Bakuhatsu Powers

These are the various powers available to characters in Bakuhatsu Gakuen. This is a long post.

Any ability marked + is a Universal power for anyone.

Table of Contents

Athletic Assault +

You are particularly skilled at attacking on the move - leaping in to deliver unexpected strikes and then sliding out of reach, and attacking from multiple directions at once. Foes suffer a Grade Penalty on any Opposed Test to avoid your attacks (such as by using Evasive Acrobatics), and when you use a Minor Action to move and a Major Action to attack in some way, you gain the movement both before and after your attack.


You radiate a constant 3m radius aura that can be used to affect those around you. You can suppress or resume it with a Major Action, and you can always choose to Focus on it to strengthen it until the start of your next turn. Auras are Energy abilities, and you can never have more than one active at the same time. Any Aura gained from this, regardless of how offensively it is used, is considered Defensive. The various auras are as follows:

Damaging Energy

You radiate electricity or fire or something. People in the area suffer 1 point of damage of the appropriate type every round. If you Focus, the radius extends to 6m for the round, and you Resist the damage type that you are dealing.

Furious Pressure

The pressure radiated from you is so great that people have difficulty moving. Entering the area requires a Basic Gym Test, and movement is halved within the area. Enhanced Speed is reduced by one level as well (minimum zero). If you Focus, the Test becomes Difficult and Enhanced Speed is reduced by two levels (minimum zero).

Innocent Defence

You just seem too innocent, nobody would want to hurt you, right? Those nearby just seem unwilling to attack. Anyone within the area is affected by a Mental effect: they need to pass a Basic Philosophy and Ethics Test in order to attack you each round. Failure results in a wasted action and being Distracted until their next turn. If you Focus, the Test becomes Difficult.

Mighty Barrier

This is a proper forcefield. Enemy attacks bounce off, probably leaving octagonal ripples in the field. Against attacks originating from outside the area, you reduce all damage by 1. Anyone outside the area who wants to enter the area has to punch a hole through it as though it were a Tritanium Wall - and the hole closes after their turn ends. If you Focus, incoming damage is reduced by 3, and attacks that destroy shields, objects and forcefields cancel out with the aura, automatically suppressing your Aura but leaving you unharmed.

Total Fear

The terror this field creates is absolute. I wish there were a fancy name I could use for that. You emit a wave of horror and people don't want to be near you. Anyone in the area must pass a Basic Philosophy and Ethics Test or be Afraid of you. If you Focus, the Test becomes Difficult and you're so scary, even projectiles refuse to fly at you, making ranged attacks Extreme difficulty.

Aura Sight +

You can look at people and see what they are feeling, as well as how powerful they are and whether or not they're ready to fight. This is an Energy power, and needs a Minor Action to switch it on or off. By looking at someone, you can see what House they are in, their Power Level (None, Low (First Years), Moderate (Second and Third Years), High (Fourth Years and Graduates) and Extreme (Abominations)), what Energy effects are active on them, what level their Battle Aura is at, and the strongest emotion affecting them.

Automatic Access +

By dint of who you are, you are automatically allowed to do something specific that people normally aren't. This is often access to off-limits areas, or permission to use certain equipment, but it could even allow instant membership to the Student Council or control of the national defence network or something. These rights are not heavenly things tied to your soul, of which the universe cannot deprive you, but the rights are enshrined in the constitution thanks to the Student Council outranking the United Nations. If granted this as part of joining a House or Club, the specifics are spelled out. If purchasing this as a Universal Power or Ability, work out the specifics with the Principal.

Automatic Status

You automatically have a certain kind of status, and the reputation to go with it. This means people generally know who you are, and you can command a certain level of respect. For the purpose of tie-breakers, being allowed into places and given various extra perks, and being affected by the powers of others, you are treated as one Year Level higher. This does not affect your dorm size, weekly pay, or your own powers. If granted this as part of joining a House or Club, the specifics are spelled out. If purchasing this as a Universal Power or Ability, work out the specifics with the Principal.

Camouflage +

You naturally change appearance to blend in with your surroundings (or are very quick at applying camouflage). This is handy for not being seen. People must pass Extreme Tests in order to spot you when you are actively hiding.

Chained Attacks

You combo your attacks together so well that it's a constant barrage, making it hard to actually defend against you. If you Focus when attacking someone, then for every mark by which you exceed the difficulty to hit them, you hit an additional target within reach as long as they are no harder to hit than the initial target. If there are no other targets, then every two marks beyond the amount needed will add an additional hit. The damage does not scale up from extra marks, however.

Some abilities might specify a limit to the Chained Attacks, in which case it doesn't matter how high you roll, you can't gain more bonus hits than the specified limit.

Chi Breaking

You can break ongoing energy effects with your attacks, and also end such effects by hitting the users. Whenever you hit with an unarmed attack, you can Focus to cause the target to be Blocked in addition to any damage or other effects. This is an Energy power.

Elemental Blast

You are able to unleash blasts of some kind of elemental energy. You have to pick an elemental type when gaining the ability, from the following list: fire (Fire), lightning (Shock), wind (Air/Blunt or Air/Sharp), ice (Cold), water (Water/Blunt), light (Fire), darkness (Mental or Poison), plant (Sharp or Poison), earth/rock (Blunt), metal (Jabbing or Sharp). This is used as an Energy weapon with a range of 50m/20m and a base damage of 2 per Year Level (10 for Graduates and Abominations), plus 3 more if you Focus. As a beam attack, Science is typically used for attacking. If you have multiple types of Blast, each is used as its own power, you don't get to unleash them all at once. There are several Sub-Powers:

Linked Effect

Your Blast has a secondary effect on those hit by it. This effect is:

  • Fire: Burning as a Physical, Fire effect until they spend a Major Action dropping Prone and rolling about
  • Ice: if they fail a Basic Health Test, they are Immobilised by a Physical, Cold effect until thawed out
  • Air: if the attack is Air/Blunt, it is a Pummelling Attack, and if it is Air/Sharp, it is a Shredding Attack
  • Water: the target is Distracted by a Physical, Water effect until they spend a Major Action clearing their eyes and throat
  • Lightning: the target is Immobilised for one turn as an Energy, Shock effect
  • Ground: the attack is Pummelling
  • Plant: Burning as a Physical, Poison effect for three turns, as seeds take root or toxins seep in
  • Metal: if the attack is Jabbing, it is a Piercing Attack. If it is Sharp, it is a Shredding Attack
  • Light: the target becomes Distracted as a Physical effect for 3 turns
  • Darkness: the target becomes Confused as a Mental effect

Mighty Blast

The blast is just better. The range increases to 250m/100m, and when you Focus on it to boost the damage, the damage increases by 5 instead of 3.

Negation Beam

You can channel a special form of energy that negates other energy and breaks magical effects. If this hits someone, it negates ongoing Energy effects and causes the Blocked condition.

Prism Blast

You may use this to Assist an ally who is using their own Elemental Blast, combining your powers. You attempt to Assist them as normal, and on top of the usual benefits, you add the damage and effects from your Blast to theirs.

Second Element

You have a second element you can use - and if you also have Linked Effect, it has its own secondary effect. If you Focus, you can mix the two together - the damage is the same, but the type of damage is whichever is best for beating Resistances and Immunities, and in the case of Linked Effect, both secondary effects apply.

Wide Blast

You enjoy big blasts and explosions. Your blast can be used as normal, or you can unleash a cone that is 15m long and as wide as it is long at any point, or an explosion that starts within 50m and has a 5m radius. It targets everyone in the area, as normal, and effects terrain.

Elemental Control

Select an element: wood, metal, water, air, earth/rock, fire, ice/snow. You can use a Major Action to control an amount as follows: 50cm3 for First Year, 1m3 for Second Year, 3m3 for Third Year, 10m3 for Fourth Years, and 20m3 for Graduates. This amount is doubled if you Focus. You can't conjure the element - it has to be there to begin with. This can be used offensively, defensively, or a completely different way. This is an Energy power.

