Alexander Heron

Name: Alexander Heron
Nationality: British
Concept: Fencer/Disgraced Officer/Alchemist Smith
Age: 36
Appearance: Finely dressed, noble features, elaborate facial hair, right eye is a fake(it's also concealed by an eyepatch), has six sheaths for his fencing sabers around his waist and one is always empty.
Personality: Single-minded, cold, focused on revenge. Still convinced that being British gives him a natural superiority to other nationalities, even though he's working against his own government.
Reason for hunting Excalibur: As a tool of revenge, or at the very least to piss off his sister.

Background: Alexander comes from a distinguished military family and had a successful career first as a sailor in the British navy, then as an officer. When he felt he wasn't progressing fast enough in the ranks, at least not fast enough to catch up with his sister who was working for some British special unit/intelligence group or another, he stole his way to enough Alchemical knowledge to begin dabbling. Before he could finish forging the his four sabers, his sister was on his trail, however, and she busted in just as he was putting the finishing touches on the fourth, Shadow. In the ensuing fight he lost his eye, the fourth saber and his standing in Britain.

He managed to go into hiding and spent a while slumming it, doing some mercenary work and thinking of ways to get back at his sister while staying out of her way. Once he heard about Excalibur, though, he instantly knew that sword would, in some fashion, permit him to get his revenge.

(Points spent: 150 of 300)

Body: 6
Mind: 4
Soul: 5

Base Combat Value: 5
Initiative Roll: 14
Attack Combat Value: 5
Attack Combat Value(Swords): 9
Attack Combat Value(Shine): 12
Defense Combat Value: 5
Defense Combat Value(vs ranged): 6
Defense Combat Value(vs melee): 9
Damage Multiplier: 5
Damage Multiplier(Sabers): 8

Life Points: 110
Energy Points: 45

(According to the mechanics: Normal jumping distance with a run-up = 3/4 of Body stat in meters. Base jumping distance for Body 6 = 4.5 meters.)

(Points spent, 160 of 150 left over from stat purchases, 10 gained from Defects)

Combat Technique(2/level): Blind Fighting, Concealment, Deflection, Lightning Reflexes(x3), Two Weapons, Weapons Encyclopedia, 8 levels, 16 points.
Extra Actions(15/level): 1 level, -1 Deplete(10 Energy points expended/use), -6 Charges(Can only be used 3 times/day), -1 Equipment(Only works with his sabers), 7 points. (Basically permits Alexander to flip out and launch combo attacks with two sabers at once.)
Heightened Awareness(2/level): 4 levels, 8 points.
Invisibility(6/level): Sight, 2 levels, Activation -2(takes concentration to actively fade from sight), Deplete -3(1 point of energy lost every minute. It's a taxing ability to use), Unpredictable -2(2d6+Soul vs TN 12 or using the ability attracts nasty shadow-realm Oni things) 5 points
Jumping(2/level): 2 levels, *10 jumping distance(45 meters), 4 points.
Massive Damage(4/level): Saber only, 3 levels, 12 points.
Melee Attack(3/level): Swords only, 4 levels, 12 points.
Melee Defense(3/level): 4 levels, 12 points.
Ranged Defense(3/level): 1 level, 3 points.
Resistance(2/level): 2 levels, 4 points.
Skill, Acrobatics(3/level): 1 level, 3 points(Specialization: Jumping)
Skill, Artisan(1/level): 2 levels, 2 points(Specialization: Alchemical weaponforging)
Skill, Boating(2/level): 1 level, 2 points(Specialization: Large ships)
Skill, Burglary(2/level): 1 level, 2 points(Specialization: Lockpicking)
Skill, Disguise(2/level): 1 level, 2 points
Skill, Intimidation(2/level): 1 level, 2 points
Skill, Military Sciences(2/level): 1 level, 2 points(Specialization: Fleet tactics)
Skill, Navigation(2/level): 1 level, 2 points(Specialization: Sea)
Skill, Stealth(3/level): 1 level, 3 points(Specialization: Silent movement)
Skill, Swimming(1/level): 2 levels, 2 points
Supersense(2/level): Heat vision, 1 level, 2 points.
Tough(2/level): 6 levels, 12 points.
Item(Wave, level 5, Penetrating 10, cost 18/2 = 9. Enviromental: Wet, -2 restriction since blood and rain work.)
Item(Crash, level 5, Irritant 5, Flare 5(hearing), cost 20/2 = 10.)
Item(Shine, level 5, Accurate 3, Flare 5(sight), Targeted 3(undead/dark-spawned creatures). Cost 19/2 = 10. Enviromental: Light, -2 since artificial light sources can work.)
Item(Saber, level 5, cost 10/2 = 5.)
Item(Saber, level 5, cost 10/2 = 5.)

Irritant requires 2d6+Body+Resistance vs TN 12, penalized by the level of Irritant. A failure results in a temporary penalty of -3 to everything.
Flare works in the same way, but blinds the relevant sense.
Effect lasts for rounds = how much the defender failed the roll by.
Targeted does double damage/effect to creatures affected by it(double duration from Irritant/Flare, etc., presumeably).


Ism(Being English): -2. Justification: Most of the world probably doesn't like their new overlords very much.
Marked(Fake eye): -2. Justification: The British authorities want him, and eyes aren't that easy to hide.
Nemesis(Sister): -2. Justification: She's hunting him, and she's tougher than he is, but she isn't there all the time.
Skeleton in the Closet(Unlicensed Alchemist): -2. Justification: It's not that easy to find out, though if someone did find out, it would probably be a serious problem.

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