Calico Daewoo

Calico Daewoo worked as a corporate grunt on the space colony of Uak-noj! When he learned that his commanding officer was about to use nerve gas on a crowd of protesters, he beat him unconscious and tossed him out an airlock. He spent two years in prison for this before his freedom was bought at a bargain rate for a ship crew, and now he has a job as a gunner.

He has no formal education other than some military training, and has difficulty reading. He has two little kitty cats and loves them dearly. On Uak-noj he was commonly called the Pink Devil, but not usually to his face.

Name: Calico Daewoo
Position: Gunner
Health: 5
Morale: 2

Stats & Skills

Intellect: 1
Logic +0 (Item -1)
Rhetoric +1
Encyclopedia +1
Drama +0 (Item -1)
Conceptualization +1
Visual Calculus +3 (Skill +1 maxed out) (Item +1)
Psyche: 2
Volition +2
Inland Empire +2
Empathy +2
Authority +1 (Item -1)
Suggestion +2
Esprit de Terra +2
Physique: 3
Physical Instrument +3
Electrochemistry +3
Endurance +5 (Skill +2)
Half Light +7 (Skill +3 maxed out, Item +1)
Pain Threshold +3
Shivers +3
Motorics: 6
Hand/Eye Coordination +6
Reaction Speed +7 (Item +1)
Perception +7 (Signature Skill +1)
Savoir Faire +6
Composure +6
Interfacing +6


  • Targeting Monocle (+1 Visual Calculus, -1 Drama)
  • Quickdraw Holster (+1 Reaction Speed, +1 Half-Light, -1 Authority, -1 Logic)


One For All
Allows a reroll on any roll that's directly related to helping someone else. -1 Morale if a failed roll results in an ally getting killed or hurt.
The Thrill of Danger
If you lose a point of Health, gain +1 Morale and a re-roll on your next attempted roll. You can only bank one re-roll at a time.

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