Genetically altered baboon with further cybernetic modifications to try and make an infiltration unit. Complete failure, terminated via captive bolt to the skull. Resuscitated by oversight, unpleasant to be around. “PX-443” is branded on his forehead, just above “WINKIE”, however he seems to not care for that name. He is highly addicted to ether and it’s analogs, huffing and drinking it on a regular basis, which has resulted in extremely poor eyesight. Failing his access to industrial solvents, he drinks heavily.

LIKES: Violence against non primates (humans excluded from primate cateogry), human meat, ether
DISLIKES: Loud people, sudden movements, sobriety, robots, skyscrapers, corporate people

Life: 41
Endurance: 48
Essence: 11

Attributes (20)

Strength: 5
Dexterity: 4
Constitution: 3
Intelligence: 2
Willpower: 2
Perception: 1

Skills (35)

(Dex) Acrobatics/Dodge 3
(Str/Dex/Con) Athletics 2
(Str/Dex)Brawling 4
(Str/Dex)Big Guns 5
(Dex) Driving 4
(Dex/Per) Guns 5
(Str/Dex) Melee Weapons (Knives) 3
(Dex) Stealth 4
(STR) Throwing 5

Perks/Advantages (5)

Cannibal (1): Knows how to prepare human flesh for safe consumption. Also likes the taste of human flesh.
Fast Reaction (2): +2 to initiative rolls.
Hard To Kill (1): +3 Life Points per point of Hard to Kill.
Swift Hands (1): Reloading your weapon in combat is a free action.

Traits (0)

Mutations/Cybernetics/Drugs/Etc. (5)

Brain: Cranial Bomb (1)
Does not take up a Brain slot
Replaces a large part of your brain with explosive material. Either at will, or when the implant detects that your heart has stopped, it will start a ten-second countdown before exploding like a mortar shell.

Skeleton: RDX Marrow (1)
Does not take up a Skeleton slot
Replaces the marrow of your bones with insensitive high-explosives that will detonate when the cranial bomb does, adding sharp bone shards to your detonation, equal to being hit by a .50 bullet for anyone within the blast radius.

Heart: Hunter Killer Upgrade (1)
The heart is upgraded with a hyper-adrenaline injector, when triggered it causes massive systemic damage(10 life points) at the cost of immediately granting another action with no multi-action penalties.

Skin: Ballistic Defense Weave (2)
+5 Armor(stacks with worn armor) against all sources. -1 Dexterity as the new skin is stiffer and less flexible than natural skin.

Gear (15)

Punch (0): 1d4 x 5.
Kick (0): 1d4 x 6.
Small Knives (0): 1d4 x 5. Can be thrown.
Large Knife (1): 1d6 x 5
9mm SMG@ (10) 1d6 x 4 - 30
Chainsaw (3) 1d10 x 5
Tazer (1) 1d6*4

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