Celes Koibe Schastlivtsev

Celes Koibe Schastlivtsev

Brief history

Celes is the third child of the Schastlivstev household, the only daughter and also the most unfortunate when it came to being blessed with a healthy body. It's hardly a good sign when labour gets complicated, but hey, there are times in which the baby grows up fine and nothing bad ever happens, right?
Well, Celes' case was not one of such times.
She has always been a sickly child, looking fine on the outside but never quite being able to live up to the same level of stamina: she would get tired a lot sooner, couldn't quite breathe right, got sick more often than most and was sickly in general, without any hint as to what might be afflicting her. Until a great doctor was brought to visit her.
And his diagnosis was appalling: Celes had the incurable cough cough disease. It was a disease, and it was incurable. And that was bad.
Still, it didn't stop her from living, albeit it made it a little more painful and challenging than it should have. Fortunately she was of bright disposition so she bought into all the folk remedies about children needing to go outside and play and eat well and lots, and she did all of that. Of course, it never worked, and more than once she had to be pretty much restrained in her room so that she wouldn't wander out only to collapse in the garden, wheezing amidst the violets.
At least, she was pretty and had a way with words, as fit for a young maiden of good breeding, and in her parents' eyes that was good enough. Also, being a future lady in good standing to be sent off to marry someone, earlier or later (possibly earlier considering her health. You never know), she was bound to know some kind of party trick or two.
Which is why her father insisted she was sent to the school of wizardry, because she couldn't go with a class that needed lots of hit points considering her constitution score and penalties to physical rolls, so might as well be squishy to the end and go wizard.
And so she went wizard, though Celes is already thinking of multiclassing into ranger…



Celes is of about average height, with a frame that is more or less normal, though she is a little thinner than she should be considering what she eats and her lifestyle, due to her poor health. Despite that, she looks deceptingly okay on the outside, yet another treacherous pitfall of the cough cough disease.
She has somewhat short blond hair and blue eyes, and her thin lips and somewhat doll-like face are pretty much stereotypical of nobility.
As expected from her sickly consition, she dresses in gothic lolita style, which means she's usually in black and white and occasionally has red lace and the likes on her person, with fine shoes and sometimes even gloves and parasols.


Strength 2
Dexterity 2
Constitution 2
Intelligence 2
Perception 2
Willpower 2

Life Points: 34
Energy Points: 23
Essence: 24

Artistic talent (3)
Situational awareness (2)
Charisma (3)
Physical disability (-3)

Control 1
Fire 1
Animal 1
Body 1
Plants 1
Power 1

Acting 1
Athletics 1
Brawling 1
Cooking 1
Dodge 1
First aid 1
Haggling 1
Instruction 1
Notice 1
Play instrument (guitar) 2
Smooth talking 2
Survival 1
Tracking 1
Traps 1

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