Known Archangel-Class Cruisers: CFC Garm(Tarsis System, 7th Battlegroup), CFC Fenrir(Tarsis System, 7th Battlegroup)
Class: Cruiser

At two-hundred meters, the Archangel-class is an impressive craft bristling with small weapons for engaging fighter and bomber squadrons at a safe distance from larger Crimson Fleet capital ships. Against enemy capital ships, however, they are sorely outmatched. While not capable of supporting any fighter squadrons of their own, the Archangel carries multiple drone ships. Being a recent design, few Archangels are in service with the Crimson Fleet so far, being generally assigned to less hot sectors of the galaxy for evaluation before they see frontline service.

Fanbase: 0/0
Gar Charge: 0/0
Plot Armor: 3/3
Gar: 4
Power(Engineering/Training): 7

Flak Batteries(Ordinary. An Archangel has a large number of Flak Turrets to destroy strike craft and incoming missiles.): 9
Plasma Turrets(Ordinary. A Virtue has a large number of plasma turrets for dealing with mid-range targets.): 9
Drone Bays(Limit +3. The hidden weapon of the Archangel, it has internal factories for producing massive swarms of drones at short notice. These drones can be programmed to suicidally ram themselves into enemies, detonating their reactors, or they can latch on to enemy ships and carve into their systems with fusion cutters.): 11
Ramming Speed!(Limit +3. In dire conditions, an Archangel can reroute energy to her engines and temporarily overcharge them for the purpose of ramming hostile capital ships. This is almost completely sure to be the end of the Archangel, however.): 11
Zentronium Armor(Ordinary. An Archangel is made from the most advanced materials availiable to the Crimson Corporation engineers. It's damn hard to damage it.): 6
Missile Racks(Limit +3. Carrying only a rather limited supply of ammo, an Archangel's missile racks are nonetheless a formidable weapon against swarms of enemies.): 11
Spatial Destabilizer(Limit +3. An experimental device for Archangels mobbed by enemy strike craft, it causes a gravitonic ripple in nearby space, in essence a "space-quake" that rattles and deforms enemy hulls, possibly destroying smaller craft.): 11

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