Arcanotech Definition

Arcanotech is the practice of combining modern technology and arcane constructs.

Arcanotech Hazards

Use of Arcanotech is known to damage the sanity of the user. Any area that sees regular Arcanotech usage will over time be damaged and more prone to Hostile Entity Breakthrough.

Known Arcanotech Devices

ATech Bullets: Produce a dark red muzzle flare when fired. ATech bullets completely ignore armor, and even those who survive the initial impact will often die of wasting diseases soon after. Survivors usually suffer from complete mental breakdowns.

ATech Armor: Hazard suits lined with arcane materials and symbols, these suits are almost completely impenetrable to conventional munitions. Users eventually report sickness, nightmares and, if use is continued, physical mutations.

Black Devourer: A proximity grenade usually primed to either explode at height or when near a solid object. When they explode they produce a pitch black smoke cloud from which greasy black tentacles emerge. If they come into contact with anything living, they will drag it into the cloud and it will be permanently destroyed. After a period of minutes, the cloud will dissipate. Some victims manage to save themselves by cutting or shooting the tentacles gripping them before they can be dragged away.

Dimensional Breach Grenade: A 40mm grenade canister, upon impact it weakens dimensional barriers and permit the intrusion of Hostile Entities. Usually these entities are Nightgaunts or Byakhees, less common intruders include Hounds of Tindalos.

Dimensional Energy Engine: Seemingly produces perpetual energy at a flow rate that has a linear relation to the size of the device. The longer they operate, the greater the risk of Hostile Entity Breakthroughs in the vicinity. Supposedly related to the Greater Entity "Tulzcha."

Shoggoth Command Gauntlet: Usually worn as a pair, these bulky gauntlets permit complete control of one or more Shoggoths that have been primed to obey the specific pair, and can usually keep non-primed Shoggoths from being hostile. Experienced users can use the gauntlets to manipulate non-primed Shoggoths into a state of dormancy.

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