Certain Circle of Serpents Serving Serpents

A game of Yuan-ti


Setting Information

This game is set in the jungle-empire of Chult. Most of the jungle-lands fall under the reign of the Yuan-ti Empire, but there are a few human and elven settlements, and to the non-Southern borders there are "civilised" lands. Those are the lands that have been targeted for takeover and conversion. To the South, there is the ocean. Few humans live in the ocean for obvious reasons, but there are quite a few sahuagin there. Often they perform coastal raids, but they are wary about targeting the Yuan-ti, and trade negotiations can indeed be made with them.

Despite Yuan-ti being considered Chaotic Evil, they largely have a very structured social system, with castes and a Council and contracts and diplomacy. The Empire is theoretically ruled by the gods, however as they never make a personal appearance, it falls to the Anathema. Below the Anathema, who is treated as a Pope/Emperor of sorts, there is the Circle Council. Specifically, the Inner Circle, which consists of the Matriarch/Patriarch of each of the seven Houses, the four High Priests (one each for Sseth, Mershaulk, Sss'athine'ss and Varae) and the Great Overhood of the Coiled Cabal. They then rule over their Houses/Churches/Cabal, with ranked members gaining actual political sway and voting power, and lessers attending Council meetings to negotiate their own affairs that don't fall under the care of their superiors - and to try to gain favour with superiors.

After Council members, there is "the rest of society", followed by servants, and then slaves. "Everyone else" (non-Yuan-ti) rank lower, but are effectively viewed as "potential servants/slaves".

The Council has a very dim view on violence - in theory. They are very much against open combat, and it would take someone who is almost universally reviled for them to actually just let it pass. However arranging for alliances and declaring war and cutting deals that result in death? That's certainly okay. And murdering someone ten feet outside the Council hall is fine as well.

The Council heavily honour the contract, but place little value on the spoken word. As such, if a deal regarding the future is made that is not made in the Council hall, there is nothing to be done if the terms change or the deal is not honoured.

Houses and the Coiled Cabal

Here is some brief information on all of the Houses and the "Secret" Society.
The relations chart goes from - - - (outright hatred) to - - (frequent clashes and antagonism) to - (general dislike) to nothing (neutral) to + (good terms) to + + (allies or strong trade partners) to + + + (unbreakable bonds of alliance or sworn vassalhood).

House Eselemas

This House has the symbol of a viper head, its mouth open. The colours are Jade and Yellow, and they are known for their jungle stealth, battle prowess and hunting abilities. Many have developed prehensile tails, and while the majority dwell along the coastline, there is a twisting path of settlements winding up to the Northern reaches where the half tropical resort, half fortress compound houses the House Matriarch. She communicates with the towns mostly via written and sealed messages carried by Tainted One servants.
House Se'Sehen - - -
House Extaminos -
House Jennestas + +
Coiled Cabal +

Special: any Yuan-ti Half Blood has, in addition to the serpent head, a Snake tail (with the Prehensile Tail feat as a bonus feat), either in addition to or replacing the legs. Any other character with a tail (via Feat or Race) also gains the Prehensile Tail feat as a bonus feat.

House Extaminos

This House has the symbol of a two-tailed (zero-headed) snake twisting itself into a loop, half black and half white. Accordingly, the house colours are Black and White. They dwell primarily in the North-East, and are an off-shoot of House Se'Sehen. This split was actually on friendly terms, so they remain strongly allied with Se'Sehen. Extaminos also has many members in underground lairs beneath human towns and cities. They are known to be experimenters, breeding new species of creature and developing drugs and magic items - they also often grow extra serpent arms and apply grafts. House Extaminos is the creator of the Human-Yuan-ti crossbreed known as the Extaminaar.
House Eselemas -
House Se'Sehen + + +
House Jennestas -
Coiled Cabal +

Special: any Yuan-ti Half Blood may choose to have a human head but a pair of serpent heads replacing their hands. All characters start with 1d4+1 doses of varying drugs.

House Hss'tafi

This House has the symbol of a snake eating an egg, and has the colours of regal Purple and brilliant Yellow. They rule the central area, gradually spreading out, but have a tendril of influence leading to the coastline. This House was the one to develop the potion of transformation for Tainted Ones and Broodguard, and they are schemers who are the most likely to work with (or under) other races if it will achieve their goals in the end.
Coiled Cabal +

Special: any Yuan-ti may have the Cobra Hood feat as a bonus feat.

House Jennestas

This House has the symbol of a primitive eye painted upon a stone. Its colours are orange and cream. They are considered backwards and primitive by many, but they simply believe the way to victory is not to taint their blood by breeding with humans, nor emulating them with cities, but to instead ignore the lesser races, destroy civilisations and expand the jungles. There are few Tainted Ones and virtually no Extaminaars in House Jennestas - indeed, mostly there are Half Bloods and Abominations. They make a lot of use of jungle beasts.
House Se'Sehen - - -
House Extaminos -
House Eselemas + +

Special: any Yuan-ti gains a +5 Racial bonus to Hide checks due to their chameleonic colour-changing power, however this does not stack with any bonus from similar camouflage or chameleon abilities. Abominations with Hide in Plain Sight gain a constant Blur effect as an Extraordinary ability.

House Sauringar

The symbol of this House is a perfectly round eye surrounded by scales. Their colours are muddy Red and deep Green. They mostly reside in a series of tunnel-lairs running all through the jungles, but have quite a lot of area to the West, in fact forging a strong alliance with the humans there - a necessity, as they do not hold a strong political base of power themselves.
House Se'Sehen + +

Special: any Yuan-ti may have Puff Torso as a bonus feat.

House Se'Sehen

This is the oldest House, and the most widespread - accordingly, they have many allies… and many enemies. Their symbol is that of two fangs tied to a bone, and their colours are Grey and Brown. House Se'Sehen created the Ti'khana creatures, and many such creatures can be found in their use. House Se'Sehen pursue an active role in spreading Yuan-ti dominance, beyond that even of other Houses.
House Extaminos + + +
House Sauringar + +
House Eselemas - - -
House Jennestas - - -
The Coiled Cabal - -

Special: any Yuan-ti with venom may have Spit Venom as a bonus feat. Druids may select a Ti'khana as an animal companion at level 5 (level -4), and a fifth-level Hexblade with the Familiar option may replace their familiar with a Ti'khana Deinonychus at this point, gaining Mounted Combat (see Hexblade, below) as a bonus feat. It gains actual hit dice when the Hexblade does, and can thus "Pokevolve" as need be into other varieties of Ti'khana.

