Alpha Beast

Name: Alpha Beast
Gender: N/A
Type: Unknown

Appearance: The Alpha Beast is a vast glob of glistening, black material, like shiny, protean tar that slithers with terrifying speed over any surface. It has also displayed an ability to climb up walls and attach itself to ceilings for ambushes. However, it also has the ability to assume different forms, though they are only skin-deep, under a few inches of fake chitin, skin and muscle is just a roiling mass of black ooze. One form it has preferred so far is a chitinous, serpentine form with multiple sets of legs/arms, like some sort of terrifying snake/insect hybrid.

Personality: It appears to have nothing but a ravenous hunger in mind, but appears to understand danger and have the base cunning necessary for ambushes.

Abilities: Its mass is corrosive to organic matter and appears to absorb it into itself after dissolving it. It also has the ability to throw/vomit/project part of its black mass as a weapon. Kinetic weaponry appears to have no lasting effect, though it may sever limbs, they are rapidly regenerated.

Weaknesses: Electricity seems to do lasting damage, turning part of its mass to dead black dust. Sonic weaponry seems to stun it. Cryogenic weapons seem capable of immobilizing the mass and preventing it from shifting or attacking.

Origin/Nature: Unknown, apparently erupted from the primary magma shaft of the District 24A MAGMA plant.

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