a bonus feat

He can purge the creation at any time by spending a Full Round Action, though this makes him Nauseated for the following round, bypassing immunity to Nausea.

For the duration (unless purged), he suffers 20 Vile damage per round, so could quite easily find himself slain by his own medicine.

The Elixir of Life:

At level twenty, the Alchemist figures out how to brew the elusive Elixer of Life. This takes one year to brew, and many rare components are needed, generally requiring a special quest or something. It grants all of the following to the imbiber, permanently:

  • Type changes to Aberration (unless a Construct, Outsider or Undead)
  • Gain Immortality & Agelessness
  • Fast Healing 20
  • Regeneration 5/Iron Weapons
  • Damage Reduction 10/-
  • Constitution increases by 4 points
  • Natural Armour increases by +5
  • Resist Fire, Cold and Electricity 20
  • Spell Resistance 11+HD
  • Immune to Ability Damage/Drain, [Death] effects, Negative Levels & Disintegration
  • No longer needs to eat, sleep or breathe, but can still consume Pharmaceuticals and potions just fine (indeed, can still eat if he wants).

Metal to Metal (Su):

With one hour and an expenditure of weird ingredients worth 5 GP per lb of the metal in question, a twentieth-level Alchemist can convert up to 1lb per level of any metal into any other kind, even bullshit like Baatorian Green Steel. So for instance, he could spend 100 GP (2 pounds) and turn a 20lbs lead brick into 20lbs of platinum (1,000 PP or 10,000 GP), or a 1lb speck of neutronium into a significantly larger pound of mithral. The end product can be worked, forged or unprocessed, regardless of the state of the original, but does not turn into a usable tool or object unless the original metal was already forged into one and there is little to no size change based on the weight.

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