CFD Sleipnir

Name: CFD Sleipnir
Class: Destroyer
Hull: Seraphim
Affiliation: Crimson Fleet, 7th Battlegroup

Just over two kilometers long, the Sleipnir is the heart of the Crimson Corporation's fleet presence in the Tarsis system, hosting ten full fighter squadrons as well as considerable resupply capacity, it can lay down enough damage to halt entire fleets by itself, as well as having a marine contingent capable of subduing an entire colony. Like most ships produced by the Crimson Corporation, its hull is made of a bronze-coloured alloy named "Zentronium" by the engineers and scientists who designed it.

Fanbase: 0/0
Gar Charge: 0/0
Plot Armor: 7/7
Gar: 4
Power(Engineering/Training): 10

Beam Cannon Array(Limit +2. The Sleipnir's Beam Cannon Array deploys a withering barrage of beam cannon fire in any configuration necessary and with enough precision to hit a target the size of a bowling ball.): 10
Flak Batteries(Ordinary. The Sleipnir's Flak Batteries can take down incoming missiles and bombs, as well as knocking fighters, corvettes and mecha out. Mostly useless against capital ships.): 8
Plasma Turrets(Ordinary. The Sleipnir's Plasma Turrets are efficient against strike craft and smaller classes of capital ship.): 8
Missile Racks(Ordinary. The Sleipnir's Missile Racks are loaded for both anti-strike craft, anti-capital ship and bombardment missions.): 8
Classified(You lack the clearance for this data.): ????
Ramming Speed!(Limit +3. In dire conditions, the Sleipnir can reroute energy to her engines and temporarily overcharge them for the purpose of ramming hostile capital ships or even swatting incoming fighter formations away.): 11
Zentronium Armor(Ordinary. The Sleipnir is made from the most advanced materials availiable to the Crimson Corporation engineers. It's damn hard to damage it.): 8
Fighter Sweep(Limit 1. The Sleipnir's contingent of Athena bombers and Hercules fighters engage and assault anything that the Sleipnir itself is too busy to deal with.): 9

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