House Sseradess

The symbol of House Sseradess is three interlinked black slashes. Their colours are Black and Purple, and they are fairly isolated, thus not having any particular allies or enemies. Mostly they control the waterways and subterranean areas - in fact, their zone of influence does not extend to the beaches, but passes under them to the ocean itself. They have enslaved many Kuo-toa, making great use of them.

Special: any Yuan-ti gains the [Amphibious] subtype, as well as a Swim speed equal to half their land speed (along with the +8 bonus to Swim checks and ability to take 10 on Swim checks even when threatened). Any character may purchase Kuo-toa slaves (regular Kuo-toa without additional hit dice or anything) for 5 pounds of platinum each.

The Coiled Cabal

The Coiled Cabal is a secret organisation in that nobody is too sure about who the members and Overhoods are - even those who appear in the Council give no name and conceal their faces. Its existence and importance are well documented, however. It serves the interests of the race as a whole, and is active in pushing their agenda. It also has the majority of magic users. Knowing the identity of more than three Overhoods generally results in being sent on particularly dangerous missions, to take care of the problem of one person knowing too much.
House Eselemas +
House Extaminos +
House Hss'tafi +
House Se'Sehen - -

Special: a character in the Coiled Cabal gains a +5 bonus on Bluff checks to avoid their own reputation (treating Reputation as +0) in the Council - though any gains (or losses) in Reputation while doing so are lost. Characters in the Coiled Cabal may spend starting wealth on a single additional Basic magic item.

Basic Game Information

This game assumes the PCs are all actual Yuan-ti, as part of the whole Yuan-ti Council. You probably know each other already, and definitely have vaguely similar goals, so won't be engaging in in-fighting. Overthrowing humanity is big on the agenda. Also "Serving the Anathema (until powerful enough to shank it and take over)" might be on the list.

This game will involve social manipulation and backstabbing (including actual backstabbing with knives) using a kind of half-assed social combat system. But that lasts until you guys decide it's stupid and just want to stab people in the face or all vote to just play Magical Tea Party, so don't feel forced to do it. It will also potentially include sneaking into human towns, infiltrating them and corrupting civilisation. Don't worry, there's also the whole "going into ancient ruins to kill the inhabitants and recover lost relics" or actually refurbish ruined castles to inhabit and maintain as proper bases. Optional: running businesses, managing staff (and rooting out the spies), setting up spy networks of your own.

Character Creation:

  • Note the Races, Classes and Feats below
  • Here is a pre-rolled array you can use for your ability scores (arrange them how you like): 14, 11, 16, 16, 16, 7 (before racial mods)
  • Starting Level: 4 (maximum Skill Rank: 7, feats: 2 (one for 1st level, another for 3rd), +1 increase to any one ability score (for 4th level))
  • Starting Wealth: any amount of mundane crap and ten pounds of platinum (5,000 GP) - half of this platinum can be spent on personal crafting pre-game
  • Magic Items: you may have two of the following: Basic Magic Weapon, Basic Magic Armour, Basic Ability Enhancement, Basic Deflector, Basic Magic Shield, Basic Resistor
  • If you wish to be part of the nobility, playing the Council Game, then you may have as many as three 1st-level servants (Extaminaar or Humans) or slaves (Humans or Elves) which are likely to be Experts, Commoners or whatever. They don't join combat, they just help you in generic day-to-day stuff.

House Rules:

  • Critical Threats need not be confirmed by Player Characters - they automatically confirm because big effects are awesome
  • The second attack from BAB still takes the -5 penalty, but further attacks are capped at the same -5, as opposed to resulting in 4 attacks, half of which can't hit - ie a level 20 Fighter would have BAB +20/+15/+15/+15
  • If your BAB is higher than that of an opponent, then you do not provoke Attacks of Opportunity from them for attempting a Disarm, Trip (including Bullrush), or Grapple - and successfully Tripping them makes them provoke an AoO off you.
  • If you spend "an adventure" using a weapon you're not proficient with, then congratulations, you are now proficient with it at the end of the adventure.
  • Cross-Class skills do not cost 2 points per rank, it merely means they have a lower Maximum Ranks.
  • If you have a Cohort, then great. Their level/CR is two less than your own character level, no exceptions. Also, they come with (some amount of stuff), but after that, it's your job to equip them. If you have multiple Cohorts, then only one at a time can actually join you.

Playable Races

There are three playable races here (though you *might* be able to convince me to let you play something else, just save your game BEFORE asking, not AFTER). In order of human-looking to snake-looking: Tainted One, Pure Blood, Extaminaar (exception: a Pure Blood who develops into any other variety is more snake-looking than an Extaminaar). In ascending order of monster level: Extaminaar (base race like a Human or an Elf), Tainted One (+1 Level Adjustment), Pure Blood (4 Monstrous Humanoid HD)

Note that all of these races have the [Scaled One] and [Yuan-ti] subtypes, and most have the [Human] subtype. Also note that, as snakelike critters, they should totally spend hours lying in the sun, and only need to eat once or twice a week.


The Extaminaar are creations of House Extaminos - the result of generations of cross-breeding between Yuan-ti Pure Bloods and Humans. As such, they look a lot like humans, but tend to have pale, yellow-greenish skin, with scaled patches around the neck and ears, and forked tongues. They also tend to be tall and slender. They are able to disguise themselves as humans, typically with thick, hooded robes and the like, or with makeup. Extaminaar also have no body hair, nor even eyebrows or eyelashes. They only produce hair on their scalp, which also produces an oil that allows them to slick it back, aiding in swimming.

