Carnelian and Jade

"Notably, whereas humans and several other species- almost universally domesticated- are born live, the vast majority of animals are brought into the world via eggs: even those with a resemblance to a 'mammal' (for instance, meowths to cats, arcanines to dogs) are distinct in that they hatch their young. Indeed, neither humans, nor these other mammals, nor certain insects nor certain fish- which themselves do lay eggs- are able to breed between "species" boundaries, the act which is meant to technically define a species.
"However- as Al-Kindi noted as far ago as the ninth century, BA- egg laying, common ability to procreate within various egg groups regardless of species, comparatively extreme natural defences, varying levels of empathic linguistic ability, and tendency to undergo metamorphosis through age (or other factors) suggest that all these species are, in fact, somehow all massively variant breeds of but one; add to this the common susceptibility to pseudoion-koaprizene suspension, and one has all the evidence one has to link this/these species, commonly separated from other animals with the term 'monsters', is a separate taxonomic class if not phylum in itself.
Dr. Wilson Redwood, Encyclopedia Theriform, 1982, introduction.

- Brief overview

In the year 2065, the state of Kurofuto struggles with the legal, philosophical and cultural changes that come in the wake of the blurring of the distinction between human and person.
On the 21st February, 2065, the Lavanvlie Republik granted several intelligent animal species equivalent rights under law as human beings under the Sentient Rights Act. This landmark move- the first time in modern history that a nation has strictly defined entire species of animals other than humans as people- has resurfaced ancient debates on the nature of what separates humanity from animals. Lobbying blocs from several intelligent species, including Zoroarks, Alakazams, Lucarios and their neotenal forms seek rights for themselves in other countries, looking to free themselves from living as urban scavengers, pets, bloodsport targets, slaves, and even livestock.
Backed by sentient rights campaigners, disputed by many, many business groups, and as significant to the public eye as related disputes- the validity of clones and the human or at least personal nature of AIs; of EIIs; of estranged ghosts; of the ghost-dubbed; of the body-shifted; and even of the simply full-prosthetic.
It seems inevitable that this discussion, above all, will have long-lasting effects on almost every country on the globe. The problem to Kurofuto's Public Security Office is how this most heated discussion will play about.

In Carnelian and Jade, the players take the part of a crack team of semi-autonomous paramilitary antiterrorism officers working under Kurofuto government remit, dealing with the threats brought on by the civil unrest of changing times.

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