Emotional Blast

You can unleash a special wave of energy that is powered by your emotions and hits the minds of enemies - this is an Energy beam, but anything it does to others is Mental. This is a ranged attack out to 50m/20m that can use your Language Studies if you wish. It either deals 1 point of Mental damage per Year Level (5 for Abominations and Graduates), or heals that much damage, depending on the kind of emotions you're pumping into them. In the case of damage, it also raises their Battle Aura by 2 (if they have Battle Aura), and in the case of healing it lowers it by 2. Additionally, you may allow this to cause Confusion as a Mental effect, with a Difficult Philosophy and Ethics Test to resist (Extreme if you Focus).

There are two Sub-Powers:

Emotional Aura

Instead of sending a beam or wave, this just creates a sphere, emanating from you. It extends for 2m per Year Level (10m for Graduates and Abominations), and the attack Test is made against everyone in the area, Opposed by their Philosophy and Ethics.

Suggestive Beam

You gain an alternate fire mode: an invisible beam that, if it succeeds, causes a powerful emotion of your choice. You then provide three basic instructions or guidelines, and an Affliction (that is a Mental effect) that is caused if they break any of them. Breaking the instructions or guidelines also causes 2 points of Mental damage each time. At the end of the scene, the effects end regardless.

Empty Heart

You are able to close your eyes and just clear your mind, heart and soul. Doing so requires a Major Action, but you purge most ongoing effects - you negate any emotions and Mental effects, and you momentarily suppress your own chi. This ends your ongoing Energy effects, or suppresses them if they don't truly stop, and also ends the Blocked condition if you are suffering from it. If you have any Battle Aura, it is reduced to zero.

Energy Wave

As an Energy power, you can use a Major Action to strike the air and propel a wave of energy towards people with destructive results. It has a range of 5m/3m, is clearly visible, and has a Base Damage the same as your unarmed attacks, but using your Philosophy and Ethics instead of Gym for damage modifiers. It cannot be Resisted by Abominations and ghosts, and deals Shock damage. It has a variety of Sub-Powers:

Burning Motion Wave

Your energy wave actually ignites, setting foes on fire. It deals Fire damage and causes the Burning status on anyone who suffers any damage. If they spend their Major Action dropping to the floor and rolling about, the fire goes out, otherwise it lasts for 5 rounds.

Invisible Pressure

Your energy wave is now completely invisible, just a blast of air. Against foes who can't see auras or invisible things, this always catches them by surprise. It now deals Air/Blunt damage.

Solar Flare

Your energy wave is a short-range massive burst of energy that is blinding in its intensity. The damage is Fire now, and instead of a range, the attack is made against everyone within a 2m cone. Those who hit are Confused by the blindness they suffer.

Vacuum Wave

You instead draw the energy towards you from outside, hitting foes from behind and dragging them closer to you. Foes within a 10m cone are dragged towards you, and the nearest foe lands right in front of you and is hit - the attack is unexpected and deals Air damage.

Enhanced Durability

You are extra tough, and can generally shrug things off that should probably kill you. Depending on the level, you can gain more hit points, suffer less damage from attacks, and be immune to things. This is a Physical effect, not affected by energy manipulation.

Level 1

You are resilient - you never catch colds or get minor bumps or scrapes from day to day activity. You reduce all incoming damage by 1 point, have 2 extra hit points, and if your Health or Gym Grade is less than a B, treat it as a B for endurance tasks.
The Sub-Powers are as follows:


When you fall, you don't take damage: everything below you does. You never suffer falling damage, but your landing causes a shockwave out to one metre per point of damage you would have taken. Everything in the area suffers the damage you would have taken unless they throw themselves Prone. This also leaves a crater in the ground.

Sturdy Brain

Your endurance is not only physical but mental as well. You Resist all Mental damage.

Sturdy Body

You are particularly solid and hard to move. Shockwaves, telekinesis and so on can't move you about the place, and you can't even be tripped or thrown. Senior students are not affected as severely, and can move you about but have the distance and damage halved when doing so. Unlike normal, Abominations are not actually treated as being senior even to Fourth-Year students - if you have this, they can't shove you around.

Level 2

You can be mistaken for granite at times. The only reason you wear shoes is as padding to protect the ground from your feet. You don't suffer from aches and pains after injuries or a hard work-out. You reduce incoming damage by another point (total 2), have another 4 hit points (total +6), and a minimum effective Grade of B+ for the endurance aspects of Health and Gym.
The Sub-Powers are as follows:


You are completely immune to Poison effects of all kinds.

Steel-Walled Mind

You are mentally resilient as well, and your effective Grade for endurance also applies to Philosophy and Ethics Tests.

Weather the Storm

You are not affected in any way by wind, rain, hail or dust storms, and are basically immune to what some call Death by a Thousand Paper Cuts: any attack that, after damage is reduced, only deals a single point of damage, or no damage but some other effect instead, just has no effect on you. You ignore general environmental sources of damage as though you Resisted every type of damage.

Level 3

True story, the structure of adamantium is based on you. Some people hide behind you when there are missile strikes. You never catch diseases of any kind, even mutant space ebola or magical super tetanus. You reduce all damage by another point (total 3), have another 6 Hit Points (total +12) and a minimum effective Grade of A+ for endurance aspects of Health and Gym.
The Sub-Powers are as follows:


Your flesh actually does have the consistency of steel or something. You Resist Sharp and Jabbing damage, and do not treat larger opponents as actually being larger for the purpose of what happens when they hit you. Any time someone wants to move you about or adjust your limbs in some way, they need to pass an Extreme Gym Test, or Ridiculous when you are Defending. You also weigh ten times as much, and landing on people is very painful for them - if you have Anvilfall, you double the amount of damage for landing on people, and double the radius of the shockwave when landing on ground.


Weapons tend to break against you, and people hurt themselves from the shockwaves. Any time someone hits you with a melee attack, they are "hit" for Blunt damage: 1 damage per Grade letter above F you have in Health (for instance, 2 damage for a C-, C or C+). When you Defend, the amount is increased by 2. If they hit you with a wielded weapon, they can elect for the weapon to shatter instead of suffering damage.

Shake It Off

Nothing hampers you for very long. At the end of each turn, you can roll 1d6. On a 6, you end one condition that is effecting you, even if that doesn't make much sense. You don't have to do this, so you're still able to sleep normally. If an effect normally lets you roll to end it at the end of a turn, this just gives you an extra chance to do so.

Level 4

You are immune to "things". You cannot be transmogrified or polymorphed without your express permission. You have another 8 Hit Points (total +20), and a Grade of S for the endurance aspects of Health and Gym. You also feel no pain ever.

Awesome Cover

You actually ignore shockwaves and explosions - you have to be targeted individually rather than just caught in an area of effect for such things. Furthermore, you block those effects, so anyone standing behind you (relative to the centre of the blast) is also perfectly safe. If you Guard or Defend someone, they are immune to area effect attacks just like you.


You have no natural lifespan - you'll just remain in your prime forever until something kills you - and I have good news on that front. Even if apparently killed, as long as your brain remains intact it enters a form of stasis so that cell death doesn't occur. This allows your entire body to regenerate and be restored to life in about a month if sufficient nutrients are available.


Pick one type of damage. You are 100% immune to that damage, and to any secondary effects carried by it.

Enhanced Speed

You move fast. Really really fast. Depending on your level of speed, you may get to act before everyone else in combat, move greater distances and actually get special actions you can take, related to your incredible speed. This is an Energy ability. Any effect that requires you to have "used" Enhanced Speed on a previous turn simply requires that you were not Blocked and either used a Minor or Major Action to move or used a special ability granted by Enhanced Speed.

Level 1

You act before anybody who lacks Enhanced Speed, unless they catch you unaware. Additionally, all of your movement speeds are doubled.
The Sub-Powers are as follows:


You can move from one place to another in an instant, focusing your speed to incredible degrees. Once per turn, you can simply move to a place you can see and could physically reach, as Not an Action.


You move so fast in combat that it appears there are two of you working in tandem. Every turn, you may Focus to keep this active, which effectively results in there being a spare "you" who can either Assist your action or has its own movement and Major Action that can affect unattended objects or other willing subjects, but not you, enemies or attended objects. So they may open doors for you to run through, get your car started for when you leap into the seat and so on, but not grant an extra attack.

