Bakuhatsu Traits

Here are the Traits available for characters in Bakuhatsu Gakuen.

Any Main Character should have between one and seven points worth of Negative Traits. They may also (and should) have an equal number of points worth of Positive Traits. Supporting Cast should only have however many Traits are needed to define them as who they are - just one or two so people can remember them as "That Glasses Girl" or whatever.

Positive Traits

One Point Traits


You're generally happy and cheerful. This is rarely annoying, it's more contagious and people just like being around you. Making friends in non-hostile situations is Trivial, and you gain a Bonus die to resist being sad.


You know a guy who knows a guy who knows several guys… you can sometimes get useful information or maybe favours, and gain a Bonus die to get some kind of deal or leeway with authority - but you'll be expected to come through on your side of the bargain later.


You're awesome at something. Select a sub-category of one Subject (like Gym: Jumping). You get three Bonus dice for that specific task. People notice that you shine at that thing. This should not be for things like "Gym: Attacking" or "Philosophy and Ethics: Resisting Mental Influence"; it should specifically be for a largely non-combat task, one that you could very well be tested on in classes.

Good Reputation

For one reason or another, you have a good reputation - possibly deserved. People who know of you respect you for this, and you get a Bonus die to interact verbally with them.

Good Student 1

You do pretty well in class, behaving and completing work. The teachers generally like you, or hate you less than they hate the others, and you rarely get in trouble as a result of things in class. For the purposes of assignments and quiz scores, any of your Grades that are worse than a B are raised to B. This does not affect Tests you are required to make, however.

Innocent (Good)

You are just innocent and good-natured. You are almost never to blame, no matter what it looks like, and people assume the best of your intentions, because you do generally intend the best. This is different from the negative Innocent trait, but you can have both if you want. You get three Bonus dice to convince people you are not to blame for any given thing.

Laugh Inducer

Maybe you tell funny jokes. Maybe people laugh at your crazy antics or clumsiness. These things make you popular, especially in dark times when they need a laugh. When you're actively cheering people up, sadness doesn't penalise them.

Quick Learner

You learn stuff quickly. You don't have to cram for tests, and needn't spend much time doing study and revision. This generally means you have more free time, and get two Bonus dice on any written exam that utilises stuff you've been taught.


It's hard to make you back down, and that's often a good thing. Cowing or bulldozing you is difficult - your roll an extra two dice to resist.

Two Point Traits


You look very attractive, and people notice your appearance. You are popular at the formal, Valentine's Day and so on. You effectively have a Health/Gym Grade of A for the purposes of looking nice, and on any given day you will probably find 1d6 love letters.

Friend of Pain

Either you have a crazy bloodlust where injuries just make you fight better, or you actively enjoy pain. Either way, you never suffer penalties from being hurt or in pain, and ignore afflictions based entirely on pain. You also have two extra hit points.


You move with such grace and perfection that you never fall over, and can look stylish and dignified doing anything. People tend to be mesmerised by your movements, and you are certainly able to "steal the show" by showing up at events. Don't take this and also Clumsy.

Looking Out For You

There is someone who watches out for you, probably a stronger lover or sempai. They will usually come to your rescue, even if they scold you later.


Good things tend to happen around you, and people often ask for a lock of your hair before exams or whatever. Random bad crap is never allocated to you, and people attacking random targets will never attack you.


You fill some special niche on the cute spectrum that is highly appealing to some people - you wear glasses, have an identical twin, are a pretty-boy, wear Absolute Zone leggings, or whatever. You have a Fanbase rating of 1 (or an existing Fanbase increases by 1), and people who are particularly into your Moe feature automatically like you. In combat, they can treat you as their Idol, gaining the benefits for trying to protect or assist you.

Special Rank

You flat-out have some position of good rank, such as Title in a Club, Hall Monitor (and if you do well at this, a member of the Discipline Committee) or similar. Alternatively, you're a teacher's assistant or kohai of an important member of the Student Council. Eventually this can equate to actually being a member of the Student Council, but isn't just an automatic thing if taken as a starting character. You probably have some kind of Automatic Access or Status.

Time Management Skills

You are really good at managing your schedule, so tend to always be early or on time, and have spare time to do things. This always works in your favour, and even when a scheduled fight or event occurs, you should be allowed time to set some kind of devious trap or prepare.

Three Point Traits


You are never affected by fear - you might feel it, but it has no control over you. Fear-based Afflictions do not affect you.


You are incredibly good at making friends - just about everyone becomes your friend soon enough. This is a Trivial task, in fact. Even enemies are unlikely to remain that way for long, they'll end up as friends once their time in the spotlight is over (typically, the episode following their defeat).

Good Student 3

You are incredibly wonderfully good at your classes. You usually get good grades, and the teachers like you, and other people ask to borrow your lecture notes, or for tuition. For assignments and quizzes, your Grades are never worse than A.


