Blezinsky Report

UNFCr Ainalhai, Sensor Logs

// Due to database damage, we're unable to determine what system we're in or the location of any known systems. There aren't any UN, Republic or Coalition buoys in the system either, so it may not have been surveyed at all.

// Immediately after our arrival, we dispatched probes into the system to determine what was around, this is a log of their findings translated into layman's terms.

"Ululation," Star: Nothing interesting here, except that we've ended up with a B-class. That means it's blue-white, it's also pummelling the system with a horrific amount of radiation, so that's why we're using drones for the external hull repairs at the moment. It's got three planets.

"Doomspawn," Rocky Planet: This planet is a small rock on a death spiral towards the star, nothing of interest, it's extremely close to the star, however.

"Clandestine Burrow," Gas Giant: Much farther out in the system we have this blue-green gas giant. It's got several large debris rings around it, a lot of the debris appears metallic in nature and we've even spotted a few regular structures in there. As a side-note, we caught a brief reactor signature when the probe was passing by. It also has a rocky moon of no note. The reactor signature might be a remnant of one of the ships that got pulled with us, they headed further in-system without braking.

Addendum: Turns out the debris rings were composed partially of disabled ships hidden on or behind asteroids, a few still had functional components, but most were trash. The most interesting find was the UNFFr Detroit, supposedly present during the battle at Sulafat Prime. There's also an installation hidden in the clouds of the gas giant, looks like a research lab run by some demented bastard calling himself Dr. Kerenski, no clue what he'd done to himself, but he was buying and selling people as well as data and technical expertise. After Mercurial scoured the remnants of his logs(most were lost to a virus Mercurial had unleashed on the system…) it turned out that his main products, besides people, were medical services, robots, cybernetic augmentations and "viral mutations." Other ships found in the debris rings were Coalition, UN and some of a design we hadn't seen before. All had been gutted and left as nothing but shells, unfortunately.

"Nightmare Child," Rocky Planet: This is like a rocky Pluto, and here's something that's definitely interesting. We're both a Republic and a UN signal from the place, no obvious colonies, but the Republic signal is an emergency signal and we can't decipher any meaning in the UN signal.

UNFCr Ainalhai, External Systems Report

Main Cannon: Main cannon workable, but with as many plasma conduits severed as we have… there's no telling what'll happen if it's fired.

Mass Drivers: Inactive.

Point Defense Energy Weapons: Inactive.

Missile Racks: Fully functional.

Flak Turrets: Not installed. Provides anti-strike craft capacity

Hull Status: At full repair and with a few weak spots upgraded with stuff from the Stiletto, we could take a lot of heavy hits and still keep going.

Engines: Our sub-light engines are good to go, just don't pull any sharp turns unless you want to lose pieces.

G-Drive: G-Drive is operational and ship has the integrity to survive a trip with it.

Sensors: All systems green.

Interrobang Device MkI: Not installed. Disrupts FTL communications in a large volume of space

Interrobang Device MkII: Not installed. Disrupts FTL travel in a large volume of space

UNFCr Ainalhai, Internal Status Report

// We're reporting these by section, that means laterally, rather than vertically. Section 1's up at the bridge, Section 52's at the far end with the engines. Corporal Blezinsky

Sections 1 through 5: Minimal damage. Bridge, farms, armories and medbays are intact.

Sections 6 through 8: Class I hazard(Irritants, no long-term habitation possible)

Sections 9 through 15: Class I hazard(Temperature regulators are offline, we've got some secure pathways through it, but outside of those you're gonna freeze or fry if you hang around too long)

Section 16: Safe now, the nanobots have been stopped. The place is basically useless and really creepy, but it won't dissolve you if you go there and there's clean air to breathe.

Sections 17 through 19: Class II hazard(Severe flooding. I think some of the aquarium creatures escaped in there, too… None of the tech crew wants to go down there)

Sections 20 through 24: Safe area, some of the tech crew are camped out here. It's also where we've got the wounded in cryo-storage while we try to patch them up.

Sections 25 through 32: Considerable damage, but safe. The docking bays are still functional. We've even got a shuttle or two there.

Sections 33 through 40: Class II(?) Hazard(Escaped Coalition prisoners)

Sections 41 through 45: Class II hazard(Rogue security bots, they can be avoided or taken down, but the automated systems keep repairing and rebuilding them)

Sections 46 through 50: Class II(?) Hazard(Some of those… slug… things. Ugh. At least they seem docile for now.)

Sections 51 through 52: Solid machinery, the engines and G-drive are still working.

// Class I Hazards: Not instantly fatal, and largely not a problem with the proper protective gear.

// Class II Hazards: Actively seeks to damage crew, requires extreme protective gear or active resistance.

// Class III Hazards: Entire zone is practically instant death, protective gear doesn't do anything.

UNFCr Ainalhai, Crew Status Report

Active Phalanx Crew: Twenty-five, including tactical officers, pilots and medics.

Inactive Phalanx Crew: Twenty-five, including Natasha Severin, cryogenically frozen until proper treatment is possible.

Detroit Crew Status: Seventeen Phalanx, cryogenically frozen. Three Mantis, cryogenically frozen.

Non-Crew Passengers: Approximately fifty Coalition prisoners, escaped. Approximately a dozen unknown lifeforms.

UNFCr Ainalhai, Supply Status Report

Food: Plentiful

Water: Plentiful

Oxygen: Plentiful

Repair Materials: Enough to repair or upgrade one system/section.

Small Arms: Plentiful

Basic Medical Supplies: Plentiful

Nanotech Medical Supplies: Sparse

Dropships: One Republic, one UN

Ground Vehicles: One functional UN tank

Strike Craft: Two Sabertooth Fighters

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