Speeding Bullet

Your attacks - even thrown or fired weapons - benefit so much from your incredible speed that few people can possibly avoid them. Every attack you make against someone who lacks Enhanced Speed (including if they are Blocked) is made as though they are unaware - an automatic hit. Characters who are never unaware can defend as normal, however.

Level 2

You act before anybody who lacks Enhanced Speed 2, unless they catch you unaware. Additionally, your movement speeds are tripled - on top of the doubling from level one (total x6).

The Sub-Powers are as follows:

Eye of the Storm

When you attack someone, you surround them all on your own, just utilising motion blur and "mirror images". In any turn after a turn in which you used Enhanced Speed, you can declare two different Major Actions, roll for both of them, then select the one you want to take, discarding the other. You can declare the same action twice, effectively getting to roll twice and pick the better result.

Jet Thruster

Moving in a straight line, you can actually take off and fly. Additionally, you can barrel into or through people, or catch them in the draft behind you and hurl them about. Not only can you fly in straight lines, but everyone in your path must make a Gym or Health Test (Difficult) to avoid getting slammed into and knocked Prone, and everyone else within metres of you equal to your Enhanced Speed rating at any point must make a Basic Gym or Health Test to avoid getting dragged along with you. If you drag people in your up-draft when taking off, this may mean they start falling to the ground on their own turn.

Sonic Boom

You can elect to make a short leap so fast that it creates a massive sonic boom. This is the same as Blink Step, except there is a deafening boom at the point from which you move. All within earshot become Distracted for one turn as a Physical, Air effect, and all within 10 metres must pass a Difficult Health Test or suffer 1 Blunt damage that also shatters glass, dents bricks and plaster, and tears materials.

Level 3

You act before anybody who lacks Enhanced Speed 3, unless they catch you unaware. Additionally, your movement speeds are quadrupled on top of previous multiplications (total x24). This typically means a Minor Action move for you is 240 metres.
The Sub-Powers are as follows:


Having started to move fast, you then do it again - just like going from normal to fast a second time. To use this, you must have been using Enhanced Speed on your previous turn. Once this is active, your movement speed gains a further x10 multiplier, and if you Focus on this, you gain an extra Major Action each turn, effectively upgrading your Minor Action.

Faster Than Physics

At the speeds you move, gravity is optional. You can skim over water, run along walls (or the ceiling), and just run straight up in the air if you want. You can simply move in whichever direction you please.

Illusion Combatant

In combat, there are so many of you moving around (according to people's eyesight, anyway) that people don't know which to attack, or which just hit them. Any turn following a turn in which you used Enhanced Speed, all attacks against you are of Extreme difficulty, and your attacks catch everyone unaware. If you Defend, attacks against you are of Ridiculous difficulty. Against a combatant who is also benefiting from Illusion Combatant, the effects merely cancel out and you can fight each other normally - though in a manner that confuses onlookers.

Level 4

You are faster than time itself, and nobody really understands how that works. You act before anybody who lacks Enhanced Speed 4 unless they catch you unaware. Your movement speed is multiplied by five (for a total of x120). Your running speed is now around 2,160kph
The Sub-Powers are as follows:

Army Of Me

Your speed causes a glitch in reality - there are so many shadow clones of you moving around that reality actually treats them as real just long enough to count. When performing actions that require individual targets, as long as you used Enhanced Speed in the previous turn, you can target up to 10 individuals at once. If using an effect that hits an area rather than one target, you can affect an area ten times as large. When attacking Groups, you simply resolve your attack against the entire Group regardless of size, and can thus quite possibly wipe them all out in one go.

Clock Stopper

Sometimes you can go so fast that, to you, it is as if the world is standing still. With a Major Action, you can halt time, giving yourself a full extra turn to act in which everybody else is completely motionless. You can take actions as normal, but the stress of this speed and concentration deals 1 damage to you, ignoring Resistances and things that reduce damage. You cannot use Clock Stopper within Clock Stopper, nor can you use it with Double-Accelerator. You are allowed to make attacks within this frozen time (all attacks being Trivial), or to charge up a Hyper Attack to unleash on your next turn. The turn after Clock Stopper is used, the stress catches up with you even more than the single damage before, and for the rest of the day your Health suffers a Full Grade Penalty - which can stack if used repeatedly. If this drops you below an F, you lapse into a coma when the effect ends.


You move so fast that the world just gives up trying to track your location, and you can flat-out be where you want to be in an instant. You spend a Major Action, and then you move to wherever it is you want to be in the universe, as long as you could get there given enough time. Restraints, walls and so on can still block your movement, so being locked in a cell renders this useless, but other than that, the sky is the limit - unless you can fly, in which case the sky is not the limit.

Enhanced Strength

You are so incredibly strong that you can break walls by accident if you're not careful. When you mean to break things, people know about it. This is an Energy ability, although most effects it generates are Physical.

Level 1

You are very strong, gaining +2 damage for any attack that lets you use your Gym modifier to damage. For any strength-based Gym tasks (including attacking people), your Gym Grade is treated as B if it would normally be lower. You can lift/drag/push 200kg with little effort, and carry half that amount comfortably.
The Sub-Powers are as follows:

Collateral Damage

When you hit stuff, everything around you tends to shatter and explode. When you're using Gym to attack, objects and materials do not reduce damage from your attacks and do not Resist your attacks. Whenever you hit someone with a Gym-based attack, any unattended objects or scenery within 2m of them are also damaged, whether by shockwaves, hurling the target into walls or whatever. Basically, you tend to make the room explode when you punch people.

Concussive Strikes

When you hit people, it rattles them and scrambles their brains. Any time you use Gym to hit someone, they must attempt a Health Test. If they roll 2 or more Marks, they are fine (other than the basic damage). If they get only 1 Mark, they become Distracted as a Physical effect for one turn. If they don't even roll one Mark, they instead become Confused as a Physical effect (for the usual variable duration). If you Focus, the difficulty is increased by the number of Marks you rolled in excess of the threshold to hit - so if you beat the base Difficulty by 2 Marks, they would need at least four Marks to suffer no additional effect.

Herculean Throwing

You can throw stupidly big and heavy objects, and you can throw them stupid distances. You are even better at lifting than Enhanced Strength normally allows, able to lift twice as much, and carry as much as you can lift for long durations. If you can lift an object, you can throw it, dealing damage as a Massive Object and generally as an area of effect attack that can target entire Groups. You can throw people and objects ten times as far as normal.

Level 2

You are crazy strong, enjoying a minimum effective B+ Grade for strength-based Gym tasks, another +2 damage for Gym-based attacks (total +4 on top of Gym Bonus), and the ability to lift/drag/push 500kg with little effort, and carry half that comfortably.
The Sub-Powers are as follows:

Atlas' Shoulders

Your lifting capabilities have now reached "stupid" levels, and your spine is possibly unbreakable. Not only can you lift and carry one thousand times as much as your Enhanced Strength says you can (or two thousand times as much if you also have Herculean Throwing), you never take damage from falling or being fallen on, and are completely immune to harm or pain from being stretched or compressed. Also you can throw things ten times as far as normal. If you also have Herculean Throwing, they multiply together as normal to make it x100.

Pinball Strikes

When you hit people, they are launched through the air at dangerous speeds. You launch targets 1m per Partial Gym Grade above F (keeping in mind your Enhanced Strength gives you a certain minimum Gym Grade) multiplied by your Enhanced Strength level (so at the bare minimum, 27m for Enhanced 2 with B+ in Gym). If they hit an object, apply the damage against the object as well. If it's enough to break it, they break it and keep going. If not, they take one extra point of Blunt damage and bounce off to continue their movement.

Unstoppable Force

Nothing can stop your movement - once you start going, you just keep powering on through things. You effectively tunnel through walls at your regular speed, smashing through them as you jog. People cannot hinder your movement, either - if they grab you, they get taken for a ride. Even forcefields fail to halt or slow your progress.

