Atheresh is a Caelian, his immortal of a father was a pretender in a previous ascencion war, and worked for other pretenders in further ascencion wars. With another war imminent, half at his father's prodding and half because he couldn't stand any more of the godling's sermons about laziness and how far he had gotten at Atheresh's age, how many followers he had, how easy Atheresh has it and squanders it, he left on his own for adventure, and went to mingle with the mortals down below.

A village besieged by brigands, a woman getting beat up, a limping hen, a wolf with a broken leg… He's been busy. He's always been trying to do good because it gives him a warm tingly fuzzy feeling.

He's wandered alone for a short while until happening on a group of fellows of apparently similar enough intentions, if very dissimilar appearances and origins.

Start : 130
Earned : 25
Total: 155
Free : 3


Key: [ ] - Unwounded, [o] - Shock, [x] - Killing

Height Hit Location Armour Health
1 Left Leg 0 [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
2 Right Leg 0 [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
3-4 Left Arm 3 [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
5-6 Right Arm 0 [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
7-9 Torso 1 [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
10 Head 1 [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
- Health Count - [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [A]


Air Mage 1

Nature Mage 3

Astral Mage 2

Flight - Atheresh can fly. Whether by wings or magic, he still needs to touch down and rest sometimes, so he can't stay airborne permanently. He cannot wear heavier than Light armor while flying, and suffers a -3d penalty to using bows from the air. Being airborne can be used to make Depth Charges from above.

Awe 2 - Mook groups attempting to attack Atheresh get a penalty to all dice pools equal to his ranks of Awe (one rank per 5 points spent). Does not affect mindless mooks like lesser undead or constructs.


Body 3

  • Endurance 1
  • Parry 2
  • Vigor 1

Coordination 1

  • Dodge 2

Knowledge 5

  • Counterspell 1
  • Healing 1
  • Lore 1

Command 3

  • Inspire 5

Sense 1

  • Empathy 2
  • Eerie 2

Charm 3

  • Fascinate 1
  • Graces 1

SPELLS (2pts)

Air 1
Without a check, air mages can conjure small gusts of wind or minor, obvious illusions of sound and light.

Change Weather

Description: Call up mists and winds in the local area, winds can be up to storm force and mists can be dense pea soupers that limit visibility to a few meters ahead. Likewise, Change Weather can also calm winds and banish mists.

  • Effect: The weather change lasts for a number of minutes equal to the Width of the roll.
  • Roll: Knowledge+Path.
  • Fatigue: 2 Shock
  • Gems: None

Cloud Trapeze

Description: The mage launches themselves into the air, clearing a vast distance in a single bound before landing safely.

  • Effect: Width determines the maximum number of allies that can be brought along on the Cloud Trapeze(multiple casts can be "held" until the necessary number is reached), Height determines how many provinces can be traversed.
  • Roll: Knowledge+Path.
  • Fatigue: 5 Shock
  • Gems: 2 Air Gems

Nature 3
Nature mages are generally capable of reviving dead plants with a touch, making flowers bloom just by approaching and most natural animals won't be aggressive towards them unless threatened.

Healing Touch

Description: The mage channels the restorative power of nature through a target with a touch.

  • Effect: The target has Width Killing damage turned to Shock, or Width Shock turned to no injury if there's no Killing damage. Height is the highest-numbered hit location that can be healed.
  • Roll: Body+Path
  • Fatigue: 4 Shock
  • Gems: None

Storm of Thorns

Description: The mage conjures a barrage of piercing thorns from nearby plantlife.

  • Effect: A normal ranged attack which counts as a Longbow, but any number of matches can be rolled, and it counts as an Area attack against mooks.
  • Roll: Body+Path
  • Fatigue: 4 Shock
  • Gems: None

Description: A living creature suddenly swells up to monstrous size.

  • Effect: The target gains Width extra dice of Body for Height rounds, but loses an equal amount of Coordination(down to a minimum of 1). Unwilling targets may attempt to counter this with Counterspell+Knowledge.
  • Roll: Command+Path
  • Fatigue: 6 Shock
  • Gems: None

Gift of Reason
Description: The mage grants a living creature the intellect of a human or human-like creature.

  • Effect: A target living, non-sapient creature gains Width points to distribute among Command, Charm and Knowledge, up to a maximum of Height in any one of those stats.
  • Roll: Knowledge+Path
  • Fatigue: 4 Shock
  • Gems: 2 Nature

The Ravenous Swarm
Description: The nature mage commands the forces of nature to render the undead back to dust.

  • Effect: For Height rounds, a chosen undead target suffers armor-ignoring Width Killing damage spread equally across their body every round. If the target is destroyed before the spell expires, it jumps to the nearest undead target.
  • Roll: Command+Path
  • Fatigue: 6 Shock
  • Gems: 1 Nature

Description: The nature mage summons the creatures of the wild to overwhelm his enemies.

  • Effect: The mage summons a Width large swarm of Threat 1 mooks, which is increased by Width in size every round for Height rounds, even if completely destroyed.
  • Roll: Charm+Path
  • Fatigue: 8 Shock
  • Gems: 1 Nature

Astral 2
All astral mages are capable of short-range telepathy, though they have to know the recipient's language and the recipient must be willing. They can also create small sources of light, similar to a torch or flashlight, at will, either a mystic orb hovering near their body or their skin itself glowing.

Power of the Spheres
Description: "The summons astral power to make himself a mightier mage" Purple you accidentally some words here you fucking.

  • Effect: The caster is treated as though all his Path ratings are 1 higher for Width turns.
  • Roll: Knowledge+Path
  • Fatigue: 2 Shock
  • Gems: 1 Astral Pearl

Solar Rays
Description: The caster attempts to banish the undead.

  • Effect: This spell only works where sunlight is present. It deals Width Area Killing damage to an undead target or mook mob.
  • Roll: Knowledge+Path
  • Fatigue: 5 Shock
  • Gems: None

Description: Heroic luck preserves the target from a killing blow.

  • Effect: The caster chooses one character as a target. If a blow would be successful and kill the target, the damage is reduced by Width(cannot become negative but can be reduced to zero). This effect lasts for Height rounds. Once it has prevented one killing blow, the effect dissipates.
  • Roll: Knowledge+Path
  • Fatigue: 4 Shock
  • Gems: None

Divine Name
Description: The mage grants an unliving object the intellect of a human or human-like creature.

  • Effect: A target object gains Width worth of points to distribute among Charm, Command and Knowledge, with a maximum of Height points. If the object is non-animate(i.e. a statue or tree), it also gains an equal amount of points to distribute among Body, Coordination and Sense, again at max Height per stat.
  • Roll: Knowledge+Path
  • Fatigue: 4 Shock
  • Gems: 2 Astral Pearls

Summon Angel
Description: A radiant creature from the upper planes is summoned under the caster's control.

  • Effect: The summoned angel lasts until the current battle is over. It has Width dice in its Fight pool, and Height wounds. Any non-mindless, non-blind mooks in battle with the angel automatically lose five members every turn as they flee from the awe-inspiring aura of the angel.
  • Roll: Command+Path
  • Fatigue: 10 Shock
  • Gems: 2 Astral Pearls
  • Supporting Path: Fire


Large Metal Shield - AR3, location 4 or 6 and choice.
Short Spear (Club) - Width+2 Shock
Bronze Cap (Leather Helmet) - AR1, location 10
Toga (Leather Jerkin, Leather Boots) - AR1, location 1-2, 7-9

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