Ansar Costache

Ansar Costache

Ansar is a fifteen year old anti-authoritarian who is fighting THE MAN. He's from a moderately wealthy family from the south.

He's had a strong link to what he considers his "informants" - what his mother got mages to finally diagnose as a link to the spirit world. He considers them his friends when he's fighting "them," a group of people he steadfastly refuses to define.

He spends time building ridiculously silly contraptions that he says will protect him from the evils of "them," which, scarily enough, sometimes have real magical effects.

He's a fairly tall and athletically talented kid, but a childhood accident has made him have very poor hearing. He can listen to normal conversation, but nothing quieter. It's hard to get his attention from far away. He's also pretty clumsy.

He's surprisingly extroverted, and enjoys going out and "discovering how THEY control everything." He's almost persuasive as a result of constantly trying to peddle his wacky views, and he's very stubborn.

Character Concept: Conspiracy theorist, renegade gonzo journalist, insufferable mystic.
Mixture of the philosophical ramblings of pot smokers, neo-pagans, and anti-authoritarians.
Based on Hunter S Thompson, John Forbes Nash, and Spider Jerusalem. Except a teenager.

Strength 2
Dexterity 1
Constitution 3
Intelligence 2
Perception 1
Willpower 3

Life 42 [(3+3+2)x4+10]
Endurance 29 [(3+2+3)x3+5]
Essence 17 [(3+2+1)x2]+5

Poor Hearing [-2] - "You can't trust your deceptive reality. They control it."
Charisma [+1] - "Let me tell you how they're working against us."
The Gift [+5] - "My friends tell me all about how they're spying on us."
Essence [+1]


Athletics +2
Brawling +2
Cooking +1
Crafting Tinfoil Hats +1
Disguise +3
Dodge +2
Occult Knowledge (Control) +2
Interrogation +2
Stealth +1


Effect Words

Change (1)

Target Words

Body (2)
Earth (1)
Images (1)
Fire (1)

"Rote" Spells

Shifting Sands (Change, Earth) [+4]

This spell is an enchantment. It allows anyone to pass through a target mass of stone or earth as if it was air. They can breathe as if the mass were air, as well.
It does not change the properties of the stone or earth with regards to non-magical senses, i.e. it still looks the same and sounds the same, etc.
However, even the weakest magic detection will reveal the spell.
The target can be about the mass of a large boulder if rock, or perhaps a small wall or part of a wall.
The spell lasts until the user cancels it.
Other people can pass through the mass, that is, the caster cannot choose who can pass through the enchantment or not (for now).
Ansar typically uses this spell to escape or hide.

Smash the Man! (Change, Body) [+5]

This is a self-enchantment that greatly enhances the user's strength.
(The exact bonus to strength needs to be determined).

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