Level 3

Your strength is beyond ridiculous. You have a minimum effective Gym Grade of A+ for strength-based tasks, another +3 damage in Gym-based combat (total +7), and the ability to lift/drag/push 1,000kg with little effort, and carry half as much comfortably.
The Sub-Powers are as follows:

Mighty Leaping

You can spring from the ground, taking off like a comet. This leaves a small crater at your take-off point, and with a Minor Action allows you to move 3m per Partial Gym Grade above F (so 36m as a minimum), doubled upon Graduation. Landing leaves a substantially larger crater - a 5m radius, and deals your Bonus Damage (from Gym Grade and Enhanced Strength) to everyone in the area. They can avoid this either by automatically throwing themselves Prone or by succeeding on a Difficult Gym Test.

Pulverising Blows

When you hit objects, they completely shatter to dust and fragments. This includes large walls, vehicles, forcefields, limbs of Abominations and so on. One hit automatically destroys one such object. Creatures that are Massive or larger just lose one limb, taking damage as normal and losing the ability to use that limb. Against things smaller than Massive, it batters them, shattering all armour, clothing and similar.


When you hit things, it creates a shockwave, like an explosion. All of your Gym-based attacks have a 5m radius area of effect (which has no effect on you). The primary target still takes full damage, with everyone else in the area taking half damage (round down). Unattended objects in the area also take the damage. Your regular attacks can simply target entire Groups of up to Size 3 (Size 4 if you have Level 4 Enhanced Strength or Graduate, Size 5 if both apply).

Level 4

Like Cirno, YOU ARE THE STRONGEST. You have an effective Grade of S for all strength-based Gym tasks, your total damage bonus is +10 (on top of the Gym Bonus), and you can lift/drag/push up to 10,000kg with little effort, or carry half as much comfortably.
The Sub-Powers are as follows:

Dinosaur Wrestler

You can grab and grapple anything, ignoring the size restrictions. You really could suplex Godzilla if you wanted to. You should want to.
You ignore the size and weight of anything you wish to lift or tackle, and when you fight larger creatures, you completely ignore the size rules (both good and bad). You even ignore the benefits of the Ironskin Sub-Power of Enhanced Durability.

Earthquake Stomp

With a Major Action, you can stomp the ground so hard that a literal earthquake hits the area. Decide what magnitude you want, from 1 to 6. That hits the area within 100m of you, with the next magnitude down hitting everything from 100-500m away, the one lower hitting the area out to 1km away, and continuing one lower for each additional km until "magnitude zero" is reached. The ground rumbles and potentially cracks, buildings may shudder or collapse, and furniture probably falls over. At a magnitude greater than 1, people need to make Basic Gym Tests not to fall Prone and take one Blunt damage. At a magnitude of 4 or 5, it becomes Difficult. At magnitude 6 it becomes Extreme.

Tempest Roar

With a mighty bellow as a Major Action, you create a massive shockwave in the air that blows things away and damages them. This hits a cone that is 100m long, and is as wide as it is long at any point. Anyone caught in the area must pass an Extreme Health or Gym Test (Ridiculous if you Focus) or be hurled to the end of the area and then an extra distance equal to how far they have already been carried along by it. This deals 1 point of Air damage to all who Pass the Test, and 3 Air/Blunt damage to all who fail, and to all unattended objects.

Entangling Attacks +

When you attack people, you tend to trip them over, bind their arms and weapons and so on. If you hit an opponent with an attack, they must make a Gym Test opposed by your attack roll, or be Distracted as a Physical effect until they spend a Major Action untangling themselves.

Evasive Athletics +

Instead of the Basic difficulty for foes to hit you, you make a Gym Test of your own - it becomes an Opposed Test as you actively leap out of the way.


Using a Major Action, as an Energy effect you can force ghosts, demons and otherworldly beings back into their world. Make a Philosophy and Ethics Test, Opposed by that of all such creatures within five metres (twice that if you Focus). Any that you beat are expelled into their home realm - ejected from anything they might be possessing as well. This also breaks any ongoing mind control effects in the area on a successful Opposed Test. Any banished creature is unable to return for the rest of the Episode.

Explosive Strike

When you punch things, they explode. Or at least, there is a massive shockwave, so something explodes. When you hit someone or something with an unarmed attack, everything within 5 metres, including objects and terrain, is hit for 1 Blunt damage and hurled to the edge of that blast radius, and then an extra distance equal to how far they moved. For instance, if they were 1m from the point of impact, they would travel 4m to the edge, and then another 4m beyond for a total of 8m. This includes the target, who suffers this effect on top of any damage. Simple objects, including those carried or worn by the target, are flat-out destroyed. This is an Energy effect.

Extraordinary Movement

You have a special way of moving that isn't exactly normal. Select one of the following when you gain this ability, with others able to be bought as Sub-Powers:

Floating and Levitation

You can hover in the air. You naturally remain about 30cm off the ground, but you can choose to vary it from "actually on the ground" all the way up to about 5m.


You can actually seep through gaps like a liquid. This one is the most obviously unnatural movement form as you can't explain this shit away. You can slide under doors and down drains, although such things require a full turn per metre of movement (multiplied by Enhanced Speed), and any actual resistance (like trying to slide down someone's throat or the wrong way into a printer) prevents it from working at all.

Leaps and Bounds

You can just jump immense distances. You can leap 1m upwards per Partial Grade above F in Gym, and twice as far across. If you have a run-up, this is multiplied by 3. For instance, with a Gym Grade of C+ you could jump 6m up or 12m across, or 18m up and 36m across with a run-up. A standing jump can be a Minor or Major Action as you see fit, but a running jump requires a Major Action.

Wall Crawling

You can run up walls and do the Spiderman thing, treating any solid surface as the ground. If you become dislodged, you will fall like normal - and in the same direction that everyone else falls. But until then, you can clamber along the ceiling or whatever.

Water Walking

You can move on water as long as you keep actually moving. You can sink if you want to, but you can run or slide across the surface of liquids. This also applies to acid, milk, booze or whatever, not just water. If you Resist Fire, it even includes lava.

Fast Healing +

You heal really fast. Every minute, you regain 1 Hit Point. You also don't physically bleed. This is a Physical effect.

Fearless +

You are immune to Fear of all kinds, pretty much as expected for an ability called Fearless.


You have the ability to fly. If a character just has this base ability with no Sub-Power, they can move the same speed as their normal movement (modified by conditions, Enhanced Speed and so on), but it is hard to manoeuvre. They have to make a Gym or Piloting Test for most forms of flight: Basic to go around a corner without crashing, Difficult to avoid obstacles like people in a corridor, and Extreme to suddenly change into reverse. This is an Energy power.
There are two Sub-Powers:

Fast Flight

Your Flight Speed is multiplied by 1.5 if a First year, x2 if a Second Year, x3 for a Third year, or x5 for a Fourth Year or beyond. Additionally, attacking you is always one degree harder when you are flying (Trivial becomes Basic becomes Difficult becomes Extreme becomes Ridiculous as the upper limit).

Graceful Flight

Forget a dime, you can turn on a molecule. Weaving through obstacles is no big thing, and you don't need to make Tests to manoeuvre. You can make Gym or Piloting Tests to oppose the attack rolls of enemies in combat, as though you had Evasive Athletics.

Friendship Punch!

By Focusing, you can make an attack carry a special wave of power and love and friendship, straight from the heart. If that attack reduces the target to zero Hit Points, then when they wake up, they are your friend, and see things from your point of view… for the rest of the Episode. For particularly long episodes, it's for the rest of the day. Even afterwards, they still have some positive feelings about you, and it is enough to negate any social penalties you have with them from reputations or being annoying. This only works on humans.

Thankfully, Abominations have never been found with this power. This is a Mental effect and has a number of Sub-Powers:

Chains of the Heart

You have a horrifying form of mind control that changes a person's allegiance, even changing their outlook on life. To them, you and happiness are the same thing, and you are the only one that can make them smile. Using this requires physical contact, typically a jab to the heart, gripping the head, touching the forehead, butting heads or holding them close to you. As such, they must already be Immobile. They are allowed one chance to resist - an Extreme Philosophy and Ethics Test - and if they pass, they are unaffected and bolstered, and you cannot use this on them again for the rest of the Episode. If they fail, you become their Beloved for the rest of the Episode, and you can make any request of them and they will go along with it, and at any time you can use a Minor Action to simply cause them a point of Mental damage.

