Name: Blair Copperchop
Race: Dwarf
Class: Fighter
Profession: Dwarf
Height: 4'1"
Weight: 132lb
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: up here, buddy (also steely blue)

Blair Copperchop is one of those dwarves that doesn't fit in normal dwarven society, being too loud or too boisterous or too willing to accept non-dwarves. She was allowed to keep her clan name as long as she doesn't embarrass the name in front of the other races. Once injected "radioactive fighting fish blood" and was sick for a whole day, but also claims it gave her incredible fighting ability (it probably didn't). Doesn't speak with much of a dwarven accent, she thinks it makes her sound like a bumpkin, but it comes out in times of stress or alcohol.


HP: 99/99
AC: 3
Thac0: 12
Movement Rate: 6

XP: 250,000
Level: 9

Axe roll: 1d20+1 str + 1 spec, 1d8+3
Attacks: 2 every turn


STR 18 - to hit +1, +2 damage, 110 weight, 255 max press, 16% bend bars/lift gates
DEX 10
CON 15 - +1 hp per level, 90% system shock, 92% res survival
INT 10 - 2 languages
WIS 10
CHA 9 - 4 henchman


Paralyze, Poison, Death: 8
Rod, Staff, Wand: 10
Petrifaction or Polymorph: 9
Breath: 9
Spells: 11

Dwarf Powers

Infravision, 60 ft
Detect Stone Terrain - just check the chart
Magic Malfunction - 20% chance on pick up, applies to rods, staves, wands, rings, amulets, potions, horns, jewels, and all other magical items except weapons, shields, armor, gauntlets, and girdles
Saves Bonuses - based on CON (+4 at 15), against attacks from magical wands, staves, rods, and spells, and also poison.
+1 to hit orcs, half-orcs, goblins, and hobgoblins in melee
Ogres, trolls, ogre magi, giants, or titans take -4 penalty to hit dwarves


Weapon Proficiencies (13 points)

Battle Axe (specialized), Hand Axe, Light Crossbow, Short Sword (and 3 free)

Non-Weapon Proficiencies (14 points)

Blacksmithing (str +0) (1pt)
Artistic Ability (wis +0) (1pt)
Mountaineering (NA) (1pt)
Rope Use (dex +0) (1pt)
Tracking (wis -0) (2pts)



Equipment, Gear, Money

Angry Ghost Battle Axe - 1d8/1d8 (+2 against living), speed 7, wt 7
Hand axe, "Campin' Knife" - 1d6/1d4, speed 4, wt 5
Crossbow, light - 1d8+2/1d6+2, speed 7, wt 7
Quarrels, light x20
Splintmail Armor, Masterwork (dwarf sized) - AC 4, wt 20
Shield, medium (-1 AC) - wt 10
Gloomwing Shield, +1 shield, when uncovered everyone looking has to make a save vs wands or be Confused as per the spell
Mittens of Mighty Hurling
Axe of Illusion (look like anyone carrying an axe)
Pickaxe of Final Rest (puts undead back into their original grave at 100mph)
Backpack - wt 2
Rope, 50ft (silk) - wt 8
Tent (small) - wt 10
Whetstone - wt 1
Perfume, vial
black sapphire 800gp, topaz 300g, azurite 25g x2, bloodstone 100g
Flintlock Pistol Brace (x4), 1d10 damage, no proficiency required, speed 2, takes 3 rounds to reload each gun
Orbiting Asteroid
Hat-Axe (Pirate)
Throwing-Star Earrings

Rations - 20 days, wt 4


(70/85 weight carried)

Baggage Carrier: Pro (carrying 19.5/40)
Grappling hook - wt 4
Map case - wt 0.5
Rope - wt 8
Crampons - 2 wt
Lamp oil x5 - 5 wt
sack of orichalcum scrap
silver medal
23 small sacks

Baggage Carrier: Standard (carrying 20/20)
Lantern - wt 2
Pitons x20 - wt 10
Rope - wt 8

Angry Ghost Axe: Counts as +1 for determining what it can hit/affect, +2 damage against living creatures(i.e. not golems or undead). Heals the user for 1 HP per 3 points of damage done on an attack against living creatures. Is also perpetually cold, so if you had a large enough mug, you could use it instead of ice cubes.

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