Cirno Fate Game

This game will be run using the FATE engine, specifically Legends of Anglerre. If you do not have Legends of Anglerre, let me know!

Characters will be of Good ranked, which means 15 points for skills, three stages (making six aspects), and three stunts. The advised skill loadout is one Good, three Fair, and six Average. While you can change it up to give yourself fewer skills for better skills, this is generally unadvised - being super-specialized isn't as good in LoA as it is in D&D.

The setting will be my homebrew setting of the Second World. Though I'm building a comprehensive wiki about it, it's mostly filled with shit you don't need to know. On the other hand, this Cirno's Multi Stop Player's Guide should be useful! So read that.

The game will be held at BLANK DAY at BLANK TIME, California / Pacific Standard Time. It will go on until LOLIDUNNO.

As you can see there are details here that need to be filled in! Hurrr game isn't starting yet.


If you want to drop out then let me know!


All players will be members of the Brotherhood of Exploration, the adventurer's guild in The Republic of Antova. You will be sent on various different missions for fun and profit, rising in the ranks, and potentially striking out to found your own colony as things go on.

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