Friendship BEEEAM!

This becomes an attack in its own right: with a Major Action, you utilise this Energy beam, making a ranged attack out to 50m/100m. If it hits, it deals Mental damage equal to your Year Level (5 for Graduates), plus any marks in excess of the threshold to hit, and if that reduces them to 0 HP, they are affected by Friendship Punch! as normal.

Implant Obsession

When used in this manner, it does not make the target your friend. Instead, it takes an idea or hobby and they wake up with that as an obsession. This can't be a set of instructions such as "work for me", but will mostly serve to keep them occupied: the obsession becomes a Dedicated Project for them, and they cannot Focus until they work the obsession out of their system. They can do this by dedicating work to this project - every consecutive hour, roll 1d6 and add +1 for every hour of work, and on a 7+ they are free. Doing something else resets this. However, every day upon waking up, they may attempt a Hard Philosophy and Ethics Test to be free of it.

Lingering Friendship

When you defeat someone with this, the effects last forever (or until you betray their implanted friendship).

Thorns of Betrayal

You can Focus to add this Mental effect to any attack: if it deals any damage at all, the (mental) seed is planted. Before the end of the Episode, you can declare that it has sprouted. On the next turn, you declare the target's actions. After that, the effect has ended but the damage is done.

Heightened Senses +

Your senses are all exceptionally good. You have an effective minimum Grade of A to track things by smell, can always smell and taste poisons, can see in the dark and even have echolocation. You need not Focus to negate the first three dice of range penalties, and you are never caught by surprise when combat starts. If you have Forensics as your Elective Subject, you gain a Partial Grade Boost to it. You also roll an extra die to snap out of confusion, with any roll of 6 being good enough.

Hyper Attack

You can unleash a super-duper beam attack which basically annihilates everything, as an Energy power. This first requires both a Major Action and a Minor Action, just to charge up. On your next turn, you can unleash it, again spending both Major and Minor Actions. This beam travels out as a ray of energy, 5m in radius and 100m long, and affects everything in the area - roll your attack Test once, applying it against all targets. The damage is a flat 10 points of any one type you choose (plus marks in excess of the basic threshold to hit), chosen when gaining this power. In most cases this is an Energy Beam, so can use Science to attack. A Sub-Power must be chosen for this:

Apocalypse Beam

The attack is aimed at just a single target, but has a massive area of effect, and causes a lot of collateral damage. The beam automatically destroys unattended objects and terrain, and if it hits something one or more sizes bigger than you, the target still takes normal damage as though they weren't bigger. When it hits, there is an explosion out to a 50m radius. Everything in that area (other than the target hit by the beam) takes full damage as normal, or 5 if they pass a Difficult Gym Test and throw themselves Prone. This leaves a crater. If it hits part of a Group of any Size, the entire Group is struck. Any target hit must pass an Extreme Gym Test to avoid having all of their carried and worn items hit for 10 damage as well.

Gamma Ray

This beam excels at killing the living while leaving other stuff unharmed, but also leaves deadly radiation behind. It has to deal Poison damage, and anyone hit is Burning as a Poison, Energy effect until the radiation is "cleaned" off via chemical treatment. The area is left irradiated for a week, causing the same Burning condition to anyone who wanders through the area.


This attack is a Mental effect, damaging only minds and souls. It leaves victims as drooling idiots and zombies. The damage is Mental, and anyone hit becomes Confused. If it reduces them to zero Hit Points, they are rendered Immobile and incapable of thought for the rest of the Episode, perfect for possession and mind control. During this time, they are unable to resist Mental effects.

Mining Beam

This energy ray can shoot a hole straight through things. It carves through any kind of objects or terrain, affects Groups twice as large as it normally could, and is never Resisted, nor is the damage ever reduced by anything. The beam is also increased to 1km in length.

Super Rampage

This special Energy attack empowers a Group - whether willing (in which case it is automatic) or not (in which case a Difficult Language Studies Test is required) - and causes them to lash out at your enemies. The Group makes a Stampede attack as normal, except it deals damage as the Hyper Attack. If you continue to focus every turn, spending both actions each time, the group will continue to move and Stampede at the increased rate of damage each turn.

Ultimate Strike

You unleash a physical strike which does cataclysmic damage to the target, obliterating them and their barriers all at once. This must be charged up as normal, but only requires the Major Action be spent to unleash it, allowing you to use your Minor Action to move or whatever. This is a close combat attack - a Physical effect that benefits from your Gym Grade and any Enhanced Strength. It ignores armour, Auras, shields and forcefields, but not "innate" damage resistance.

Innate Authority +

You just have authority. You are given special rights (and probably responsibilities) based on the nature of the authority, and this is recognised by the staff. Broadly speaking, it is recognised by students as well, assuming they know who you are and that you were given the authority. This authority is basically legally recognised, so if you're given the Innate Authority to steal people's footwear, you can just do that, and if someone punches you for it, they're the one in trouble. This provides an effective Grade Boost to Language Studies when bossing people around without using powers, providing you are bossing them around in a manner relevant to your authority.

Just According to Keikaku +

Translator Note: Keikaku means plan

When people plot against you and even do completely unexpected things, it was all actually part of your plan. You planned for things people were going to do before they even thought of doing it. If you "plot ahead" for an hour as a Dedicated Project, then you can benefit from this later on in the Episode, in the next fight in which you take part. Once during that fight, you can declare that you had planned for whatever situation you happen to be in. This lets you suddenly do something along the following lines:

  • Physically change the battlefield, such as with a collapsed wall, pit trap or cave in, or being on fire
  • Make a foe Distracted as a Physical effect until either you or they leave the area
  • Make a foe Confused as a Mental effect for a single turn
  • Cause an explosion (using Science or Tech to make an attack, Base Damage 4, Fire and Blunt damage)
  • Grant yourself a breather, just enough time to make a getaway attempt.

Depending on the effects, this may require some amount of your Dedicated Project time be spent in the area or otherwise free to sabotage things. Others merely require thinking about things.

Magic Spells +

You have the ability to learn and cast magical spells. These are always carefully-researched rituals - combat spells don't really exist. A magic spell has to be researched ahead of time, generally requiring the restricted section of the library (or the permission of the Occult or Book Club). It is a day-long Dedicated Project to research and prepare a spell, and if it is not cast before the character ceases concentrating on that task, it is forgotten and research must start again.

Casting the spell requires an uninterrupted ritual with one caster (someone who has the Magic Spells Power) and any number of other participants. The Principal should set a total amount of marks required to successfully cast, with three being standard for a basic effect that merely causes trouble, makes life convenient for you or solves a problem that isn't the focus of an entire Episode. Causing or Solving Episode-centric problems could require as many as ten marks. Every hour, each participant attempts a Difficult History Test, and success constitutes a mark towards the total needed, until they either give up, are interrupted, or meet the minimum needed.

After that, the spell goes off. The parameters of the spell must be defined before research begins - for example "We will research a spell that will (Summon a tornado) that will (tear through the sports field) and (disrupt the game for an hour)" or "We will research a spell that will (Curse the headmaster), causing him to (become old and enfeebled) until he (allows wigwams in the classrooms)".

To affect someone with magic requires a History Test, Opposed by the subject's Health (for Physical effects) or Philosophy and Ethics (for Mental effects). Generally, the effects should be temporary yet spectacular, and not the kind of things covered by regular use of existing Powers.

Monstrous Regeneration

You regain a hit point every round. Furthermore, select one specific damage type - you can never Resist or be Immune to this chosen damage type. Damage from all other sources are marked down separately, then on your turn you can attempt a Health Test to remove all of this damage by actively trying to heal with a Major Action: 1-3 damage: Basic. 4-10 damage: Difficult. 11-15 damage: Extreme. More than 15 damage: Ridiculous. If you fail, the damage is converted to normal damage. You can instantly reattach limbs, or regrow missing ones in just 1d6 minutes. Finally, your brain simply goes dormant if deprived of vital stuff, so decapitation is no real threat in itself, you just wait 1d6 days or an Episode to regrow a whole body. The brain has to actually be crushed, burned or whatever in order for you to die.

