Astrid Thoradottir

The Silent Ocean Empress


Region of Origin: Geirfall
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Goal: become the actual recognised ruler of the entire ocean floor as her domain
Level: 3 (21/12 XP, 4/10 Dominion Spent)

Attribute Number Bonus Skill Roll
Strength 14 +1 7+
Dexterity 18 +3 3+
Constitution 14 +1 7+
Intelligence 13 +1 8+
Wisdom 10 +0 11+
Charisma 18 +3 3+
Saving Throw Roll Needed
Hardiness 12+
Evasiveness 10+
Spirit 10+

Armour Class: 0 (Base 3, -3 Dex)
Base Attack Bonus: +3
Weapon of Night +6 to hit, 1d10+3 damage (Dexterity-based, 200' range)
Fray 1d8
Immunities Sleep, Drowning, Cold, Poison
Hit Points 15/19



Influence 4 (0 Spent, 4 Remaining)
Effort 4 (0 Committed for Duration, 0 Committed for Scene, 0 Committed for Day, 4 Remaining)
Dominion 8 (4 Spent, 0 Automatically Gained)
Wealth 1


Night Darkvision, never sleeps, does not accidentally awaken others
Deception Charisma improved
Sea Swim fast, breathe water, Immune to Cold


Excellence of Dexterity (Sea) Dexterity 18
Secrets of the Deep (Sea) Commit Effort, sense all liquids (exact position) in 200', touch water and seek a thing submerged in any water in 10 miles
Body of Water (Sea) Natural Armour Class 3 (can't benefit from Armour/Shields), Immune to - and absorb and use - poisons
Liar's Flawless Grace (Deception) Magic cannot reveal lies, and lesser foes automatically believe what I tell them
Shadow Play (Deception) Commit effort to create perfect (intangible) illusions, but not invisibility
Knives of Night (Night) Commit effort to have a Magic Weapon (1d10) that can attack out to 200'
Still Silence of Sleep (Night) Commit effort for the scene to create 50' radius burst of "Spirit Save vs Sleep". Shape dreams of sleeping (Spirit save)
Voyage Across the Night (Night/Sea) Take a vessel along the water at night. By the time the sun rises, we have entered a Night Road
Lord of the Waters (Sea) Commit Effort to transform into sea creatures larger than shrimp and smaller than kraken. Speak to, command and sense sea life within a mile.
Receive the Incense of Faith (Apotheosis) Can be worshipped by mortals
Sanctify the Shrine (Apotheosis) Mortals can dedicate a shrine or temple to me so I can view the area and channel miracles
Smite the Apostate (Apotheosis) Kill or curse worshippers that displease me

Strife of the Drowning Tide

Initiate of the Lesser Strife Nothing I don't already have
Disciple of the Lesser Strife Action: full movement through even tightly-packed crowds (doesn't draw attacks). Unarmed attack is 1d8.
Master of the Lesser Strife Commit Effort for the scene, make 1 action worth of attacks against all chosen targets within 30 feet.
Water Red and White When hit and damaged, apply Fray to the attacker, even if Worthy



  • Majestic and graceful, refined and noble, from calm and silent to destructive and wild. Or drunk.
  • Typically wreathed in shadows and illusory water, in battle appears to have a shark fin and scales/spines.
  • Enjoys swimming and sailing and resting in hot-springs, will visit every hot-spring ever. Always feels at home in the water.
  • Is still on the run, but intends for that to eventually turn around so that she is the pursuer.
  • Ended up in Southern Ancala, looking to establish a power base and allies and win the trust and adoration of the locals.


Origin: born into the harsh life of magic and sacrifice, sea and danger, with knowledge about necromancy (no magic ability)
Career: acolyte of the witch-queen - a raider and sailor who had some respect until she turned renegade, and was trained in the Strife of the Drowning Tide
Relationship: betrayal - the witch-queen is very angry and is still not above sending things to capture or kill her - she is used to fighting these threats
Deeds: befriends and aids all she meets, making life better for those in need
Deeds: knows how to butter people up and prod their ego in the right direction


Dominion Expenditures

  • Cabri Dar is now a hot spring resort
  • Cabri Dar is also extremely hard to locate (unworthy foes) from the Mountainous side, with Undead finding their way to the Eater of the Dead
  • The Gojeb River area is extremely hospitable to the shark-people, and bountiful in edible fish, even to the point that fishermen approach the surface


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