Much like Rick Astley, you never give people up or let them down. In fact, you never give up at all. As hopeless as things are, despair never engulfs you. You can be sad, but not suffer penalties from it. Indeed, any time sadness or despair would ever cause you to suffer a Penalty (Dice or Grade), you instead gain an equal-sized Bonus.

Special Permit

You have a licence to actually leave the school grounds for various things, and indeed go flying planes and the like.

Very Attractive

You are amazingly beautiful, and people often stare. Your locker is frequently filled to the brim with love letters. For the purpose of appearance, your Gym/Health Grade is S.

Five Point Traits


You are so completely amazing at one subject of your choice. Pick a subject that has a rating of A+, you now double-pass all assignments and quizzes for it. Yes, really, you get a 100% with a smaller 100% written inside it. Change the rating to an S. The teacher likes you and probably asks for your help in teaching. Make sure you specify the over-the-top way you're a genius and so good at it.

Negative Traits

One Point Traits

Bad Reputation

You have a bad reputation for some reason. This may or may not be deserved. A lot of people who have heard the rumours but don't really know you will tend to avoid you. Social interaction with strangers will typically be Difficult - or for opposed Tests to convince people you are a good and trustworthy person, you suffer a Penalty of two dice.

Bullied 1

Another student often bullies you. They are either in your year or one higher. This is mostly an inconvenience. If you beat them up a few times they'll just become an enemy or rival. Until then, you encounter them about once per week, and after being bullied you suffer a one die Penalty to everything until you have a chance to blow off steam or whatever.

Delinquent/Inept 1

You are either kind of dumb and not good at actual class work, or just don't like doing the work and cause trouble. People have lower expectations of you, but you're often getting lectured and routinely score below average on quizzes and assignments. You have a one die Penalty to getting along with teachers.

Embarrassing Secret

You have a secret which won't ruin you if it gets out, but you're embarrassed about it. So you'll do what you can to keep the secret hidden, even if it means not giving an alibi for a crime you didn't commit, or threatening people who visit your home. If your secret is about to come out, or actually is revealed to a small group, pick a suitable Affliction to affect you as a Mental effect. That will take over until the situation is resolved.


You have a bad memory. You easily forget people's names, important dates and events, homework assignments, where you're going, to eat breakfast, to get completely dressed before leaving the dorm, or where you left your wallet. You suffer a Penalty of three dice on attempts to remember specific things that require actually rolling, and around once per episode, it turns out you just forgot a minor thing.


You tend to be in a bad mood most of the time - and it shows. People who don't know you tend to stay out of your way. You suffer a Penalty of one die when talking to people unless you're trying to intimidate them, in which case it becomes a Bonus die.


You have an image you have to maintain - you can't go around doing whatever you wish. You specifically have to stop and consider your image when thinking about doing things that could be harmful to your reputation, then have to attempt a Difficult Philosophy and Ethics Test to go through with it.

Innocent (Bad)

You're… well, a bit dense, in an innocent sort of way. If someone asks you about your skill at cunnilingus, you'd assume they're talking about a dialect of Latin. Innuendo goes over your head, and you assume the best in people when that's not wise. You suffer a Penalty of three dice to resist subterfuge.

Late Bloomer

Your powers took longer than normal to activate, which was a bit embarrassing. You're a few years older than normal for your year level, and will take longer to fit into the school system. On the other hand, you're more familiar with the real world.


As an orphan, you were adopted into the school and don't have anywhere else to go. Sometimes you feel sad about not having a family, but your classmates are your REAL family! You don't go "home" during holidays as you don't have a home. You stay with friends or on campus.

Perpetually Tired

You're almost always sleepy, and often fall asleep in class, or oversleep and are late to morning classes. If ever you as a player miss an Episode, it's because the character is asleep.


You are a pervert in some way or another, and people may or may not know this. You will sometimes have to resist urges to do whatever inappropriate thing it is you do, with a Basic Philosophy and Ethics Test. You certainly can take Bad Reputation (Pervert) to go with this - it means everyone knows you're a pervert.

Poor Eyesight

You can't see too well without your glasses, and will actually miss fairly obvious things or find reading very hard unless wearing them. When not wearing your glasses, all sight-based Tests are Extreme.


You are often unwell, with the sniffles and such. If there is an illness going around, you always catch it. You have one fewer hit point than normal.


There's some small thing that really sets you off. When that happens, you lose it and those around you might be in real danger until you calm down. Others can still snap you out of it.

Terrible Fashion

Your dress sense is just that awful. It's almost embarrassing except you probably don't realise, and as such, people laugh at you behind your back.

Two Point Traits


You're addicted to something that's hard to get your hands on. You actively spend time and money pursuing this addiction, and it can land you in trouble. When suffering withdrawal, all of your grades are treated as one full level lower, including the reduction in Hit Points from Health.


