Stats: 4d6 drop lowest, reroll until you have 1 or more stats that are 15 or higher(prior to race mods)
Races allowed: Human, elven, dwarven, half-elven
Alignments allowed: Any but CE or NE
Religions allowed: Any but Kriesha or Belinik
Bloodlines: Everyone who wants a Bloodline has one of Major strength and of a derivation of their own choosing. Rolls for abilities may be either on the table in the core book or the table in the Blood Enemies supplement. Any rolls that come up "none" for abilities are instead promoted to the option immediately above(usually a Minor ability).
XP: 5000
Equipment: If the party starts as regents, 2000 gold each. If the party starts as adventurers, 500 gold each.
Books used: PHB, Tome of Magic and all Birthright supplements. No Player's Option. The Guilder class is available to any Brecht characters.

Location: South of the Great Bay, near the borders of Massenmarch, Coullabhie and the Vampire's Hold.

House Rules

Mages benefit from getting more spells per day from high intelligence, in the same way clerics benefit from having high wisdom. Use the same table.

Bonus languages can be used as NWP slots.

Mages and Clerics do not need to memorize, but instead get to cast straight from their spellbook/holy symbol.

Domain Turn

1: Random Events!
2: Determine Initiative. 1d10 + character level, highest roll goes first.
3: Collect Regency Points(Combined level of all holdings relevant to your class, capped by your bloodline strength).
4: Taxation, Collection and Trade.
5: Maintenance Costs.
6: Declare Free Actions.
7-9: First through Third Action Rounds
10: Adjust Loyalty and Regency.

Class-relevant holdings.

Cleric(Morrigan): Province, Temples, Law(Half Regency)
Mage(Leon): Province, Source
Magician(Feridun): Province, Trade Route, Guild, Law(Half Regency)
Warrior(Uldin): Province, Law

Free Actions

Agitate(Priest Only)
Espionage(Thief/Magician Only)

Domain Actions

Agitate: 1 GB + 1 RP, raises or lowers loyalty by one degree. 10+, for every level the province is over the character's holding there, the number to surpass is increased by 1.
Contest: 1 RP, attempting to destroy hostile holdings. 10+, if you have a stronger holding in the same province the difficulty is improved by the difference is levels, opposite if the enemy holding is stronger.
Create Holding: 1 GB, creates a level 0 holding in a province. 10+.
Espionage: 1 GB, any sort of subterfuge shenanigans. Difficulty = (20 - Province level - Spying character's holdings in province + province owner's Law holdings)
Investiture: Handing over or taking over provinces. Variable costs depending on what's being attempted, taking over something without the owner's consent requires that it's either been conquered or Contested(as per the action), and RP expenditure equal to the level of the victimized holding. Base difficulty is 10+.
Ley Line: 1 GB, 1 RP, creates a Ley Line, costing 1 GP and RP per province bridged. 5+
Research: 1+ GB, caster regent researches new spells.
Rule: Variable cost, attempting to raise the level of a friendly holding/province, cost is 1 GB, and 1 RP per the target level of the holding(for instance, 0 to 1 is 1 RP, 1 to 2 is 2 RP). Improving a province costs 1 GB and 1 RP per target level. 10+
Trade Route: 1 GB + 1 RP, attempting to create a trade route. Requires a Guild holding in both provinces involved, and generates GB's equal to the average levels of the two connected provinces. 10+
Training: Improve Non-Weapon Proficiencies, learn Non-Weapon Proficiencies and otherwise improve yourself. No cost.


Everyone has 35000 prior to high-stat bonuses.

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