Real name: Orin Mercer
AKAs: Miyoshi, Noriko, Dumbass
Age: 21
Occupation: Camgirl/Gamer/Contract Killer


(140 pts)


Attack Combat Value: 4 (10 in combat mode)
Defense Combat Value: 6 (10 in combat mode w/shield)
Armor: 8 from plates (+8 from combat mode w/shield)

Damage Multiplier: 5 (7 with superstrength, 10 total for claws)

HP: 70/70
EP: 20/30


(Level 2) (6 pts, 2/level) Tough +15 hp
(Level 2) (20 pts, 10/level) Defense Combat Mastery+1 Defense CV per level
(Level 2) (4 pts, 2/level) Combat Technique (concealment, judge opponent)
(Level 2) (16 pts, 8/level) Superstrength
(Level 2) (4 pts, 2/level) Special Movement (balance, cat-like)
(Level 2) (4 pts, 2/level) Land Speed 15km/h
(Level 2) (4 pts, 2/level) Jumping 10x jump
(Level 1) (2 pts, 2/level) Supersense (nightvision, 10m range)
(Level 2) (8 pts, 4/level) Aura of Inspiration
(Level 1) (1 pts, 1/level) Features (cute)

Combat Mode:

(Level 9) (56 pts, 9/level) Alternate Form
(Level 4) (8 pts, 2/level) Combat Technique (lightning reflexes x2, leap attack, blind fighting)
(Level 6) (18 pts, 3/level) Melee Attack +1 attack CV per level
(Level 4) (16 pts, 4/level) Shield +4 DCV or +8 armor
(Level 3) (12 pts, 4/level) Massive Damage focused(claws)
(Level 6) (15 pts, 2/level) Weapon (autofire, muscle, penetrating)
(Level 1) (1 pts, 1/level) Feature (360 degree vision)
(-6 pts) Impaired Manipulation can grapple and lift things but no fine manipulation)
(-2 pt) Marked can be concealed, but difficult because of glowing cat eyes and razor claws
(-2 pt) Blind Fury Hostile combatants/perceived threats keep fight mode going


(Level 1) (2/level) Stealth/silent movement
(Level 1) (1/level) Gaming/video games


(Level 1) (2/level) AI drone
120 pt character

1 Body
5 Mind
2 Soul

(Level 4) (24 pts, 6/level) Projection
(Level 2) (15 pts, 8/level, skim -1) Flight 30km/h, 2m flight ceiling
(1 pt) Feature (camera)
(-9) Impaired Manipulation - no arms whatsoever


(8 pts) Digital Display Ensemble - Miyoshi Modu
This is the high tech clothing that transforms nerdy Orin into flashy Miyoshi. Includes hooded jacket (with ears), pants, shoes, wig, fingernails, contact lenses, and cat ears. The latest in The outer surfaces contain micro-pixel back-lit display plates, boasting high resolution images and a fast refresh rate making it capable of blending in with the environment even when moving quickly. Glitterbitches love this kind of stuff but most can't afford a whole matching set because they keep spending their money on virtual reality ASMR stimsims and synthetic cocaine.
(12 pts, 6/level) Invisibility, 2 levels for sight
(4 pt) Feature (color-changing, light armor (+1), cute x2)
(2 pts) Alternate Identity
(-2) (normally -4) Hounded - weeaboo fanboys sometimes try to track her down
(-1 pt) (normally -2) Nemesis - Equally weeaboo dogboy police officer whose career depends on catching this dangerous psychopath

(4 pts) DBP Armor Attachments -
-(8 pts, 2/level) Armor, 8 armor
Magnetically attached armor plates deployed by <drone>. Tired of getting ambushed in your nice clean pressed suit or sultry evening gown? Unable to afford a full combat chassis, or simply can't wear a standard bullet resistant vest? Look no further than the Griffin & Kryuger Deployable Ballistic Plates, now legally Class C armor! Attaches magnetically to most cybernetic prosthetics.


(-1) Nemesis -
(-2) Girl/Guy Magnet
(-2) Special Requirement (has to charge from wall socket)
(-2) Involuntary Change sometimes goes into combat mode when surprised
(-4) Skeleton in the Closet (secret identity) - discovery that Orin and Miyoshi are the same person could ruin Orin's privacy and destroy her chances of not being bothered in public, maybe even arrested


Orin Mercer is short, has short hair, doesn't smile much, and is generally pretty quiet. She plays competitive fighting games and sometimes enters tournaments under the name Noriko, and she also splurges on impulse buys a lot. Her closet is full of meme outfits, like completely full, and she only has maybe four changes of normal street clothes. One special outfit, however, lets her live a completely different life as Miyoshi the killer catgirl.

Being cyborged at an early age has left Orin with a different outlook on body modification. She has no problem with her hands containing molecularly sharpened blades, or that her entire skull is made of steel alloy. What really matters is how cute you look while doing what you love, and Miyoshi loves to rip people apart and take out her misplaced aggression while striking poses and making annoying cat noises. So much so that Orin has invested a lot of money into her persona rather than 'herself', but it's fine as long as the likes and ad revenue keep coming in.

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