Aremiz of the Starfeller

Class & Level: Ranger/Horizon Walker lvl 3
XP: 900
XP to Next Level: 2700
Alignment: Neutral Good
Background: Athlete from Theros


Ability Score Modifier Saving Throw
STR 14 +2 +4
DEX 15 +2 +4
CON 14 +2 +2
INT 8 -1 -1
WIS 14 +2 +2
CHA 10 +0 +0



Proficiency Bonus: +2
Saving throws with Proficiency: Strength, Dexterity

Initiative: +2
Speed: 35ft

Inspiration: No

Light armor, medium armor, shields, all simple and martial weapons. Land Vehicles.

Weapon Name Atk Bonus Damage/Type Notes
Halberd +4 1d10 Slashing Heavy, Reach, Two Handed
Longbow +4 1d8 Piercing Range 150/600, Heavy, Two Handed
Rapier +4 1d8 Piercing Finesse


Transcendent Order member (Advantage on initiative)
Favoured Enemy: Celestial
Natural Explorer (Grassland)
Fighting Style: Defense +1AC
Primeval Awareness (kinda sucks)
"let's replace it with Track; like, you use your mark I eyeballs to check the ground and see what sort of tracks creatures have left, and you're good at following them because you're a fucking ranger from a nomadic hunter/gatherer civilization"
Planar Magic (can learn related spells for free that don't take a ranger slot)
Portal Lore (can detect portal and sense where they lead, it's complicated, ask Della)
Planar Warrior (As a bonus action on creatures within 30ft: attacks ignore damage resistance, +1d6 force damage next hit)
Darkvision (see 60 ft as in dim light as if bright light, in darkness as if dim light but no colours only shade of gray)
Claws (1d4+strength mod slashing damage with unarmed attacks if claws out)
Daunting Roar (as bonus action, let out 'especially menacing roar'. Creatures of choice within 10 that can hear must succeed on wisdom saving or be frightened until end of next turn. DC save is 8+prof bonus+ constitution mod. Need a short or long rest before capable of using again)


+4 ■ Acrobatics (DEX)
+4 ■ Animal Handling (WIS)
-1 □ Arcana (INT)
+4 ■ Athletics (STR)
+0 □ Deception (CHA)
-1 □ History (INT)
+2 □ Insight (WIS)
+0 □ Intimidation (CHA)
-1 □ Investigation (INT)
+2 □ Medicine (WIS)
-1 □ Nature (INT)
+4 ■ Perception (WIS)
+0 □ Performance (CHA)
+0 □ Persuasion (CHA)
-1 □ Religion (INT)
+2 □ Sleight of Hand (DEX)
+4 ■ Stealth (DEX)
+4 ■ Survival (WIS)
(□ = untrained, ■ = trained)


Protection from Good

ask Della


Mental ping or audible bell if any tiny or larger creature (with custom exceptions) gets in a 20 ft cube, alarm can be heard from a mile away

Ensnaring Strike

1 bonus action casting time, duration concentration up to 1 minute, component V. On next hit within spell duration, thorny vines grab target that must succeed a str saving throw or be restrained, large or larger has advantage, vines shrivel on succes. Creature takes 1d6 piercing per round if vines hold, damage increases by 1d6 per slot of casting above 1st

Fog Cloud

cast time 1 action, range 120 feet, component V S, duration concentration 1 hour. Create 20 foot radius of sphere fog centered on point within range. Radius increases by 20 ft per spell slot used over 1st

Languages: Common, Leonid, Celestial, Sylvan


30 GP
A whole lot of Leonid jewelry that could be worth up to 100GP to someone interested in them.
Leather armor (11+dex mod, 10 lbs)
Halberd (heavy, reach (+5ft range), two handed, 1d10 slashing, 6lbs)
Rapier (finesse, 1d8 piercing, 2lbs)
Longbow (1d8 piercing, 150/600 range, heavy, two handed, 2lbs)
20 arrows
Mess Kit
10 torches
10 days of rations
50 feet of hempen rope
Leather ball
Past trophy
Traveller's clothes

Background or something I guess, I don't know. Just how long can headers be anyway ? Is there a hard limit ? Or merely a soft limit before one gets to indecent length ?

Goals or something I don't know

1./ Not die.
2./ Find the pretty leoness.
2a./ Help her get back home if that's what she wants. The "or else" probably only applies to him. Probably.
3./ Reach 18 in Wis.
4./ Check out all the elemental planes, somehow.

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