Choose Your Character: Kotero

"You should leave now, I don't want to kill you."
— Kotero


Kotero is a Solar Exalted who is dedicated to bringing peace and prosperity back to the Realm, similar to that enjoyed by those in the First Age. While loathe to use violence as a means to get his way, Kotero has realized he has no other way to get through to his competitors in the arena. He brings this desire for peace to the battlefield of SUPER EXALTED FIGHTER: REMIX in an attempt to force the other contestants to lay down their weapons and join his cause for peace.

Kotero is a quick, in close, fighter with a variety of dodges and counters, allowing him to play rushdown, zoning, or defensive styles. His counters allow him to punish other rushdown fighters, and the Uncoiling Serpent Prana allows for ranged zoning or combo openers. His Snake Style combo can be canceled or chained in to itself, and has a high chance to force stun an opponent. Kotero is an offensive-minded, all-around character with the ability to start on the back foot and quickly take the lead with good timing. Due to this Kotero relies on solid play and tight control mastery, his combos can be hard canceled and begun again to create truly devastating chains.

Special Attacks:

Qcf.png + Atk.png Uncoiling Serpent Prana - A ranged attack using Kotero's shadow, can be used mid-air

Qcb.png + Atk.png Snake Strikes the Heel - A counter for Low and High attacks, can also counter projectiles.

Dp.png + Atk.png Striking Serpent Speed - A strong followup to a counter or block.

H.png, Qcf.png + H.png Armor Penetrating Fang Strike - An unblockable strike after an opponent blocks an attack.

Hyper Moves:

Qcf.png + Atk.png + Atk.png Essence Venom Strike - A massive flurry of blows that will cause enhanced damage even if blocked.

Qcb.png + Atk.png + Atk.png Shadow Over Water, Iron Kettle Body - A perfect dodge/counter that can even block Hyper combos, this will also stun an opponent upon successful execution.


- Kotero is a very fragile character outside his counters, be careful of long combos that can lock you up.
- Against a range reliant character attempt to catch their projectile in a counter close enough to do damage to the opponent.
- Defensive characters can be worn down and the unblockable followup can be used to punish turtles.
- Learn combo timing on other character to successfully counter more often.

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