Here I'm going to go through a few sample characters in Legends of Anglerre to help show how they're made.

Chargen comes in phases.

PHASE 1: Early Days. This is your character before they became an adventurer; your origin story. Here you choose two aspects, likely relating to your race and early life.

PHASE 2: Legend. This is how your character got into adventuring, or their first adventure, etc. This should have a two fisted book/pulp title, such as FERRET FIREFIST…AND THE FROZEN ARMY OF THE ICE FAIRY! Generally this should be short enough to read like the back of a novel. Another two aspects should be added here.

PHASE 3: Guest star. Now things get exciting. You get someone else's story and add yourself to it as a guest star or supporting role. Generally this should only be a sentence or two unless you and the other player want to get super ornate with it (not advised - after all, you're just the sidekick in this!). Once more, two aspects -

Note that one of these six aspects should apply to your occupation!

After this, you choose your occupation, skills, and stunts, with stunts being dependent on your skills, occupation, and race.

Lastly, choose gear based on your skills, count off your Stress and Refresh, and you're done!

Here are several sample characters from the Second World to help illustrate the types of adventurers that inhabit it. Note that they only have the first two phases done, as the third would be for you to fill in.

Major Societies

Half Elf Rose of Ravistos

Half Orc Paladin of Eretrius

Human Physician of Enzarus

Dragonborn Warlord

Gnome Beguiler

Dwarf Invoker of Arkant

Elven Seeker

Human Warrior of the Brotherhood

Minor Societies

Orc Blademaiden

Tiefling Hymma

Drow Vagabond

Halfling Hunter

Shifter Shaman

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