Cierra Davies
Name:       Cierra Davies
Player:     SilverMyr
Clan:       Assamite
Generation: Thirteenth
XP:         14/14

Freerunner insomniac raver chick from Detroit that caught the eye of an Assamite in a club. 
One too many drinks later and she wakes up with a hangover and a serious case of being a vampire.

After her embrace, her sire dragged her to Alamut to study in the assassin arts, how to kill and how to sneak. 
After some years of training and boring study in the ways of being an Assamite, she was brought back to 
Detroit to await her first mission. Sinking back into the raver's lifestyle while waiting, the next few months 
became a haze of DJing, partying and getting serious highs off of drinking the designer drug-filled blood of clubbers. 
Eventually, she just went back to her normal life, picking up a gig as DJ-V1TA3 to hide her nature, assuming 
that the other Assamites just forgot about her. Business as usual, but now she has totally cool vampire powers, 
so that's a plus, right? 

  PHYSICAL                  SOCIAL                    MENTAL

Strength  OO           Charisma     OOO           Perception   OO
Dexterity OOOO(O)      Manipulation OOOO          Intelligence OO
Stamina   OO           Appearance   OOO           Wits         OO

  TALENTS                   SKILLS                  KNOWLEDGES

Alertness    OO        Animal Ken                 Academics     O
Athletics    OOOO      Crafts                     Computer      OO
Awareness    OOO       Drive                      Finance       
Brawl        O         Etiquette                  Investigation OO
Empathy                Firearms    OO             Law           
Expression             Larceny                    Medicine      O
Intimidation           Melee       O              Occult        
Leadership             Performance OOO            Politics      
Streetwise   OO        Stealth     OOOO           Science       
Subterfuge   OOOO      Survival                   Technology    

DISCIPLINES              BACKGROUNDS                 VIRTUES

Celerity  O            Alternate Identity OO      Conscience   OOO
Obfuscate OO           Fame               O       Self-Control OOO
Quietus   O            Resources          OO      Courage      OOOO


Eat Food (Free)
Vulnerability to Silver +2 pts


Alternate Identity: DJ-V1TA3, night club DJ.
Fame: Known among area's clubs.
Resources: Meager earnings from nightclub gigs.


Humanity OOOOOO

Willpower OOOO

Blood Pool

Dodge:     4
Soak:      1
Init Pool: 7


Bruised          [ ]
Hurt          -1 [ ]
Injured       -1 [ ]
Wounded       -2 [ ]
Mauled        -2 [ ]
Crippled      -5 [ ]
Incapacitated    [ ] 


TYPE                     DAMAGE      RANGE      RATE      CAPACITY      CONCEAL

Shotgun                    8          20         1           5+1           T
(Customized 12-Gauge)

Knife                    STR+1                                             J
(Damascus Steel)
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