Piercing Attack

If gained for a specific attack or weapon, it applies only to that. If you gain this ability in general, it applies to all Jabbing attacks you make. These attacks ignore shields, armour and forcefields - only innate damage resistance can apply. The target must also pass a Difficult Health Test or fall Prone from the shock of the injury. If you Focus, the attacks pass straight through foes (but not in a harmless way), allowing you to line attacks up against multiple foes at once. You still need to be able to reach that far.

Pressure Point Attack

By poking or squeezing or twisting the pressure points of foes, you can cause all sorts of effects. The effects are always Physical except for Chakra Block and Chakra Poison, which are Energy effects. You can do any of the following to people:


If you grab hold of an opponent, they must pass a Basic Health Test or suffer an affliction. If you maintain the hold for a whole turn, they must then make a Difficult Test. If the hold is maintained beyond that, they must pass an Extreme Test every turn until they escape or fail. The Test can be Distraction for one minute, Confusion for the usual duration, Prone until they stand, Burning for the variable duration that Confusion usually lasts, or Immobile for one turn - if you keep them Immobile for three turns, you may render them unconscious for a minute. If you opt for Distraction and reapply it for two further turns in a row (for a total of three), you can break a limb and keep the condition in effect until properly recovered (which is usually "until they get access to the medical facilities").

Chakra Block

You seal someone's energy off with a touch - you just need to hit someone with an unarmed attack. It deals no damage, but they become Blocked.

Chakra Poison

You poison the energy of a target, slowly killing them from within. You need to hit someone with an unarmed attack. If it succeeds, it deals no damage, but they lose all healing and regenerative abilities until cured, and every day they suffer 1 point of Poison damage. Every morning, they can attempt an Extreme Philosophy and Ethics Test to end the effects, or they can be cured with an Extreme Health Test by someone applying acupuncture, chi healing or similar "medicine".

Happy Jab

You poke someone in the spine in just the right way to make them happy and energetic. This removes all Mental afflictions and changes their mood to happy, no matter what it used to be. They also regain one hit point. You can also use this to undo the effects of any other Pressure Point attack.

Puppet Squeeze

As long as you grip the nerve cluster at the back of the head - requiring you to grab them first - the target is your puppet. A marionette type, not a hand puppet. Grabbing them in this way requires an Extreme Test unless they aren't expecting it. Once you succeed, you can control them for as long as you maintain the grip - you can make them walk and talk, although forcing them to fight is really hard, making every action Extreme difficulty.

Psionic Defence

You have psychic defence powers, allowing you to protect yourself… WITH THE POWER OF YOUR MIND. As long as you are able to use your powers, you can attack with them to negate enemy attacks. Their attack becomes an Opposed Test, with you rolling whatever you would normally roll when attacking with your power. This is an Energy effect.

Psionic Majesty

This is the psychic power of telepathy - from basic thought reading and communication all the way up to actual mind control, of a kind. Unless specified in the description for a given power, any use of Majesty requires a Major Action. Maintaining Majesty in the short-term requires full concentration - spending a Minor Action each turn, and ending if you are Distracted, Afraid or Confused. Continuing beyond a single scene becomes an actual Dedicated Project. Unless specified otherwise, all effects are Mental.

Level 1

You have the power to communicate telepathically with anyone you can see. You can read their surface thoughts and send telepathic messages to them. If they are unwilling, it requires an Opposed Test - your Language Studies against their Philosophy and Ethics. You can also form a link with someone, allowing you to continue communicating even after they leave your sight, as long as you continue to concentrate.
The Sub-Powers are as follows:


You talk about something and spend a Major Action. The target then has your opinion of the subject in their head - they must pass a Hard Philosophy and Ethics Test or agree with you on the matter. This can be used to suggest people do things ("I think it'd be great if you bought me a juice"), but the effects wear off after ten minutes, unless you reinforce it close to when that time runs out - spending the action and allowing another Test to resist.

Cause Fear

You spend a Major Action, and then the target becomes Afraid of you until you're no longer in the same area.

Foggy Mind

With a Minor Action, you can get into someone's head, just enough to cause them to become Distracted until your next turn.

Level 2

Your basic telepathy now extends out to 500 metres even if you can't see people - thankfully you can choose to tune people out. You are also instantly aware of any presence in the area, and can also know someone's fears, desires and most important people just by looking at them. There are also several Sub-Powers available:

Influential Trance

With a Major Action, you can unleash a wave of hypnotic power across a group of people within 5m of you. They all have to make a Hard Philosophy and Ethics Test, with failure resulting in them becoming Distracted for two turns, and susceptible to your suggestions, as though anything you said in this time was augmented with Agreement (the level 1 Sub-Power).

Mind Blast

With a Major Action, you unleash a blast of raw mental power that overcomes your lessers (everyone). Nominate up to one target per Year Level (5 for Abominations and Graduates) that you can see, even if you can only see them through the eyes of someone else. They must make a Hard Philosophy and Ethics Test or become Confused. If you Focus, failure also results in 4 points of Mental damage.

Mind Link

You form a link with a target whose surface thoughts you can read - if they resist, they make a Philosophy and Ethics Test opposed by your Language Studies. If you succeed, then until either of you becomes Blocked or Distracted, you can see through their eyes, hear through their ears, and innately understand their opinions and instincts about everything.

Level 3

Your telepathy now extends to a kilometre, and you can also gather people's intentions, knowing the very next action they intend on taking based on the assumption that nothing unexpected happens before then. Additionally, you are a natural lie detector - when you concentrate on someone speaking to you, you know if they are lying, though not the specifics of the lie. The Sub-Powers are as follows:


This power gradually batters someone's mind until they realise they have to be your friend, whether they like it or not. You make an attack as a Major Action, using your Language Studies to hit them. If you do succeed, they have to make a Hard Philosophy and Ethics Test (Extreme if you Focus), otherwise a little part of their brain realises you are good friends. From this point on, any time you concentrate on them, they remember this and treat you as their friend until you cease concentrating.


This power requires both a Minor and Major Action to utilise, and the target must already be Distracted or Confused. You make a Language Studies Test, and they make a Philosophy and Ethics Test. If you win, then you control their actions for the next minute, though you can make no actions of your own, and must maintain unbroken concentration.

Kneel Before Me!

You can overwhelm people and assert your dominance all the time. With a Major Action, you force a target to make a Standard Philosophy and Ethics Test (Hard if you Focus). If they fail, they are rendered Immobile until the end of your next turn. Alternatively, you can make it Hard without Focusing, but if they fail they are merely Prone.

Level 4

You can establish basic (willing) telepathic communication with someone no matter where they are in the world, as long as you've linked with them before. The Sub-Powers are as follows:

Force Multiplier

You can disperse your personality throughout a crowd (or perhaps impose it upon them), not losing your sense of self but temporarily turning them into a basic carrier of your personality so they can carry out your will. With a Major Action, you unleash a wave of force around you, and make a Language Studies Test. You can affect a number of people to constitute a Group with a Size equal to the number of Marks rolled, however anyone present who is important enough to be named (ie you use the power in the sport field, but another Player Character and a Rival are both there) can exclude themselves by beating your roll with a Philosophy and Ethics Test. The upper limit is "everyone within your line of sight, assuming you rotated 360 degrees to see them all and can't see through walls but can see in the dark". After this, the Group acts not as a Fanbase, but as a copy of you, all as one entity (and thus not all wandering off to perform different tasks for you). However, this mob will act with its own abilities as a mob, and not channel your own powers - essentially they are best used to brute-force regular tasks or stampede over people.

Mental Journey

This is the power of mental healing. You contact the mind of a willing target - or an unwilling target who is Distracted or Confused - and then concentrate, entering their mind. At this point, you have access to all of their thoughts and memories, even those that are locked away from themselves. You can learn every secret they have, dig through their dreams, and also remove any Mental effects that have been placed there. You can even undo trauma and heal the mentally ill by entering their mind, though it can be a dangerous and scary place.