Humanoid [Human, Yuan-ti, Scaled One]
30' Speed
-2 Strength, +2 Dexterity
Low-Light Vision
+2 Racial bonus on Fort Saves vs Poison
+4 Racial bonus on Swim checks
+2 Racial bonus on Escape Artist checks
DC to recognise as not being completely human: 15 (+5 to Disguise checks when actively attempting to appear human)
Spell-Like Abilities: at will - Speak With Animals (Snakes only), 3/day - Charm Animal (Snakes only, DC 10 + half HD + Charisma modifier)
Bonus Feat: Forked Tongue
Languages: Common, Yuan-ti
Special: the Extaminaar may spend all of their starting platinum to have the grafted Serpent Arm. This negates the bonus to Disguise checks, and if not concealed (such as wrapping it around the body and wearing a robe over it) changes the base DC to zero.

Tainted One

Tainted Ones are not born, they are made: many Yuan-ti hold the secrets to the creation of a potion that will convert any human (from the regular "human" to a Deep Imaskari to an Extaminaar to a Half Elf to a Genasi to a Half Orc to the swamp beast known as your mum) into a Tainted One. The subject lapses into a coma, undergoing a physical transformation, and one day later, awakens as a Tainted One. They look largely the same as they did before, the only obvious difference being their slitted eyes and forked tongue.

Humanoid [Human, Yuan-ti, Scaled One]
30' Speed
+2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence
Immune to all Snake Poisons (including Yuan-ti)
Bonus Skill Points as Human
DC to recognise as not human: 25 (+15 bonus to Disguise checks when actively disguising)
Poison Bite: Con-based, 1d4 Con/1d4 Con (can deliver it as a bite with a successful grapple, or a kiss as a melee touch attack, but the latter reduces the Save DC by 2)
Psionics (Sp): Polymorph (Tiny to Large Viper) 3/day, Poison 1/day (Con-based)
Bonus Feats: Alertness, Forked Tongue
Languages: Common, Yuan-ti
Level Adjustment: +1

Pure Blood

The Pure-Bloods tend to be the infiltrators of human society amongst the "true" Yuan-ti. They also often serve as the spellcasters, although they tend to be slower at mastering it than the more human strains. Nevertheless, it is this species that automatically grants rank amongst Yuan-ti culture, and many will actually develop into the "greater" breeds. They look fairly human, but are tall, slender, have slitted eyes and small noses and ears. Some also have a pale green-ish skin that is slightly scaled.

Monstrous Humanoid [Yuan-ti, Scaled One]
30' Speed
+2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma
Darkvision 60'
Hit Dice: 4d8
BAB: +4
Fort +1 Ref +4 Will +4
Skill Points: 7*(2+Int)
DC to recognise as not human: 20 (+10 bonus to Disguise checks when actively disguising)
Bonus Feats: Alertness, Blind-Fight
+1 Natural Armour
Psionics (Charisma-based, Sp): 1/day - Animal Trance, Cause Fear, Charm Person, Darkness, Entangle
Alternate Form (Sp): Tiny to Large Viper at will
Detect Poison (Sp) at will
Spell Resistance 14 + Class Levels
Languages: Common, Yuan-ti
No level adjustment, but note that they have 4 racial hit dice (levels for all intents and purposes - including the feats and the ability score increase)

Classes Commonly Encountered

This game has a different bunch of "standard classes" from normal. You might be able to convince me to let you use another class, but I also might tell you to fuck off. It's a mystery! Alternatively, select one of the following, making sure to follow the link/read the info, because if you've seen it before, it's probably different.


This class specialises in making alchemical stuff really quickly (and for free), throwing super-charged alchemical goods (like acid flasks) at people, and making potions that are dangerous drugs of AWESOME POWER.

Note: in this game, the Alchemist can add a dose of their own venom (if any) to any alchemical concoction so that it delivers it on use. A Fortitude Save is still needed.


This is found in "Player's Handbook II". You gain the following spells at the listed levels: Hood of the Cobra (3rd), Hiss of Sleep (7th).
Additionally, any spell you have that specifically affects Humanoids (such as Charm Person) will also affect anything with the [Scaled One] subtype.


This class specialises in making exceptionally good acid and similar stuff, then administering it the Keynesian way with a giant syringe, as well as super-critting people.

Note: in this game, the Bio-Spark can add a dose of their own venom (if any) to any alchemical concoction she produces, delivering it via the needle. A Fortitude Save is still needed.


This is found in the core rules (SRD/Player's Handbook). You can choose to worship yourself of get "divine inspiration", letting you flat-out choose your domains, alignment and favoured weapon. See how much I care?

In general though, Yuan-ti worship Sseth, Varae, Sss'thasine'ss and Mershaulk. Particularly Sseth.

Small alterations: you automatically gain proficiency with the chosen weapon of your deity, however you don't know your whole fucking spell list. Instead you get this: all Core Cleric spells, and bonus spells known for a high Wisdom just the same as bonus Spells per Day. Obviously you know your Domain spells as well. Every level (including first), you learn one extra non-core Cleric spell. Finally, you can learn from scrolls and stuff like a Wizard can.

You may elect to, instead of spontaneously Inflicting/Curing, spontaneously convert spells to any one of your Domains (selected at first level).


Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Animal, Chaos, Charm, Destruction, Evil, Fate, Plant, Scalykind, War
Requirements: put your race before all others, lay waste to enemies, actively engage in war and destroy your lessers
Favoured Weapon: Longsword
Casting Weapon of the Deity: Venomous Longsword
Symbol: Cobra Head


Alignment: Neutral Evil
Domains: Air, Animal, Evil, Knowledge, Magic, Planning, Scalykind, Trickery
Requirements: guard valuable knowledge, put your race before all others, strive for personal power
Favoured Weapon: Scimitar
Casting Weapon of the Deity: Venomous Scimitar
Symbol: Flying Snake


Alignment: Lawful Evil
Domains: Animal, Death, Domination, Evil, Healing, Law, Nobility, Pain, Scalykind
Requirements: subjugate all who would be less than you, never show mercy, always try to raise your social position
Favoured Weapon: Whip
Casting Weapon of the Deity: Sweeping Whip
Symbol: Swarm of Writhing Snakes


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Domains: Animal, Chaos, Death, Endurance, Retribution, Scalykind, Suffering, Sun, Water, Watery Death
Requirements: persevere, survive, overcome any odds, show defiance
Favoured Weapon: Scimitar
Casting Weapon of the Deity: Venomous Scimitar
Symbol: Snake Biting its Tail


You will find this class in the PHB/SRD. Just like the Cleric, you don't automatically know every spell ever released. You know all Core Druid spells, and gain extra spells known for a high Wisdom, just like bonus Spells per Day. You also learn one extra non-core spell every level (including first). Finally, you may learn new ones from scrolls like a Wizard.

