Anton Navarre

Name: Anton Navarre
Age: 47
Type: Norm Pilot
Nationality: Israeli

Appearance: Anton is prematurely white-haired, though no one is quite sure if that's a result of teaching unruly kids or harrowing drops, and keeps it cut short, his eyes tend to be obscured by his awesome aviator shades but are brown when the shades are off. Physically he's shorter than your average marine, being only five foot six, but as broad across as the rest of them. He's usually got something in his mouth, a toothpick, a cigarette(he doesn't actually smoke, though), small splinter of metal, something. As a result of being a bit shorter than the rest, his uniforms tend to look a bit baggy on him.


Strength: 1
Dexterity: 4
Constitution: 2
Intelligence: 3
Willpower: 2
Perception: 3

Life Points: 22
Endurance Points: 20
Speed: 12


Computers: 1
Driving(Armoured Vehicle): 3
Driving(Car): 1
Electronics: 2
Firearms(Pistol): 3
Firearms(Rifle): 1
Firearms(Shotgun): 3
Instruction: 3
Mechanic: 3
Notice: 1
Piloting(Dropship): 3
Science(Chemistry): 3
Science(Physics): 3


Extra Weapon(2): Free Gun!
Fast Reaction Time(2): Flyboys gotta have 'em(+3 Initiative)
Nerves of Steel(3): You don't survive long as a teacher if you don't have them.


M4A4 + 4 mags[1d8*4] (8)
12-Gauge Shotgun[1D8*5] (8)
Personal locator
M3P Armor + Mk23 (10 body, 8 head)
Combat Knife
Hand Welder
Tool kit
Sweet shades

(The shotgun is loaded with slugs because those fucking bugs have some thick as hell hides to blow through.)


Anton used to be a high school teacher with surprising talent for getting unruly teenagers to remember things. Some of his students went to become marines, some of his students ended up dying as a result of Weyland-Yutani's fuckups. With Earth mostly in shambles and most of his former students dead, Anton decided to sign up with the Marine Corps. While he wasn't in perfect physical condition(in fact he was rather wimpy) he turned out to have a natural talent for piloting and ended up as a dropship pilot. Long hours in the field away from any sort of organized support structure also meant that he rapidly picked up more than a few mechanical skills.


Name: The Black Heron
Decoration: The standard teeth, and a pair of large orange eyes just behind the cockpit, the camo pattern also looks slightly like feathers when you get close to it.

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