Here or There

You can either draw people to a place or repel them from the place. The choice is yours when using the power, although the place in question is essentially "where you are standing", meaning in one case you will soon have a crowd around you. With a Major Action, roll a Language Studies Test. If you roll one Mark, you can forbid everyone from walking within 2 metres of the location or draw in everyone who is already within a 20 metre radius. For every additional Mark, you may double the amount (4, 8, 16m and so on or 400, 800, 1600m respectively). Anyone important enough to be a named character can attempt to resist it - they need to roll more Marks on a Philosophy and Ethics Test. Other than that, it just works, lasting for "about an hour" (typically the scene and then a bit more, or a bit before the scene starts and then the entirety of that, when making preparations ahead of time).

Psionic Subjugation

This psychic art bestows incredible physical powers. What kind of powers, you ask? How about flight, does that do anything for you? That's levitation, Holmes. How about the power to kill a yak, from five hundred yards away… WITH MIND BULLETS! That's telekinesis, Kyle! How about the power… to move you? Unless specified for a given Sub-Power, any use of Subjugation is a Major Action and a Physical effect, and maintaining it requires concentration. You can't be Distracted, Afraid or Confused, and must spend a Minor Action each turn.

Level 1

You can telekinetically handle things that you can see. It's kind of clumsy - the most complex actions it can do would be lifting things, shoving people or pulling levers, but not typing or strangling people. Even at this level, you can handle about 100kg of weight. The better abilities are Sub-Powers:

Kinetic Strike

You can focus your Telekinetic might against small points, creating massive force. Basically, you can make attacks with your mind, out to a range of 30m, using Science for Bonus Damage and for attacking, and with a Base Damage of 1 Jabbing or Blunt damage. These attacks knock foes around, launching them 3m per point of unresisted damage.


You can handle multiple objects at a time with your telekinesis, splitting the weight up amongst them.

Strong Kinesis 1

Your Telekinesis benefits from Enhanced Strength 1, so it can move things up to 200kg when just doing a short shove, push or lift for one turn rather than carrying them for the long-term. It also has Hurculean Throwing. As usual for Enhanced Strength, your telekinetic attacks deal +1 damage.

Level 2

Your telekinesis is both stronger and better controlled. You can handle up to 200kg of weight, and it can be used to choke someone, type (at average speed), or poke someone in the eye. It can't yet be used to pick a lock or activate pressure points. The Sub-Powers are as follows:

Advanced Complexity

Your complexity is really good - you can now pick locks, activate pressure points (if you have that ability), or write with a pen. You still can't pluck individual hairs, and performing surgery is not recommended.

Energy Kinesis

You can actually move energy - forcing electricity away from you or from power sockets into people, or moving heat around the room as necessary. You can even clear radiation out of an area. Generally, this lets you ignore energy-based hazards, or cause said hazards if there is a source nearby, or use those sources to make attacks as though with Kinetic Strike, but with the relevant damage type for the energy being used.

Strong Kinesis 2

Your telekinesis benefits from Enhanced Strength 2 with the Atlas' Shoulders Sub-Power, so you can carry 250,000kg or temporarily left 500,000kg, and telekinetic attacks deal +2 damage.

Level 3

Your telekinesis is stronger still, with a weight limit of 400kg. You can even use your mind to manipulate your body in ways that you couldn't normally move through dexterity alone, with incredibly precise control over your own body - you never suffer from complications with physical actions, your psychic abilities adjusting your movement just enough to not embarrass yourself. You can still fail an action, it just doesn't look so bad and you can't do worse than "a regular failure to achieve the task".

Inner Kinesis

Your telekinetic control of your own body improves to a near-perfect level, allowing you to move individual muscles and tendons and finely adjust your heart rate, breathing, balance and so on. You may use your Psychic Pool in place of any physical action, even resisting things. For the purpose of things that depend specifically on a grade level, work out what grade would be needed to have the current dice pool - at the full 10 dice it is treated as an A, for instance. Psychic Pool is only reduced any time it is rolled for this ability.

Kinetic Wall

You can set up telekinetic barriers that are stronger than steel. The walls can be up to 100m in height and length, but are just one micron thick. They nonetheless have 20 HP and reduce all damage suffered by 5 points. They only last for one minute unless you concentrate fully on keeping them up - in which case their HP fully refreshes every turn as well.

Strong Kinesis 3

Your telekinetic power benefits from Enhanced Strength 3 with the Shockwaves Sub-Power. This allows it to carry 500kg (or 500,000kg if you also have Strong Kinesis 2), and quickly lift 1,000kg (or 1 million if you have Strong Kinesis 2). You also deal +3 damage with telekinetic attacks.

Level 4

Your telekinesis is now THE STRONGEST, with a limit of 1,000kg of weight and telekinetic attacks benefiting from Explosive Strike.

Strong Kinesis 4

Your Telekinetic power benefits from Enhanced Strength 4, so it can carry 5,000kg (or 5 million if you have Strong Kinesis 2), and quickly lift ten times that much. Telekinetic attacks also do +4 damage.

Subjugation of Machinery

You can directly control machinery and electronics via careful manipulation of the moving parts, electrical charges and so on. You make a single roll to seize control the first time, and after that, as long as you concentrate you can control or pilot the device. A single mark is needed to control something laptop-sized or smaller. Two marks are needed for things between "desktop computer" and "motorcycle". Three marks are needed for things bigger than that but smaller than a passenger aircraft, and four marks are needed for things bigger than that. While controlling a device in this manner, you may use any sub-systems it has available (so while regular Subjugation of enough strength could lift and carry a plane, this actually pilots it and lets you also adjust the landing gear, autopilot, air-conditioning and so on), and you may use your Psychic dice pool (without reducing it after rolling) in place of any other tests needed to use the device.

Telekinetic Flight

Although there's nothing stopping you from lifting yourself anyway, this gives you proper Flight, with both Sub-Powers. That still counts across the weight limits (and object limits) of your Telekinesis and requires concentration.

Pummelling Attack

If this is granted to a specific weapon or power, it only applies to that. If you gain this ability in general, it applies to all Blunt attacks you make, causing the target to become Distracted as a Physical, Blunt effect. It also weakens their defences, negating all of their damage Resistance. All of these effects last until the end of your next turn. If you Focus, then instead of Distracted, the target is Confused and unaware of any attacks until the end of your next turn.


Every minute, you regain one hit point. Furthermore, minor wounds close up quickly and you can reattach limbs with one minute of holding them in place, or regrow lost limbs on your own in an hour. Your brain still needs a supply of oxygen and similar stuff, so decapitation can still kill you.

Relentless +

This works just like the Trait with the same name: you don't suffer penalties from sadness and so on, and instead take those things as a Bonus. You also gain one extra Hit Point, just like the trait grants.


Select one damage type. All attacks of that type deal half as much damage, rounding down, against you. Additionally, you are unaffected by regular environmental irritations related to it - such as hot weather or walking over coals for Fire, drowning or being blinded by splashes for Water, small cuts and scrapes for Sharp, and so on. If you ever need to roll a Test specifically to resist that element or damage type, the test is never harder than Standard. If you Focus your resistance, it is boosted until your next turn.

Boosted Resistance

Whether gained as an innate ability or by Focusing on the resistance, a Boosted Resistance means that damage type never deals more than 1 damage to you.


This covers all major projects of the SCIENCE! Club. To conduct a major project, you must put forward the basic idea of what you want to achieve, with some vague ideas on how, such as "I wish to (Blow up the moon) by (feeding multiple large energy reactors into a laser with seven magnifying glasses)." You decide this at the beginning of an Episode, and then it becomes a Dedicated Project until abandoned or complete. A time frame is then decided: after each Episode, roll 1d6, plus the number of Episodes you've been working on it (including that one). If the result is 7 or more, you finish at the end of that Episode, and the beginning of the next Episode can involve the deployment of the SCIENCE! idea. Roll a Hard Science Test. Whether you succeed or fail, something important and plot-guiding always happens. Afterwards, it is discarded and people move on, though if it was successful, it may be brought out once more in future to specifically solve a problem, to remind people you have continuity. So your space laser could be used when an Abomination attacks, to shoot a hole straight through it, negating all of its defences for the fight, but then the laser is gone and everyone is more interested in some other new thing. If the project is abandoned and re-started, all work starts from the beginning - you don't keep the old bonus for Episodes. If your SCIENCE! is used to attack somebody in some way (even indirectly), attacking them is an Opposed Test of Science against either Gym, Health or Philosophy and Ethics.

