Someone fucked up and a chimp's corpse somehow ended up with the human corpses. It's amazing how bad at basic sciences are the corporate scientists. They even called him a bonobo, what morons. Now they're all gonna pay, and communism will be established.

LIKES: Long walks on the beach, reading theory by a fire
DISLIKES: Dumb personality tests, astrology, existing
Universal Gift Cards : 29

Life: 29/29
Endurance: 24/24
Essence: 26/26
Rads: 60
XP: 8 (Spent: 0)

Attributes (20)

Strength: 2
Dexterity: 2
Constitution: 2
Intelligence: 6
Willpower: 4
Perception: 5

Skills (35)

(Dex) Acrobatics/Dodge 2
(Int/Will) Charisma 5
(Int) Demolitions 2
(Dex) Driving 2
(Dex/Per) Guns 3
(Int/Will) Intimidation 2
(Int) Knowledge 2
(Dex) Lockpicking 3
(Per) Notice 5
(Int) Science 3
(Int/Will) Smooth Talking 5
(Dex) Stealth -1
(Int/Will) Survival 3

Perks/Advantages (5)

Adrenaline Rush (1): If your total life points is under half your maximum, or if one of your limbs is reduced to 0 life points, gain +2 to Str, Dex and Con until the danger passes.
Bloody Mess (1): Killed enemies tend to suffer bizarrely graphic and occasionally cartoonish consequences. The penalty to hit an enemy's head or limbs is also reduced by 1.
Hard To Kill (1): +3 Life Points per point of Hard to Kill.
Situational Awareness (2): +2 to any perception roll to detect sneaking enemies or danger.

Traits (2)

One In A Million: When rolling a natural 1 or 10, assume that the first exploding die is another 1 or 10. For every further "explosion," roll twice, and take the worst/best result as appropriate.
Unstable Genetics: It takes only half as many rads as usual to make you mutate.

Mutations/Cybernetics/Drugs/Etc. (5)

Ears: Power In Misery (-2)
Does not take up an Ears slot
To pay for your upgrades, you've been implanted with an experimental marketing augment that will hijack all auditory sensory channels to feed you custom-made commercials at semi-random times. Natural rolls of 2 are treated as natural rolls of 1, explained by a sudden commercial deciding to intrude on your consciousness to tell you about quesadillas that are on sale somewhere.

Appendix: Arcanotech Activation (1)
Unlocks the appendix's potential as a regulator of mana flows. The user can now access aetherial channels and use magic.
At least that's the theory. All test subjects so far have immediately burst into flames or imploded into small, perfect spheres. You haven't, though, at least not yet, making you special.

Skeleton: Prehensile Tail (1)
Does not take up a Skeleton slot
Lengthens the spine and provides an additional limb. This may be fuzzy, scaly, chitinous or entirely mechanical. It lacks fingers, and thus can't be used for some types of fine manipulation, but improves balance and agility at the cost of enlarging the owner's profile and making them easier to spot.
+2 Dodge, -1 Stealth.

Brain: Pineal Upgrade (1)
Does not take up a Brain slot.
They say the Pineal Gland is the root of psychic power. Whether that's true or not, the scientists have meddled with yours for science reasons. It definitely makes your dreams a lot more vivid.

Brain: Cortex Supreme (1)
Your brain has been improved via the most brute force solution: adding more brain.
+1 Intelligence, but due to your grossly swollen skull, random rolls of 4 on the hit table also hit your head rather than your torso.
May provide psychic powers or may just prevent you from ever getting a date again.

Meta-Empathics: Sense Vibes (1)
Use Cost: 5 Essence
Effect: Allows the user to get a general feel for an object or area. Perhaps if a code pad is used by hundreds of people a day, the Meta-Empath can read the code off it. Perhaps if an area frequently contains emotional events, the Meta-Empath can witness some of the emotional imprints left over. Requires a Perception+Survival roll, more successes acquire more precise images. One or two successes tend to be dreamlike and unclear, while three or more tend to be razor sharp.

Meta-Empathics: Mostly Harmless (1)
Use Cost: 5 Essence.
Effect: If the user isn't doing anything openly aggressive, like pointing a gun at someone, they radiate an aura of harmlessness, leading just about anyone they encounter to ask questions first and shoot later. They may still take the character into custody, but unless they're a very special kind of sociopath usually will handle them gently and won't be too guarded. Requires a Perception+Smooth Talking check, and can affect one target per success.

Meta-Empathics: Energy Vampirism (1)
Use Cost: 5 Essence
Effect: Allows the user to aggressively bore someone, leeching their psychic energies. The target must be engaged in conversation and be in the same general area as the user. For every success on a Smooth Talking+Willpower roll, the victim is drained of 5 points of Essence. Victims reduced to 0 Essence will pass out.

Gear (15)

Punch (0): 1d4 x 2.
Kick (0): 1d4 x 3.
Small Knives (0): 1d4 x 2. Can be thrown.
.357 Magnum (10): 1d8 x 4. 6 ammunition capacity
Pepsi Quantum (5): Effect: +20 Rads, roll 1d6 to determine random Quantum effect
Duration: Instant
Withdrawal: None
Special Notes: You cannot become physiologically addicted to Pepsi products(it says so on the label).

1-2: Your next three rolls are made twice, picking the better result.
3-4: For the next 24 hours, if you die, you don't die, instead you're in a state of quantum super-position. Roll Willpower+Willpower the next time someone observes you, if you pass the check, you somehow survive at 1 Life Point.
5-6: For the next 24 hours, you're entangled with the next person or animal you touch. You're both capable of using each others' stats on rolls, but any damage, essence or endurance expenditure applied to one, is also applied to the other.

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