Citizen Classes

In the future society created by EuroCorp and their Hypnos Chip, there is a rather stratified society. Citizens are split into six basic classes.

Class A: Highly priviledged members of society, generally high-ranking EuroCorp, government and military officials.

Class B: The ordinary waking people on the street. They have nore rights than Class C and Class D personnel, but generally have to obey the law. Most EuroCorp personnel have this ranking.

Class C: Permanently engulfed in a dreamworld of sorts, they have few rights and are often disposed of if their chips somehow fail.[1]

Class D: Zombified, like living furniture. They have no rights, though if you accidentially kill or maim one, you may be required to pay for whatever labour he was meant to accomplish.[1]

Class E: Unchipped, technically has the same rights as a Class B, but looked upon with considerable suspicion by EuroCorp and the local authorities.

Class F: Unchipped and subversive, generally reserved for unchipped gangmembers in slums, those unchipped who attempt to find ways to remove/destroy chips(for example with Anarchy) and those who actively fight against EuroCorp.

Paladin Team Cyborgs are in a state somewhere between Class A and Class B, having more rights than the average Class B, and generally being free to requisition whatever they need while on a mission, but still technically being the property of EuroCorp and their board of directors.

1. Ghost refers to Class C and Class D citizens as "dreamers."
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