Shredding Attack

If this is granted to a specific weapon or power, it only applies to that. If you gain this ability in general, it applies to all Sharp attacks you make. They not only damage the target, but also deals equal damage to their armour, clothing and forcefields. They also cause the Burning condition to anyone who can bleed, as a Physical, Sharp effect. At the start of every turn, they can attempt a Standard Health Test. If they succeed, the bleeding stops and the condition ends before the damage would occur for that turn. If you Focus, it also negates any Defensive Aura abilities they have, until the end of your next turn, and the Health Test becomes Hard.

Size Alteration

You have the ability, as a Physical effect, to change your size with an action. With a Major Action, you can change your size anywhere from Big to Small. With a Minor Action, you can just revert to your own normal size.

Sneak Attack +

You really hurt people when they don't expect it. Whenever you hit a target who is unaware (or is treated as being unaware, such as being Prone), you may select one of the following effects to apply against them:

  • Deal an extra point of damage (Fourth Year Students and Graduates: 2 extra damage)
  • They become Distracted for one turn
  • Cause a Grade Penalty to one Grade of your choice until all damage is healed

You need to be able to reach weak points for this to work.

Spirit Sight

You are just able to see into the spirit world, and likewise see anything in there. You can also see the spirits of things in this world, so you can see invisible creatures (but not invisible soulless robots), pure Energy effects and so on. This is an Energy effect, that can be activated or deactivated with a Minor Action. With a Major Action, you can focus hard enough to really tune in for one turn, engaging all of your senses, not just sight.


You have a number of special teamwork abilities - skills that you can use to help people because you belong in an anime that espouses the importance of teamwork, friendship and working together to gang up on people and overcome them through a numbers advantage.

Ally Launch

You can throw teammates into the air, improving their movement speed and temporarily letting them fly. With a Minor Action, you make a Standard Gym Test, and if successful you hurl an ally like a thrown weapon, providing they're the same size as you or smaller. Any movement they spend on their next turn can be added to this throwing distance, so if you throw them upwards they can keep moving up as though they had the ability to fly. Should this movement end with them attacking, they gain a Partial Grade Boost to do so.

Cheap Shot

You can provide immoral support for your friends. If an enemy is close enough for you to attack and chooses to attack one of your allies, you can attack them the moment they turn their back on you. This is an Unexpected attack that automatically hits for one point of damage (although this can be increased by things that simply increase your damage). Do not apply anything that involves you rolling dice, just automatically apply this little bit of damage and let them continue their turn (if the damage wasn't enough to drop them).


When both you and an ally wish to do the same thing to the same person, you can work together for it - use the slower initiative for this, however you are both treated as Assisting one another, gaining a Partial Grade Boost each.


You can distract foes at the worst of times (for them). When Assisting someone on an attack, the target has to beat your roll (whichever Subject you used) with an Opposed Philosophy and Ethics Test. If they fail, they are treated as unaware of the Assisted attack, and are Distracted until your next turn.


Whenever an adjacent enemy is knocked down or stunned, you are quick to put the boot in. If an enemy is close enough for you to hit with a melee attack without moving, and they become Prone or Immobile, you may instantly stomp them, dealing 1 point of damage. This does not count them falling over because of your own attacks.

Incessant Cheering

If you just generally cheer and praise your team, your allies perform better in all that they do. You have to spend a Major Action doing this, and you then roll a Language Studies Test. Whatever your Test result is, all enemies who can see and hear you are allowed to use that for any rolls they are required to make until your next turn. They cannot use this for their own Incessant Cheering to create a chain of everyone using the same result for all eternity.

Team Talk

You can prevent your friends from feeling bad about failure - or can remove the bitter from a bitter-sweet victory. After any incident, you can make a Standard Language Studies Test to help everyone feel okay, removing any bad feelings about the results or their actions taken.


You have a dangerous venom available to use, either injected via your natural weapons or spat onto weapons or into wounds. At any rate, anyone who is hit by the toxin must pass an Extreme Health Test. If they fail, they begin Burning, as a Poison effect. They can attempt a Hard Health Test to end the effect at the end of each turn.


This is the Iconic ability of the Maiden Knight. It cannot be gained normally, and its effects are described under the Maiden Knight entry.

There are several Sub-Powers that affect transformations:

Dazzling Transformation

Your transformation becomes hypnotic, sickening or overwhelming with a light display or something similar. When you Transform, you can make a Health Test. If you meet a Standard difficulty, all First Year students and civilians in the area become Distracted for one turn as a Mental effect. If you meet a Hard difficulty, all students of all year levels are affected as well. If you meet an Extreme difficulty, then even graduates and Abominations are affected. If you have been working directly alongside someone for more than one Episode or a training montage, they are not affected by this.

Double Transformation

You have a second transformation available, which can only be performed once you are already transformed. This unlocks a third form for you, with more offensive power, but actually weaker defensively. You lose all Bonus Hit Points (as though through damage), as well as any Resistances and Defensive Auras, similarly you no longer reduce incoming damage. Your costume can no longer be damaged or destroyed - as though it is painted onto a 3D model.

You can Focus to remove a Status Affliction of any kind, each turn. Whenever you attack, it is with a Grade of S for the attack roll, and all of your attacks are made as though you were one size bigger than you really are. They also cannot be Resisted in any way. You can also never be Blocked in this state.

Transforming to or from this is Not an Action, however the power has a limited duration: at the end of every turn (except for the turn in which you double-transform), roll 1d6. On a 1, the power ends. On any turn you may Focus to allow you to roll two dice - they both have to come up 1 in order for the double-transformation to end. When Double-Transformation ends, so does the regular one.

Instant Transformation

Transforming is no longer a lengthy process, it just happens instantly. It changes from a Major Action to Not an Action with a sudden flash of light, if that.

Lasting Transformation

You remain transformed for a full hour at a time, or until knocked out or you choose to deactivate it. Chances are you spend most of your time transformed in day-to-day life, for convenience.

Ultimate Monstrous Form

You have the ability to burst out into an especially monstrous form, much like a transformation… except very not. It requires a full turn to do this, and you always end up 10-50 metres tall, which probably changes your size. Typically it results in a monstrous appearance - everyone who fails a Hard Philosophy and Ethics Test is Afraid of you unless they're used to you doing this. You gain an effective Gym Grade of A+ (unless it's already S) for strength-based tasks, 10 bonus Hit Points (which, like Transformation, are lost before normal ones), and a special stomp attack: this is a 3m radius blast, and anyone hit is knocked Prone on top of the usual effects. Finally, any time you take damage, you stop being affected by Immobile, Distracted, Afraid or Confused as anger overrides everything.

Thanks to your size, you can treat entire buildings as single objects to be targeted and destroyed (10 HP, reduces damage by 5).

This power is very occasionally gained by some powerful Maiden Knights, but usually is temporarily bestowed upon people as a result of things like Magic Spells and SCIENCE!


Your shadow is too real for other people. Or maybe not real enough. You can move it about independently from your own actions, however it is still attached to you (being an actual piece of you), and if it reaches someone, you can direct it to grab them with a Major Action: you make a Health Test, the target makes a Gym Test. If you beat their roll, they are grabbed and pulled in, sucked into the void. While trapped there, they take a point of damage each round, which ignores Resistances and similar defences. All they can do is try to claw their way out, with a Major Action each turn, which requires an Extreme Gym Test. If they succeed, they burst out of it, dealing 3 Sharp damage to you in the process. The victim is ejected harmlessly if you become Distracted or Confused, or Focus on something, lose your shadow (such as being in a completely dark room) or try to swallow something else. This is an Energy effect.

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