Your Animal Companion may be any of the following:
1st level list: Mlarraun, Reed Snake
3rd level list (level -2): Dung Snake, Glacier Snake, Nifern, Tree Python, Sewerm, Whipsnake
4th level list (level -3): Jaculi, Tren
6th level list (level -5): Amphisbaena
9th level list (level -8): Deathcoils


You will find this class in Complete Warrior. This class has some changes:

  • The Hexblade's Curse is at will. Levels where the curse would gain an extra daily use, he instead gets to select a [Hex] Feat as a Bonus Feat
  • The Bonus Feats list also includes any Bonus Fighter Feat (not a [Combat] feat however) or [Monstrous] feat
  • The following spells are automatically learned in addition to the normal choices: Razorscales (1st), Scent (1st), Handfang (2nd), Serpent Arrow (2nd), Laogzed's Breath (3rd), Trait Removal (3rd), Venomfire (3rd), Creeping Doom (4th, Viper Swarms instead of Centipede Swarms)
  • Spells cast have a Save DC of 10 + half HD + Charisma modifier, just like the Hex, rather than going by the weak Spell Levels
  • If the familiar is *not* traded for the Shadow Companion, then at 10th level it may "Pokevolve" into a Deathcoils, and he automatically gains the Mounted Combat feat as a bonus feat. It continues to gain actual hit dice as he does, keeping it vaguely relevant. When he reaches fifteen hit dice, it may gain the Shadow Creature template.

Mounted Combat:

You are at your best when sitting on an ally.
Benefit: once per round, if an attack hits your mount, you may attempt a Ride check with a DC equal to the attack roll. If you succeed, you negate the attack.
4 ranks in Ride: when mounted, you may declare a charge at any point in your mount's movement, as long as you move in a straight line for that last 10 feet of movement leading up to the attack.
9 ranks in Ride: you suffer no penalty to Ride or Handle Animal checks for dealing with strange animals like Dragons or Magical Beasts.
14 ranks in Ride: you may use your Ride check in place of your mount's Balance, Climb and Jump checks and Reflex Saves.
19 ranks in Ride: any time an effect targets your mount, you may have it target you instead, and vice versa.


This is not the PHB/SRD one, which is useless except for when at level six the MC invariably gives them an amulet that lets them turn into a Dire Tiger at will. This one can actually work just fine without that (and as such, does not get the Dire Tiger amulet).


This is not the distinctly average Complete Adventurer one. Instead, it gains a bunch of special Ki powers, and can be used to cover a few different types of "ninja", but usually only one at a time.

Note: in this game, the Ninja can spend a Jutsu Point to regain a limited use of any Spell-Like Ability, such as the racial ones. Furthermore, if the Ninja has a natural poison, then Shini Kaze simply enhances the poison as though casting Venomfire - this effect is constantly on as long as a Jutsu Point is placed into it.


This class can be found in the PHB/SRD. They gain a special bonus: if delivering poison in any way, then should Sneak Attack apply in the situation (foe is flanked or denied their Dex bonus to AC, and is not immune to Critical Hits), then instead of dealing Sneak Attack damage, for every d6 of Sneak Attack damage you would normally do, you add +1 to the Save DC and to the primary damage of the poison.


No, not the one from Oriental Adventures with the bullshit skill that I am not using in this game. No, also not the awful Complete Warrior one that nobody has ever used. This one specialises in Attacks of Opportunity and Critical Hits, and frequently iaijutsus people in half.


Again, not the one from Oriental Adventures. This class specialises in ruining enemy actions, taking attacks of opportunity and guarding allies - enemies have a good reason to attack the Sohei, but it's not going to work out so well.


As seen in the PHB/SRD. The Sorcerer gains extra spells known, but as a class feature, meaning that prestige classes cause you to lose the benefit.
Level 2: Razorscales (1st)
Level 3: Lava Missile (1st)
Level 4: Scent (2nd)
Level 5: Cobra Hood (2nd)
Level 6: Handfang (3rd), Venom Bolt (3rd)
Level 7: Laogzed's Breath (3rd)
Level 8: Fang Trap (4th)
Level 9: Lava Splash (4th)
Level 10: Serpent Arrow (5th)
Level 11: Venomfire (5th)
Level 14: Hiss of Sleep (7th)
Level 15: Whirl of Fangs (7th)
Level 17: Shapechange (Marilith only, 8th)
Level 18: Erupt (9th)

Note that these spells cannot be traded out for different ones.

Additionally, by casting a spell as a Full Round Action (if it would normally take less time to cast), the Sorcerer may change the DC to be 10 + half HD + Cha rather than being based on the Spell Level.


No, not the one from Magic of Blue - half confusing, half underpowered, all blue. It's still blue, but it's one that works on a fairly simple system and enjoys using monster-like effects on people.


Just like in the PHB/SRD. No changes.

Racial Advancement Options for Pure Bloods:

Pure Blood Yuan-ti have the option to gain additional Monstrous Humanoid hit dice. Doing so improves their abilities, allowing them to become other types of Yuan-ti via Pokevolving. Typically the final level in a stage is accompanied by a ritual of transformation, and the shedding of skin to reveal a new form, but whatever.

