New Pilots

Welcome aboard the GTD Glassflower, pilots. As of 0900 we are in Epsilon Pegasi for resupply and to fill our crew roster. Until further notice this will be our posting, along with local cruiser groups we will run patrols of planetary orbits and debris belts. We have no reported activity since the collapse of the jump node to Capella, but command has ordered us to be on our toes. Flight rosters and squadron assignments will be up before the end of the day.

The GTD Glassflower


The Glassflower used to be the GVD Valiant, she's a Typhon-class destroyer on loan from the Vasudans. While we both suffered from the NTF rebellion, the GTA took most of the damage from the Shivan invasion of Gamma Draconis and Capella, so they're covering our shortage of resources. While we are stationed in Epsilon Pegasi, engineering crews will rework the internals to fit a human crew better, but she's still a fine ship. She's easily the equal of an Orion-class and will be our home for the foreseeable future.

Epsilon Pegasi

Epsilon Pegasi suffered heavily during the NTF rebellion, being immediately adjacent to Sirius, one of the NTF's core systems. All crews are advised to be careful when on leave or off duty as it's known that NTF sympathizers are still in this system. In addition, part of the Shivan forces attacking Capella made the jump to Epsilon Pegasi in that system's last hours. Most were tracked and destroyed, but some may still be on the loose.

We have to be on our toes, here, Epsilon Pegasi is a system still rebuilding, and any concerted NTF or Shivan attacks could halt those efforts.

The system has two major terraformed worlds that are heavily colonized by both humans and Vasudans, in addition there are dozens of stations and outposts on the system's less hospitable planets and moons. These settlers are counting on us to do our job.


You may notice that we're not flying Erinyes fighters, or even Hercules fighters. The GTVA is an exhausted military, people are tired of fighting, and we spent many of our resources first to defeat the NTF and then to hold the Shivans at bay a second time. Over half a million crew and pilots were lost, and that's not counting civilian casualties or NTF defectors.

While we rebuild, and unless this posting turns out more hazardous than initially estimated, we will be flying ships that proved themselves during the first Great War. Apollos, Valkyries and Athenas. Most of you have probably only seen these ships in museums and movies, but they still fly, and they still do their job. They weren't the ships that finished the Lucifer, but they were still invaluable to the war effort.


The NTF insurrection has strained our relations with the Vasudans, and as a result command has ordered that we put maximum priority on Vasudan distress calls or escort requests. This is not a time to jeopardize humanity's only alliance. Any incidents of racism or improper behavior towards Vasudans, whether military or civilian, will be put before a military court.

Currently the Vasudans have few in-system resources, only a few Sobek-class cruisers and a few fighter wings patrolling their mining operations, so they're counting on us as much as our own people are. Rumours of Hammer of Light resurgence are just that, rumours, so don't jump at shadows.

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