Australian Free Republic

Name: The Australian Free Republic
Leader: Prime Minister Jonas Gray
Headquarters: Canberra Arcology
Enemies: The Sun Coalition

The Australian Free Republic is less insular than the Sun Coalition and less hazardous than the Coastal Brazilian Gray Zone, it's generally where the unchipped long to go. After having to sustain a massive influx of "Insomniacs" it's now, however, extremely difficult to become an Australian citizen.

While there are no official hostilities between the Free Republic and the Sun Coalition, rumours have it that there are regular skirmishes at sea, and several major parties maintain their position in parliament entirely through keeping the populace terrified of the menace "lurking just off their coastlines."

While the Free Republic will import EuroCorp products and sell them raw materials, EuroCorp may not operate within its borders.

No Free Republic citizens are chipped.

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