Half Blood

Requirements: Pure Blood
Hit Die: d8
1. +1 BAB, +0 Fort, +0 Ref, +0 Will, 2+Int Skill Points, +2 Strength, +4 Intelligence, +2 Charisma, +1 Natural Armour
Upgrade spell-like abilities to 3/day. Gain the Chameleon power of a Half Blood. Gain a natural Bite attack with Poison.
2. +1 BAB, +1 Fort, +1 Ref, +1 Will, 2+Int Skill Points, +2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence, +4 Wisdom, +1 Natural Armour
Gain Neutralise Poison (Sp) and Produce Acid.
3. +1 BAB, +0 Fort, +0 Ref, +0 Will, 2+Int Skill Points, +2 Strength, +4 Wisdom, +2 Charisma, +2 Natural Armour
Gain Deeper Darkness (Sp) and Suggestion (Sp)

Half Bloods tend to hold higher status within Yuan-ti society than Pure Bloods, but as they have complete snake heads, it's typically hard for them to disguise themselves as human - at first level they lose the bonus, instead getting a -10 penalty and the basic DC becomes 0. Half Bloods have great mental faculties, but can't really afford to suddenly start a life of magic unless via prestige class. That said, they have innate spell-like abilities, and they would make perfectly decent samurai for instance.


Requirements: Half Blood, Not Holy Guardian or Mageslayer
Hit Dice: d8
1. +1 BAB +0 Fort, +1 Ref, +1 Will, 2+Int Skill Points, Grow Large, +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence, +3 Natural Armour
Gain Improved Grab, Constrict, Swim and Climb speeds. Upgrade 3/day Spell-Like Abilities to At Will.
2. +1 BAB, +1 Fort, +0 Ref, +0 Will, 2+Int Skill Points, +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma, +2 Natural Armour
Gain the 3/day Spell-Like Abilities, as well as 1/day Aversion and Baleful Polymorph (Snakes Only)

Abominations look so inhuman that there is no fooling anyone - it becomes impossible. They are massive, towering above humans, and are covered in thick green scales. Were it not for the wide torso and pair of arms, they could be mistaken for "really big snakes". These make up the leaders of most Houses, and carry a high rank in Yuan-ti society.

They also tend to study the physical arts. By spending 30 pounds of platinum, an Abomination can petition a House Matriarch/Patriarch for a tome of martial prowess, allowing them to learn mystic martial arts. Effectively, this grants them every single Manoeuvre from a single School from Book of Weeaboo Fightan Magic (Setting Sun, Desert Wind or Shadow Hand). They also gain all of the Stances from the chosen school, and can prepare at any given time a number of Manoeuvres equal to their hit dice. They can be used once per ten minutes. Note that while an Abomination can share the book with others, that is very much frowned upon, and any creature with a Wisdom less than 20 is unable to figure it out, likewise a creature with a Constitution less than 16 finds it to be too straining on their body and cannot do it.


Requirements: Abomination
Hit Dice: d8
1. +1 BAB, +0 Fort, +1 Ref, +1 Will, 2+Int Skill Points, +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, +1 Natural Armour, 2 Claws, Dissolving Touch
2. +1 BAB, +0 Fort, +0 Ref, +0 Will, 2+Int Skill Points, +2 Charisma, Second Head, +1 Natural Armour, Fire Resistance 10, Electricity Resistance 10
3. +1 BAB, +1 Fort, +1 Ref, +1 Will, 2+Int Skill Points, +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, +1 Natural Armour, Damage Reduction 10/magic
4. +1 BAB, +0 Fort, +0 Ref, +0 Will, 2+Int Skill Points, +2 Intelligence, +1 Natural Armour, Acid Immunity, Upgrade Spell-Like Abilities to 3/day
5. +1 BAB, +0 Fort, +1 Ref, +1 Will, 2+Int Skill Points, +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, +1 Natural Armour, All-Around Vision
6. +1 BAB, +1 Fort, +0 Ref, +0 Will, 2+Int Skill Points, +2 Wisdom, Third Head, +1 Natural Armour, Damage Reduction 20/magic
7. +1 BAB, +0 Fort, +1 Ref, +1 Will, 2+Int Skill Points, +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, +1 Natural Armour, Regeneration 5/Force or Adamantine
8. +1 BAB, +0 Fort, +0 Ref, +0 Will, 2+Int Skill Points, +2 Charisma, +1 Natural Armour, Damage Reduction 30/Good
9. +1 BAB, +1 Fort, +1 Ref, +1 Will, 2+Int Skill Points, Huge Size, +2 Constitution, Fourth Head, +1 Natural Armour, Mass Aversion
10. +1 BAB, +0 Fort, +0 Ref, +0 Will, 2+Int Skill Points, +2 Intelligence, Fifth Head, +1 Natural Armour, New Spell-Like Abilities 1/day
11. +1 BAB, +0 Fort, +1 Ref, +1 Will, 2+Int Skill Points, +2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, Sixth Head, Attach Grafts

The Anathema are the greatest of the Yuan-ti, and are practically gods. They certainly do receive worship, awe and respect… as well as some degree of becoming a target. A completed Anathema has the option to try to oppose the current leading Anathema in a contest for supremacy, or to leave and attempt to set up a new society elsewhere, remaining on good trade relations and receiving everything needed to begin a new Empire, or to serve the leading Anathema loyally and gain a position in the Inner Circle - such characters could even start their own House.

Holy Guardian

Requirements Half Blood, Not Abomination or Mageslayer
Hit Dice: d8
1. +1 BAB, +0 Fort, +1 Ref, +1 Will, 2+Int Skill Points, +4 Strength +2 Constitution, +2 Natural Armour
Gain Climb, Swim, Constrict & Improved Grab. Gain Scent and the following Spell-Like Abilities: Baleful Polymorph (Snakes only) Resist Energy, Venomous Tentacles

The Holy Guardians are specially chosen servants of Sseth - always Sseth, and have holy orders to carry out his will. Typically they answer to the High Priest, or will guard temples, but on occasion they travel in regular groups, assisting their allies or specifically leading them on quests to recover relics. They look like Half Bloods with a serpent head, human arms and serpent tail replacing the legs. They are always of one hue, never banded or pale on the underside. As with the Abomination, it is impossible to appear human.


Requirements: Half Blood, Not Abomination or Holy Guardian
Hit Dice: d8
1. +1 BAB, +0 Fort, +1 Ref, +1 Will, +2 Strength, +2 Natural Armour
Gain Climb, Swim, Improved Grab and Constrict. Upgrade Spell-Like Abilities to 3/day and At Will accordingly. Gain the spellcasting ability of a 5th level Sorcerer
2. +1 BAB, +1 Fort, +0 Ref, +0 Will, 2+Int Skill Points, +2 Strength, +2 Constitution
Gain new Spell-Like Abilities and Venomous Tentacles. Gain Scent. Increase spellcasting ability to 7th level. Bonus Feat: forked tongue

Mageslayers were created by the Coiled Cabal as a reaction to the fact that their human enemies tend to include powerful spellcasters - a way of neutralising this threat. All receive training from them, and most are actually loyal to the Cabal. Generally, they resemble human-headed Half Bloods with serpent tails replacing their legs. They have forked tongues, however. As with the Abomination, it is impossible to appear human.

