Aspis Armory

Aspis Armory


Aspis Armory has been a supplier of quality weaponry and equipment to the Sol system for over a decade. We stock merchandise from every major supplier, a few minor ones, and even the occasional custom piece. If we don't have it, we can find it. If we can't find it, it doesn't exist.

Take your time to familiarize yourself with the shopping system. Weaponry is organized by first type(Melee, Kinetic, Beam, etc.) and secondly by the most similar generic brand item(heavy pistol, assault rifle, etc.). Some weapons may not be in stock, or may be rare enough to require price negotiations.

Manufacturer Profiles

Note: These profiles only register general trends in equipment styles.

Fa Jing: AP++, DV+, Ammo-, Accuracy+
Jovian Republic: AP-, DV+, Ammo+
Direct Action: Ammo+++, DV-
Gorgon Defense Systems: AP++
Stellar Intelligence: Ammo—, DV+++, Silenced
Exhuman: ?????
Extropian: ?????
Brinker: ?????

Kinetic Weapons


Fa Jing "Wakizashi" Pistol(Light Pistol). AP: -5. DV: 2d10+2. Ammo: 3. SA, BF. Laser Sight. Note: Can fold down to the size of a pre-Fall cell phone when not in use. Undetectable by most scanners. [1,000 Credits)
Jovian Republic "Peacekeeper" Pistol(Medium Pistol). AP: 0. DV: 2d10+6. Ammo: 20. SA, BF, FA. [250 Credits]
Direct Action "Talon" Pistol(Heavy Pistol). AP: -4. DV: 2d10+2. Ammo: 20. SA, BF, FA. [500 Credits]
Gorgon Defense Systems "Thunder" Pistol(Heavy Pistol). AP: -8. DV: 2d10+4. Ammo: 16. SA, BF. [500 Credits]
Stellar Intelligence "Whisper" Revolver(Heavy Pistol). AP: -4. DV: 2d10+10. Ammo: 6. SS. Silenced. Note: Undetectable by most scanners. [1,000 Credits]

Submachineguns, Assault Rifles & Machine Guns

Salvaged Exhuman Artifact, Codename "Cobra"(SMG). AP: 0. DV: 2d10+3. Ammo: 10. SA, BF, FA. Note: Weapon has apparent nanotech and organic components, constantly manufacturing more flechette ammo for use. Ammo appears analogous to hardened human bone. Weapon's ammo replication abilities function in all environments except for hard vacuum. A full magazine is usually regenerated in less than five minutes. [5,000 Credits]
Direct Action "Claw" Assault Rifle. AP: -6. DV: 2d10+4. Ammo: 50. SA, BF, FA. [5,000 Credits]
Fa Jing "Nodachi" Folding Weapon(Machine Gun). AP: -5. DV: 2d10+8. Ammo: 10. SA, BF, FA. Laser Sight. Can fold down to the size of a pre-Fall briefcase when not in use. Undetectable by most scanners. [10,000 Credits]
Jovian Republic "Pacifier" Machine Gun(Machine Gun). AP: -0. DV: 2d10+8. Ammo: 100. BF, FA. [5,000 Credits]
Firewall "Operative" Submachinegun(SMG). AP: -10. DV: 3d10+5. Ammo: 30. SA, BF, FA. [60 o-Rep]

Sniper Rifles & Miscellaneous

Gorgon Defense Systems "Lightning" Sniper Rifle(Sniper Rifle): AP: -16. DV: 2d10+10. Ammo: 5. SA. [7,500 Credits]
Stellar Intelligence "Voiceless" Sniper Rifle(Sniper Rifle): AP: -12. DV: 3d10+10. Ammo: 5. SS. Silenced. [7,500 Credits]
Direct Action "Tusk" Anti-Material Rifle(Sniper Rifle). AP: -20. DV: 5d10+10. Ammo: 1. SS. Note: This weapon is based on an old pre-Fall design for engaging tanks and war bots, due to the cumbersome reloading mechanism and the weapon's weight, it can be fired only once every two rounds and takes a full round to reload. Additionally the user suffers a -50 to his or her initiative roll if the rifle is not prepared and braced before fighting begins.[20,000 Credits]
Brinker "Homestead Defender" Shotgun(No Analogue): AP: 0. DV: 3d10+5. Ammo: 12. SA. Note: This weapon is highly ineffective at long ranges, dropping to 2d10+5 damage quickly. On the other hand, if the Homestead Defender is somehow employed at point-blank range(literally pressed against an enemy), it deals a devastating 4d10+5. [10,000 Credits]

