(Excerpt from "Blasphemous!))

Malaika wiped the sweat from her brow as she entered the tent, leaving a clear streak in the ashes that caked her skin: It had been a rough day. The stench of the enemy still clung to her, her hair and her skin, like it had infiltrated her very pores. She could still hear their terrifying cries echoing in the surrounding canyons, they'd driven them off for the moment, but she had no illusions that they were safe yet. But at least she'd managed to keep her friends safe.

Sort of.

Nasir had stayed back, being less heavily armed than the others, and when the things fell on them from behind, he'd almost been devoured. It was only thanks to Crrch stomping through the advancing hordes that he'd been saved, and they needed him now more than ever before, because Yumi had tried eating some of them. Foolish, foolish girl, Malaika wished she could have warned her. The last thing you wanted to do was eat a Winter Melon.

Yumi was lying on the makeshift bed now, her belly swollen and distended, making feeble little cries of pain, Nasir and Crrch were both bent over her while trying to make her feel better, Hex was standing in a corner looking uncomfortable about the whole situation and there was no sign of Sadaj.

"We have to kill her," Hex had said outside the tent just a moment before, "There's no telling what's going to happen if they burst out while she's in our midst, what if it happens while we're fighting? It'll be more merciful to her."

Malaika had simply shaken her head, it had been a tough decision, but she had finally realized it was what she had to do. She had to put her friends above her principles.

"Nasir," she said, presenting him with the object she'd scrounged out of the remnants of their shuttle, merely a strange metal shape to most, but familiar to the doctor, "You need to give her an abortion."

The good doctor reverently accepted the improvised coathanger and went to work…

Meanwhile, in his own tent, Sadaj looked at the things stirring in the cage in the corner and put down his paints. He was naked from the waist up and covered in sweater from his exhausting work, but it was worth it, they were now indistinguishable from watermelons, except for the size. Licking his lips, Sadaj unzipped his Templar trousers and advanced on the cage, this was going to be just like back in the Templar School dorms.

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