Special Feats

I recommend people tjeck out the Tome of Awesome and use feats from that. Also note that even Extaminaars have access to [Monstrous] feats (found in Savage Species and the Monster Manuals).

There are also new feats presented here.

Cobra Head [Monstrous]

You can extend the skin of your neck into a cobra hood.
Benefit: The skin of your neck and head becomes like that of a cobra - you can use a Move Equivalent Action to flatten the sides and look cobralike, granting a +2 bonus to Intimidate checks and increasing the Save DC of all of your [Fear] effects by +1. Additionally, creatures with an Intelligence of 2 or less perceive you as being one size category larger than you actually are. Note that this is usually received as a bonus feat, as it is relatively minor. Those wanting the benefits should instead take Serpent Form, which is worth spending one of your rare, delicious feats on.

Craft of the Yuan-ti Cult [Item Crafting]

You can make the secret magical items of your people.
Requirements: Yuan-ti
Benefit: you can the ability to create the Specific Magic Items (see below), even if you do not possess the specific item crafting feats to do so. Additionally, you can create and apply Yuan'ti grafts, even if you lack that feat or the required ranks in Heal. You do not pay the XP costs, just the monetary costs and time. People should pay you the full market value or a great favour for any graft or item you hand out, unless they're your friends.

Forked Tongue [Monstrous]

You speak with a honeyed tongue that bends listeners to your will. You also literally have a forked tongue.
Benefit: you gain a +2 bonus on Bluff checks, and increase the DC of all of your [Charm] effects, unless Silenced, by +1. Note that this is usually received as a bonus feat, as it is relatively minor. Those wanting the benefits should instead take Serpent Form, which is worth spending one of your rare, delicious feats on.

Puff Torso [Monstrous]

You can puff your body out to appear bigger.
Benefit: you can spend a Move-Equivalent Action puffing your body up with air so you look scarier. You gain a +4 bonus to Intimidate checks while this is happening. Note that this is usually received as a bonus feat, as it is relatively minor. Those wanting the benefits should instead take Serpent Form, which is worth spending one of your rare, delicious feats on.

Serpent Form [Monstrous]

You are extra snakey
Benefit: you gain all of the effects of Forked Tongue (above). If you already have this, your eyes become unblinking and hypnotic, granting a +2 bonus to Diplomacy checks and increasing the DC of all your effects that cause Fascination or Hypnosis by +1. Further benefits scale with the amount of Hit Dice you possess.
6 Hit Dice: You gain all the effects of Cobra Head (above). If you already have this, you gain two levels of Heat Resistance (see: It's Hot Outside).
11 Hit Dice: Your mouth becomes especially elastic, granting you a Swallow Whole attack. You can fit one creature smaller than yourself in your stomach, or two creatures two sizes smaller or so on. Creatures inside you take 1d6+Str crushing damage and 1d6 Acid damage (both assuming you are Medium) per round, and must do at least 10 Slashing damage to escape. Also, if you have a Constrict attack then you can attempt to tear a target in half any time you Constrict: you deal double damage, but drop the target Prone instead of maintaining the grapple.
16 Hit Dice: You become even better at swallowing people whole, and can swallow one creature the SAME size as you, doubling with each size smaller as normal. Additionally, you gain the benefits of the Spit Venom feat (below). If you already possess it, you gain the benefits of the Spray Venom feat (below). If you already possess that, then anyone caught in the area must pass a Reflex Save (same DC) or be Blinded for 1 round.

Spit Venom

You can spit your venom at people
Requirements: a poisonous Bite attack
Benefit: with a Standard action, you can deliver your poison as a Ranged Touch Attack out to 30'. All effects are as normal aside from this. Note that this is usually received as a bonus feat, as it is relatively minor. Those wanting the benefits should instead take Serpent Form, which is worth spending one of your rare, delicious feats on.

Spray Venom

You can now spray your venom at lots of people
Requirements: Spit Venom
Benefit: you may elect to spit your venom so it sprays out in a 15' wide+long cone. All in the area are hit by the venom and must make a Fortitude Save against it as normal.

Prestige Classes

Here are common Prestige Classes taken by the Yuan-ti, but I'm way more flexible with this, including accepting homebrew ones and working out custom ones because you specifically want a sort-of-spellcasting PrCl themed around serving cake and tea to people and affecting them with transformation magic by doing so, accessible by rogues. Or whatever.

  • Ancient Master (Serpent Kingdoms)
  • Coiled Cabalist (Serpent Kingdoms)
  • Demon Samurai (Tome of Awesome)
  • Enlightened Disciple of Wel Hung Temple, Long Wang Province (Tome of Awesome)
  • Fang of Sseth (Serpent Kingdoms)
  • Maelstrom of Fiery Ki (Tome of Awesome)
  • Master of Snake Mountain (Tome of Awesome)
  • Master of Vipers (Serpent Kingdoms)
  • Meteor Ninja (Tome of Awesome)
  • Scaled Horror (Savage Species)
  • Yuan-ti Cultist (Savage Species)

The Wastrel

"Oh, but you simply must meet the Mordenkainen's, this way over here I'll introduce you, oh I say, your brandy is out, more, waiter!"