Specialized Ammunition & Nanofacturing Blueprints

Brinker "Homestead Defender" Ammunition. 12 Shots. [500 Credits]
Brinker "Homestead Defender" Ammunition Blueprints. [10,000 Credits]
Direct Action "Tusk" Ammunition. 5 Shots. [1,000 Credits]
Direct Action "Tusk" Ammunition Blueprints. [20,000 Credits]

Beam Weapons

Laser & Particle Weaponry

Gorgon Defense Systems "Storm" Laser Pulser(Laser Pulser): AP: -6. DV: 2d10. Ammo: 100. SA. [2,500 Credits]
Jovian Republic "Peacebringer" Laser Rifle(Laser Pulser): AP: 0. DV: 2d10+4. Ammo: 200. BF, FA. [10,000 Credits]
Direct Action "Maw" Particle Beam Bolter(Particle Beam Bolter): AP: -2. DV: 2d10+2. Ammo: 100. SA, BF. [10,000 Credits]
Fa Jing "Naginata" Particle Sniper Rifle(Particle Beam Bolter): AP: -6. DV: 2d10+8. Ammo: 10. SS. [7,500 Credits]

Plasma Weaponry

Stellar Intelligence "P100" Plasma Weapon(Plasma Rifle: AP: -8. DV. DV: 3d10+12. Ammo 1. SS. Note: The P100 is a pistol-sized, single-shot weapon which burns out its internal circuitry after being fired. It cannot be recharged. [2,500 Credits]
Salvaged Exhuman Artifact, Codename "Viper"(Plasma Rifle): AP: -10. DV: 3d10+12. Ammo: 30. BF, FA. Note: This weapon seems to funnel energy from a contained micro-singularity in ways currently not completely understood, though it would probably be a bad idea to let the Viper take too much damage. It takes roughly 24 hours for this generator to fully recharge the Viper. Like standard human Plasma Rifles, the Viper can only fire once every two rounds, though when it is fired it vomits forth far more plasma than standard Plasma Rifles. [50,000 Credits]

Exotic Weaponry

Since most exotic weapons have no Earth-based analogue, they each have their own page to contain all necessary information and technical detail.

Talon, Omni-Directional Combat Device. [20,000 Credits]
EM Blade, First-Generation Energy-Based Melee Weapon. [1,000 Credits for the one-handed models, 5,000 Credits for two-handed or polearm models]

Exotic Morphs

Like exotic weapons, new Morphs often require quite a bit of explanation to convey them in detail, unlike standard weapons which all tend to function by the same basic workings.

Destroyer, Melee Combat Synthmorph. [40,000 Credits]

Exotic Technology

Clearance Beta/Throne recognized, Ozma resource access granted

Distortion Bracelet: Briefly slows time for the user, allowing them to dodge incoming attacks more easily. Allows the use of full Fray against ranged attacks, unfortunately time distortion has unpleasant effects on organic tissue and the user takes 1d10 DUR damage per use from internal injuries, completely ignoring armor. The experience is also somewhat unsettling, and failing a WIL*2 test causes 1d10 LUC damage.[50 o-Rep]
Energy Dissipator Grid: This armor enhancement increases Energy armor by 10 at the cost of 10 Kinetic armor, in case of an Energy attack dealing twice the armor's modified Energy resistance, or a critical Energy damage hit, the EDG burns out and must be replaced. It does not lower Kinetic resistance if re-added in this way.[7,500 Credits]
Extropian "Black Widow" Defense Drone: This drone is roughly the size of a football when unfolded and looks like an unassuming briefcase otherwise. When active it hovers at head-height and automatically retaliates against any use of firearms against the activator. Its only skill is Kinetic Weaponry(75), its weapon has the same stats as a "Lightning" sniper rifle and it acts in the same initiative slot as its owner. Any damage will destroy the Black Widow. Black Widows are illegal in most non-Extropian habs.[50,000 Credits]
Extropian "Linebacker" Defense Drone: This drone is roughly the size of a frisbee when unfolded and looks like an unassuming briefcase otherwise. When active it hovers at head-height and automatically attempts to intercept any ranged attacks against its owner. It does this with a Fray of 80(for ranged attacks), opposed to the attacker's roll, succesfully intercepting any shot that it "beats." It has zero armor and a DUR of 60.[25,000 Credits]

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