Alternate Yazata




Full Name: Yazata Rashnu
Blood Type: Multiple(See Guide)
Alignment: Immoral Ethical
Class: Ninja/Assassin
Race: Human
Hometown: ?????
Romance: None
Appearances: Final Fantasy XIX, Rhapsody of Lunarus, Autochthonian Children(Animated Movie)


Yazata is one of the game's hidden characters, and though she's described in the strategy guide as a "Tsundere"-type, she has no romance options with the main protagonist. Most players don't even realize that she's recruitable, and hence miss out on several scenes. She has combo attacks with Toyako and Kottie, and refuses to join the party if you've recruited Senonu in Mechatown. Her main stat is Speed and her limit breaks

Special Moves

Fastball Special(Double tech: Yazata, Toyako)
Tsunderstorm(Double tech: Yazata, Kottie)
FINAL STRIKE(Triple tech: Yazata, Toyako, Kottie)
Form Destroying Touch

Limit Breaks

Deadly Beastman Transformation(Level 17)
Relentless Lunar Fury(Level 30)
Chimeric Transformation(Level 55) OR Moonsilver Madness(Level 55)

Walkthrough, Final Fantasy XIX(Party Member)

Sharp-eyed players will spot Yazata multiple times in Seatown, Navyville and Wizard Avenue, though she cannot be interacted with, instead rudely telling the player to shove off and simply having a generic NPC name.

After the airship crash on Big Sword Mountain(disc 3), though, she'll confront the player, who will be faced with several dialogue choices. Choose A(I'd never!), D(Anything you say!) and B(Giant robots are stupid) in order to recruit her. Any other dialogue will trigger a boss battle(see the following section of the guide) in the next area. You will now have Yazata as a party member, though she suffers severe penalties if paired with any party members she dislikes(if you recruit Senonu later, Rabszolga or anyone with the Talespinner materia equipped). Despite complaining about Kottie, he doesn't incur any penalties.

On disc 5, she won't interact with most people at the grand ball, but if she's not in the active party, you can find her drinking with Toyako and Mirrored Shades Visitor(if you chose to let him live).

If you use her Complain! ability exactly 99 times before the grand ball, there's an easter egg scene where she tells Kottie off. This unlocks the Tsunderstorm double tech.

In Gilded Nexus, her appearance changes and NPC's you encounter will act as though she isn't in the party, even talking about her. Gilded Nexus is also the location of her side quest. Warning! Accepting Yazata's side quest will change the protagonist's alignment to Immoral(but will leave the other axis unchanged). If her side quest isn't completed, she will not be available past disc 7.

Before the final battle, if you talk to her, she'll have the shortest dialogue of any party member: "Sheesh, it's not like I want to fight by your side or anything! B-baka…"

Walkthrough, Final Fantasy XIX(Boss)


HP: 134000
Dodge: 6
Form Destroying Touch(<50% HP only)
Chimeric Transformation


If you've recruited Senonu, Yazata will focus all of her attacks on him, so be sure to have Dora in the party to protect him with her Solar Sacrifice limit break.

She runs low on Essence fast, but can do a lot of damage in that time, be prepared to lose at least one character if you don't have Dora or any Perfect Defense consumables.

Senonu and Toyako usually have trouble hitting her(except for Toyako's Unerring Rocket Punch tech, since it always hits), but Kottie can stand his ground against her. If you could somehow recruit Mask of Winters before the fight, his AoE attacks would be ideal for landing hits.

Below 50% HP and she starts using status effects, so make sure to either have ribbons equipped or drop her fast, unless you want to spend rare consumables countering Form Destroying Touch. If you steal from her, or as a 5% chance rare drop when you defeat her, she'll drop Yazata's Diary. It's a multiple-use item that inflicts the status effect "Horror" on any enemies targeted with it, and is quite broken.

Rhapsody of Lunarus

This game is STUPID, and I refuse to have anything about it on my wiki. Where would Yazata get a three-barrelled flame-piece from?!

Autochthonian Children

Yazata only has a small part in Autochthonian Children, helping Mirrored Shades Visitor in the final battle.

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