Skills: Knowledge: Nobility and Royalty 5 ranks, Diplomacy 8 ranks, Bluff 8 ranks
Feats: Persuasive or Negotiator or Natural Empath
Special: must be active on "the social scene", which is totally a roleplaying requirement

Hit Die: d6
Skill Points: 8+Int per level
Class Skills: Appraise, Balance, Bluff, Decipher Script, Diplomacy, Disable Device, Forgery, Gather Information, Hide, Intimidate, Knowledge (any), Listen, Move Silently, Perform (any), Ride, Search, Sense Motive, Spot

Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special
1 +0 +0 +2 +2 First Impressions, Fop's Knowledge
2 +1 +0 +3 +3 Banter
3 +2 +1 +3 +3 Witty Repartee, Practice Makes Perfect
4 +3 +1 +4 +4 Reputation +1
5 +3 +1 +4 +4 Wining and Dining
6 +4 +2 +5 +5 All Kinds of Smooth, Practice Makes Perfect
7 +5 +2 +5 +5 Sweeter Deals
8 +6 +2 +6 +6 Reputation +2
9 +6 +3 +6 +6 Between You and Me, Practice Makes Perfect
10 +7 +3 +7 +7 Socialing in the Face!

First Impressions (Ex): first impressions are everything, and the Wastrel knows it. He may add his class level as a bonus to the initial Attitude check upon meeting a new person.

Fop's Knowledge (Ex): the Wastrel is good at utilising the knowledge picked up by chatting with people in parties. He may use Knowledge: Nobility and Royalty in place of any other Knowledge, and when using it for things that would actually be Knowledge: Nobility and Royalty, may add his class level as a bonus.

Banter (Ex): given a full minute of speaking with someone, the second level Wastrel can chat them into being friendly, effectively casting Charm Person on them with a DC equal to 10 + half his hit dice + his Charisma modifier. When speaking with someone who is already friendly, he may instead effectively bestow a Suggestion upon them - at the same DC.

Witty Repartee (Ex): at third level, whenever he declares one opponent to be his foe in combat, engaging in witty repartee with them, the Wastrel may add his Charisma bonus to his attack and damage rolls against that foe. However, he is denied his Dexterity bonus to Armour Class against every other foe until his next turn, should he do this, likewise may not make Attacks of Opportunity until his next turn. Additionally, should he engage in active banter with someone out of combat, then after one minute of such taunting and provoking, he may force them to make a Will Save (DC 10 + half his hit dice + his Charisma modifier) or automatically tell him the truth regarding the original topic.

Practice Makes Perfect: every three levels, the Wastrel may improve an existing class feature he possesses, such as:

  • Sneak Attack +1d6
  • +1 Fighting Style (of any kind available to the character)
  • Sudden Strike +1d6
  • Casting Ability +1 level
  • +1 Base Attack Bonus
  • Skirmish +1d6 or +1 AC

Reputation Bonus: at level four, the Wastrel gains a +1 bonus to his reputation despite being known for his bad habits. At level eight, this increases to +2.

Wining and Dining (Ex): the fifth-level Wastrel has such a taste for the finer things that he will instantly know if anything ingested contains poison, no matter how well concealed. Furthermore, he gains immunity to all ingested poisons so that he may actually draw attention to this fact. Yes, this includes ingested drugs such as alcohol.

All Kinds of Smooth (Su): at level six, the Wastrel may add his Charisma bonus to his Armour Class, and to any Saves vs Mind Affecting effects. These apply even against people he isn't using Witty Repartee against - they're just not important enough to bother him. Additionally, his Charisma bonus is added to the DC of any skill check made to influence his attitude (or if it's an opposed roll, is added to his roll - even if it means Charisma is added twice).

Sweeter Deals (Ex): starting at level seven, any deal ends up just a bit better for the Wastrel. He gets a 10% discount on anything he buys (which can be negotiated into a 25% discount if buying at least 10 of the item by making a Diplomacy check (DC 10 + hit dice of the target + their Wisdom modifier, +/- 5 for every degree of friendliness above or beyond neutral)). Likewise, he should generally need to give fewer concessions to others in formal deals and may find various odd bonuses added in "because it's him".

Between You and Me (Su): anybody who spends more than ten minutes speaking with the ninth-level Wastrel - even if he does most (or all) of the talking - finds himself losing his wits and being less guarded. Unless immune to Mind Affecting effects (resistant won't cut it!), they will automatically tell him their various secrets, even those such as "I am plotting with those two men over there to murder you in your sleep tonight. Here's how we'll do it."

Socialing in the Face! (Su): at tenth level, the Wastrel is a master of words. When he spends at least an hour in negotiations with someone, the other person must make a Will Save (DC 10 + half his hit dice + his Charisma modifier) or be Dominated for one day. Furthermore, he can use such strong influence even in combat: he may add his ranks in either Diplomacy or Bluff (his choice) to damage rolls - this bonus is non-lethal damage. He's just that awesome with words, he can deliver cutting insults and talk people into submission.

Magic Items

Note that you needn't measure individual slots - if you want a hatstack or like six magic belts, you can just do that, however the same bonus still doesn't stack (so a belt of Strength, a belt of Dexterity and a belt of Intelligence all work fine, but not three belts of Strength). The real limit here is that at any given time you can only benefit from eight magic items. Yes, if you chug a potion, that counts for as long as the effect is active (instantaneous things like Cure therefore don't take up a slot). Note that a quiver of magic arrows is okay because you only *use* one arrow at a time, save for feats that say you don't.

Basic Magic Items:

This is what I like to call "Generic crap". In fact, it's not so much that it's magic as that it's just of really good quality. Effectively it helps keep your numbers at "what the game expects of you". Despite not really being magic, they still take up a slot.

  • Basic Magic Weapon: the weapon gains a +1 Enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls per 3 character levels (round UP). Does not hit Ethereal, does bypass DR /Magic. Can even include shit that isn't traditionally a weapon, like a hatstand.
  • Basic Magic Armour: the armour gains a +1 Enhancement bonus to its Armour bonus per 3 character levels (round UP). Can include "not armour" like clothes.
  • Basic Magic Shield: as above, except it modifies the Shield bonus instead.
  • Basic Ability Enhancer: the item provides a +1 Enhancement bonus per 3 character levels (round UP) to one ability score.
  • Basic Deflector: the item provides a +1 Deflection bonus to armour class per 4 character levels (round UP).
  • Basic Resistor: the item provides a +1 Resistance bonus per 3 character levels (round UP) to all saving throws.

Crafting such a thing requires making the masterwork item, and paying half of the cost (for the MW item) plus 1 pound of platinum, along with the normal time. The market price is therefore the cost of the MW item plus 2 pounds of platinum. Yes, these can be Wished for.

