Avrum Phinebas

Name: Avrum Phinebas
Age: 34
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: Lean
Hair colour: White
Eye colour: Brown
Experience: 0/0(Page 138 for costs)


Avrum looks like a perfectly ordinary human at first glance, except for his white hair and his habit of constant fidgeting. He is, however, one of those people blessed with unusual intellect and technological affinity, but sadly also a lack of common sense.

This common sense combined with a fascination with gambling has left him with considerable debts that he's now on the run from, and the fastest way off-planet was to sign up with the local shooty guys.

Somehow, despite being so terrified of guns that he closes his eyes whenever he squeezes off a shot, and a perpetual cowardice whenever the bullets start flying, he's managed to stay alive. He puts this down to the Pancreator's benevolence and the small duffel bag full of religious icons, dubious artifacts and books about the supernatural that he brings with him.

Did I mention he believes in the Pancreator AND every little bit of superstition anyone brings him? Well, he does. It'd probably be for the best if he never actually encountered anything supernatural, however, because he believes everything in those books. From being able to ward off demons with circles of salt through the "fact" that everything supernatural is vulnerable to holy symbols and silver.

He has a tendency to become completely absorbed in any technological problem he's faced with, happily ignoring everything around him as he dives into the guts of some old machine or simply stares at it, lips moving, fingers caressing his chin as he tries to figure out just how to fix it. Or better yet, how to IMPROVE it.

Avrum isn't a very capable fighter, sure, he can shoot, but as soon as the shooting starts, he dives for cover(or just legs it), and makes sure to expose as little of himself while squeezing off shots(ideally sticking out only as much of his hand and weapon as necessary.). To further his own survival, he's also jury-rigged together a set of plastic half-plate armor.

As long as he can be kept from getting himself killed by poking around dangerously technology or from accidentially ventilating everyone else in a fight, Avrum is no doubt an asset to the team.

You have 20 extra points to add to your Body and Mind characteristics, up to a maximum of 8 in any one.


Strength: 3 + 2 = 5
Dexterity: 3 + 4 = 7
Endurance: 3 + 1 = 4

Vital Levels: 9/9 (Equal to 5 + Endurance)
Armor: 6


Wits: 3 + 4 = 7
Perception: 3 + 3 = 6
Tech: 3 + 5 = 8

Spirit characteristics are chosen in pairs, you have three 1's and three 3's to assign, but if you assign, say, a 1 to Extrovert, you have to assign the 3 to Introvert. The other paids are Passion and Calm, and Faith and Ego. You can also waste some of your 20 extra points on it, but seriously: Fuck that, none of this shit helps you pity foo's any more efficiently.


Extrovert: 1
Introvert: 3
Passion: 1
Calm: 3
Faith: 3
Ego: 1

Wyrd: 3/3 (Equal to the highest of either Passion or Calm)

You have 30 points to distribute among both Natural and Learned skills, on top of what's already in them. All Learned skills start at 0 and all Natural skills start at 3 for free. There are more Learned skills than what I've listed here, look them up starting at page 109 in the book.

Natural Skills
Charm: 3
Dodge: 3
Fight: 3
Impress: 3
Melee: 3
Observe: 3 + 4(Bought with Extra points) = 7
Shoot: 3 + 4(Bought with Extra points) = 7
Sneak: 3 + 2(Bought with Extra points) = 5
Vigor: 3

Learned Skills
Academia: 3(Bought with Extra points)
Drive(Spacecraft): 6 [Guild Skill]
Focus: 2(Bought with Extra points)
Gambling: 3 (Bought with Extra points)
Lockpicking: 2 (Bought with Extra points)
Read: 6(Urthish, Urthtech, Latin)
Science(Engineering): 6(Bought with Extra points)
Science(Physics): 3(Bought with Extra points)
Speak: 2(Latin, Urthish)
Search: 3
Tech Redemption(Craft Redemption): 3 + 2(Grease Monkey) = 5
Tech Redemption(High Tech Redemption): 5 + 2(Grease Monkey) = 7
Tech Redemption(Mech Redemption): 5 + 2(Grease Monkey) = 7
Tech Redemption(Volt Redemption): 3(Bought with Extra points) + 2(Grease Monkey) = 5
Think Machine: 3(Bought with Extra points) + 2(Hacker) = 5

You've got 10 points for these Blessings and Curses things, which are basically just a new, gay name for Advantages and Flaws. Flaws give you points, Blessings take away points. But any points you gain from Flaws can be used as Extra Points(more on them at the end of the document) and don't have to be used for Blessings. This is very fancy. Blessings and curses start at page 125.

Blessings and Curses

Grease Monkey: 4(+2 to all Tech Redemption skills)
Hacker: 2(+2 to Think Machine)
Vendetta: -2(Group satisfied with making his life miserable. They're the guys whose gambling debts he skipped out on by signing up. He thinks he's shaken them off, but it's unlikely he has.)
Professional Contract: 6(Permits learning Guild skills up to the contract's level)
Cash: 5(1000 Firebirds)(Bought with Extra points)

All of this, you still have Extra points to spend. You have 40 of these, which sounds like a lot, and it is. Make use of them well. Costs for Extra points are listed on page 93 A Characteristic point costs you 3, Skills and Blessings/Benefices are 1 point for 1 point.
Money for gear depends on your Riches blessing. This is detailed on page 130. Weapon and armour costs start on page 191. Descriptions of what the hell it is the various things do, along with prices, start on page 204. Note: Proceed too far along this and you eventually end up with boring things that can't shoot at others or stop you being shot, you may want some of these. If you're lame. And a gay.


Heavy Autofeed Pistol(300): 8 ammo cap, 6 damage, 3 RoF
SMG(350): 20 ammo cap, autofire capable, 5 damage, 3 RoF
Plastic Half-Plate(60): 6 Defense
Mech Tools(5)
Volt Tools(7)
5 Hi-Tech Tools(50)
Thieves' Keys(10)
Scrambler Pad(100)
Knife(2): 3 damage
SMG Ammo: 60(20), 3 reloads. 3 shots/firebird
Pistol Ammo: 40(40), 5 reloads. (1 shot/firebird)
2 TL5 Fusion Torches(50)
6 Firebirds remaining.

994 total spent

187 through 189 details combat maneuvers. Ammo costs on page 210. Weapon stats 191 onwards.

Combat Reference

Shoot + Dexterity to attack.
Initiative: Appropriate skill rank
+1 damage die/3 successes
Damage: D6 pool, 1-4 = damage TN's.
Armour: D6 pool, 1-4 = armour TN's.
3-round burst: +1 Damage Die
6-round burst: +3 Damage Dice, TN lowered by 1, Init lowered by 1
Empty Clip: +5 Damage Dice, TN lowered by 2, Init lowered by 1, +3 successes vs dodgers
Two actions/shots in one turn: -4 to all actions
Three actions/shots in one turn: -6 to all actions

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