According to EuroCorp, Anarchy is a: "Red, sweet-tasting substance of syrup-like consistency. It has a characteristic sweet smell and is only active when ingested. Those who ingest even a minor amount have been known to display violent and psychotic symptoms, and if anyone you know partakes, you should alert EuroCorp security immediately. Avoid all contact with Anarchy-abusers."

However, judging by what happened to Paladin Team Alpha and Paladin Team Beta, the true effect appears to be that of disabling a person's Hypnos Chip permanently, with large concentrations possibly making the subject's body reject any future chippings. There is some truth to the official statement, though, Myrmidon displayed highly aggressive characteristics and killed several people after his chip was disabled by Anarchy. Tarantula participated in even larger-scale destruction, but it's been stated that she was possibly somewhat unstable before being exposed to Anarchy. Phalanx appears to have taken no malicious twist as a result of exposure, nor do Ghost, Aether, Mercurial, Zombie or Paladin, though Aether and Mercurial were briefly tempted by their newfound freedom.

It also seems capable of staining organic tissue, Ghost got some on a finger and it took the better part of a day to get it scrubbed off.

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