Minor Magic Items:

These are actually magic items. They all have a Basic effect (weapons DO gain the 50% hit chance for Ethereal things), as well as some actual effect. I'm not telling what they are. Unless you actually want to make one yourself, in which case I will tell you the kinds of stuff it can do. Making one is the same as the Basic one, plus 100 hours divided by your Craft modifier and 5 pounds of platinum. The market cost is as the Basic items, plus 10 pounds of platinum.

Examples include "grants Darkvision or Featherfall" or "lets you cast a certain 1st level spell at will" or "deals fire damage and sets fools on fire".

These can totally be Wished for too.

Moderate Magic Items:

These are much like the Minor ones, but the effect is better. The crafting time is like Basic items, plus 500 hours (divided by your Craft modifier), and the crafting cost is as Basic plus 20 pounds of platinum. If you want to sell it, you could get as much as 50-60 pounds of platinum, but you're unlikely to be able to find them for sale, needing to trade some kind of special rare thing the person wants, or doing a quest. These cannot be Wished for.

Examples include "grants Tremorsense" or "People who attack you risk getting Confused" or "Slows people you hit" or "lets you cast a certain 3rd level spell at will".

Major Magic Items:

Again, the effect is even more awesome. The crafting time is like Basic items, plus 1000 hours (divided by your Craft modifier), and the crafting cost is as Basic plus 1000 pounds of platinum and some kind of powerful "planar" currency like Raw Chaos or Pure Hope. If you want to sell it, you could get as much as a million pounds of platinum, but why would you do that? You can't get it for money, but can get it for love - as in, trading pure Essence of Love and other crazy stuff. These cannot be Wished for.

Examples include "people hit by this must save vs death" or "grants a few immunities" or "lets you cast a certain high level spell at will".

Specific Magic Items:

Blasphemous Weapon: a Blasphemous Weapon is a Major Magic Weapon, it is treated as an Unholy Weapon (SRD/DMG), but deals an additional 2d10 Profane damage to affected creatures on a critical hit. Additionally, on a critical hit the target suffers a Blasphemy effect (CL = BAB of the wielder).

Circlet of Seven Serpents: the wearer of this Moderate Magic Item receives an Enhancement bonus to Intelligence, and can cast the following spells at will: Mage Hand, Open/Close, Charm Person, True Strike, Speak With Animals (Serpents), Scent and Greater Magic Fang.

Fang Bead: this magic item takes four hours and half a pound of platinum to make (sold for a pound of platinum), and is not classified the same as others. Additionally, it is a consumable - once used, it is gone. It can be thrown without penalty out to 60 feet, at which point it bursts into a Swarm of Vipers that will attack whatever is nearest.

Manyfang Dagger: a Manyfang Dagger is a Moderate Magic Weapon: every time it strikes, three phantom blades lash out and strike as well. As such, any time it hits, it delivers damage four times. On a critical hit, only one of these hits is critical.

Osra: this is a variety of different magical posionous smoke producing chemicals. Full details are found in Serpent Kingdoms.

Serpent Symbol: this silver orb only works in the hands of a [Yuan-ti] character (unless you Use Magic Device of course), and once per day unleashes either a Disintegrate or Destruction effect (user's choice, DC 10 + half HD + Charisma modifier). Other than this, it provides a bonus equal to half the user's level (round up) on all Balance and Climb checks. It is considered a Moderate Magic Item.

Sickening Weapon: a Sickening Weapon is a Moderate Magic Weapon. It is treated as an Unholy Weapon, but on a critical hit the target must pass a Fortitude Save (DC 10 + half HD + Charisma modifier + Enhancement bonus to the weapon) or be Sickened for one minute. A second critical and failed save increases this to being Nauseated. for the remainder of the duration.

Venomous Fire: this is Minor Magic Weapon - treat it as Alchemist Fire (with the enhancement bonus), however it will only burn for one round after initial damage if it is not doused. Those who take any damage suffer from Poison (DC 10 + half HD of the thrower + thrower's Charisma modifier + Enhancement bonus, 1d6 Con/1d6 Con). This applies on both rounds if they keep burning. Those who suffer Splash damage gain a +4 bonus to the saving throw. Yes, Bio-Sparks and Alchemists can turbo-boost this when they produce it within their own bodies (DC 30 to create). Normal creation: 1 hour, half a pound of platinum.

Viper Ring: when the wearer of this ring, a Minor Magic Weapon makes an Unarmed Attack or Slam Attack, they apply the ring's Enhancement bonus to the attack and damage roll as though it were a magic weapon itself. The target is also injected with Poison: DC 10 + half HD + Charisma modifier + Enhancement bonus, 1d6 Con/1d6 Con.

Viper Weapon: this is a Minor Magic Weapon, and can be applied to Whips (including things that are basically whips, like the Stingray Whip, Nagaika or Scourge) and "Bladed Weapons". With a command word, the blade (or lash) turns into a Viper or back (size: one smaller than the wielder). Every attack made uses the viper's attack bonus or the wielder's, whichever is better, and deals Bite damage (plus the Enhancement bonus) and delivers its poison. For a Scourge, it is a Moderate Magic Weapon, and each attack delivers three bite attacks as so many snakes attempt to bite.

Council Meetings and the Halfassed Social System

Just Magical Tea Party it, whatever. Or maybe use some skill checks here and there. I don't care too much.

That said, there is a table to determine first impressions when you meet new people, to decide how much they intrinsically like you:

One person in the group who is considered the most outgoing or is clearly put forward as the leader rolls 1d20 + Cha + Reputation
For Yuan'ti NPCs, not being a Yuan'ti of any kind gets a -4 penalty, whereas being Half-Blood or better gets a +4 bonus
For Human NPCs, being Human gets a +2 bonus, being a "pretty Humanoid/Fey/Outsider" (Elves and such) gets no modifier, being an "ugly humanoid" (Orcs, Dwarfs) gets a -2 modifier and being some kind of monster gets a -6 penalty. Enjoy your racism.

d20 roll Attitude
Less than 5 Hostile
5-8 Unfriendly
9-13 Neutral
14-17 Friendly
18-22 Helpful
more than 22 Charmed
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