Either you really easily suffer from hayfever and almost always have the sniffles, or there is something reasonably common that you have serious allergic reactions to. In the former case, roughly one in three Episodes you are suffering enough that your Gym and Health Grades are treated as a full Grade lower. In the latter case, when subject to it you must pass an Extreme Health Test or fall over and drop to zero hit points, requiring medical attention.


You're just a pain in the ass. You grate on other people's nerves, and it's hard to make friends. You have to actively roll for all social interactions - it's never Trivial unless you start a "scene" with a Difficult Philosophy and Ethics Test to reign it in.

Blind Without 'Em

Without your glasses, you are completely blind.

Bullied 2

Another few students often bully you. There might be a whole gang of them in your year, or a few students from one year up, or a single fourth-year (assuming you are a first or second year). You generally encounter them every Episode, with the same side-effects as for Bullied 1, but it's harder to be rid of them.


You have a tendency to trip over, drop things, slip over, fail at climbing ladders… in fact, you're generally inept at moving the way you want to. Even with a high Gym Grade, any time you fail it will be in a comical way or result in injury, and often you'll still just fall over at inconvenient times.


You pretty much believe anything you're told. Convincing you of something basically plausible ("Just this once, I studied really hard and got almost eighty percent!", Basic difficulty to convince most) is Trivial. If it is just theoretically possible but highly unlikely ("Akari keeps a collection of pet ants in her desk!", Extreme difficulty to convince most people), it is Basic, and if it's complete and utter bullshit on every level ("I am actually the mother of the Abominations", Impossible), it's Difficult. If you actually want to believe it or fear it, it reverts back to Trivial.


You are irrationally scared of something. Select something that isn't so common it will crop up all the time like "people" or "being inside" but is not a total cop-out like "red shopping trolleys" or "things that supernaturally scare people". Good examples might be "enclosed spaces", "cats", "speaking in front of crowds" or "tall people". You are Afraid of the chosen thing whenever it becomes relevant. You can make a Difficult Philosophy and Ethics Test to overcome the fear for the duration of the interaction, otherwise it overcomes you as per the affliction.


You have a serious responsibility, such as a pet or a kohai, and sometimes they might get kidnapped or something. If one person has this in relation to another, that other person has the Looking Out For You Positive Trait.


You're just plain unattractive. People don't like the way you look, and you are not going to be the first resort for "Which stranger do I talk to?", nor get many Valentine cards. For the purpose of looking nice, your Health/Gym is treated as F.


You have bad luck. Things somehow find the perfect time to go horribly wrong, as though you were cursed. In fact, it's possible you actually WERE cursed. You are chosen first as a random target.

Weak Point

You have some kind of weak point in combat other than normal human ones. This means that a successful aimed attack at that location can knock you straight out, regardless of damage. An aimed attack merely requires knowing of the weakness and getting at least one mark more than usually necessary on the attack roll.

Three Point Traits

Blind Even WITH Them

Not only are you completely blind without your glasses (see Blind Without 'Em), but even when you are wearing them, you still have poor vision and need to spend time focusing just to read and such.

Bullied 3

Another group of students bully you. Generally, there are many of them, across a few year levels, with a fourth-year in charge. Even teachers might be in on this. You pretty much have to face them every day, and ending this will be a colossal task.


You have a history of crime, and would have been sent to prison or something if it weren't for you lucking out genetically. This does mean, however, that if you don't work with the school here, you do actually go to prison. Forget joining the Student Council. They have their eye on you - as do the school staff.

Delinquent/Inept 3

You are either really stupid, and thus automatically fail basically all classes, or a real troublemaker. You are regularly in detention or the school prison cells, and nobody ever believes you when you claim to be innocent.


There is something incredibly disturbing and unsettling about you that gives everyone else the heebie-jeebies. Animals automatically engage their flight-or-fight response, humans try to avoid you, and bad luck is always blamed on your presence.

Horribly Maimed

You have a serious injury. Not a cool scar, but something like the loss of a limb, or lower body paralysis. You also have 3 fewer hit points than normal. There are probably aspects to Gym where you automatically Fail, because you just don't actually have the physical ability to grab something with both arms when you only have one arm, or whatever.

Major Responsibility

This is like a responsibility, except more troublesome. Usually in the form of a kohai, lover or sibling who is always getting abducted or something.

Serious Illness

You have an illness which will never go away, aside from your death. Occasionally you are completely unable to function (an excuse if the player is absent). It might literally be the death of you. Don't take a high Health Grade. Also you have 3 fewer hit points than normal.

Wild Power

Your power is actually out of control. Occasionally it won't function when you want it to, or won't switch off when you want it to, or erupts at full strength for no reason. This should happen about once per Episode, when the Principal deems it appropriate.

Five Point Traits


You are so terrible at a specific Subject that you will always fail it. Select any one Subject, and change the Grade to an F. You can never improve it above this, and the teacher probably doesn't like you.

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