Vital Stats

Race: Lizardfolk
Profession: Denier
Background: A lizard who wants to punch one person and one monster of every race (including the elusive Merfolk-Lizard), and win. Will spend any earning on the fanciest of foods.
Lvl 2!

HP: 18/18 (+6 per level)
Defense: 15
Stamina: 22/27 (+4 per level)
Adrenaline: 0/??
Armor: 1 (3 after repairs post combat)
Skill points:



Colourful Frills (Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): None, Passive)
Gain a +3 to any attempts to capture and hold someone's attention or add a +3 to someone else's attempt to engage in stealth at the cost of being unable to engage in stealth yourself. Cannot be chosen alongside Small Stature.

Stand Together (Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): Merchant Traditions, Passive)
Gain +1 to hit any enemy currently in the same range band as an ally other than yourself.


Mind Over Matter (Starting skill, Passive)
The Denier gains a +1 damage bonus per level to all his attacks with Unarmed weapons.

Defy Matter (Tier 2, Prerequisite(s): Mind Over Matter, Speed +1)
The Denier makes an attack as usual but the damage dealt is armor-ignoring if it hits as the Denier simply refuses to believe in his opponent's defenses. Cost: 4 Adrenaline.


Unarmed Expertise (Starting skill, Passive)
The Denier gets a +3 to hit with any unarmed attacks. Some weapons, like heavy gauntlets, brass knuckles and punch daggers are considered "Unarmed," they'll be noted as such in the equipment section.

Sweeping Kick (Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): Unarmed Expertise, Speed +2)
Dealing normal damage, the Denier's attack targets two enemies in the same range band. Only one attack roll is made and applied to both, the same goes for damage. Cost: 2 Adrenaline.

Falling Star Strike (Tier 2, Prerequisite(s): Sweeping Kick, Special)
For every point of Adrenaline spent, the Denier may add one point of range to a weapon attack, as well as adding one point of damage, +1 accuracy and +1 speed. Immediately after using Falling Star Strike, the Denier is temporarily removed from the battlefield after choosing a range band to re-appear in. The attack resolves a number of ticks later equal to the amount of adrenaline spent, at which point the Denier re-enters the battlefield in the chosen range band, and makes his attack against any viable target in that range band. If there are no viable targets in the range band, the Denier makes no attack and still re-appears in the range band.

Void Whispers

Body Without Mind (Starting skill, Passive)
The Denier gains a +3 to doing anything that requires raw physical strength or adrenaline and little to no thought, as he decouples his mind and his body, allowing him to perfectly ignore straining muscles and the aches of exhaustion. Only works outside of combat as it requires a brief period of meditation that it's hard to find the peace for when someone's trying to beat your head in with a hammer.

Pierce Illusion (Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): Body Without Mind, Passive)
The Denier gains a +3 to seeing through falsehoods as the whispers of the Celestial spirits reveal the truth of the world to him. This includes magical illusions, discerning lies, seeing through disguises and noticing the carpet that someone's put over the spiked pit on the floor.


Turbulence (Starting Skill, Passive)
At the start of combat, roll 1d10 twice to choose two range bands, ignoring the user's range band and rerolling one die if the result is the same. Each chosen range band contains a Wave which allows the owner to move into and out of its range band without expending any adrenaline or affecting his speed if he's in the range band or adjacent to it.

Flow and Ebb (Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): Turbulence, Passive)
At the start of every turn, roll 1d6-3 and apply this modifier to all attack and damage rolls for the turn. Once the turn ends, the bonus or penalty ends as well.

Passive non-combat bonuses

+1 Refusal grants a passive bonus to ignoring pain and other hardship, whether physical or mental.

+2 Unarmed grants a passive bonus to any actions involving hand-eye coordination or dexterity.

+1 Void Whispers grants a passive bonus to, as well as the ability to attempt it at all, communicate with mindless and alien things. This includes inanimate objects, though most of these won't have anything to say. Successfully communicating with any of these beings doesn't guarantee that they intend to be helpful or non-hostile.

+1 Wavebreaker adds a passive bonus to any attempts to destroy physical objects.


Punch Daggers 1d6+1 damage, 0 range, speed 4, type unarmed, cost 10, encumbrance 5
Leather armor, 3 armor, 0 speed penalty, 30 cost, 30 encumbrance
Crowbar enc 5
Stinger Gauntlets : 1d6+1 damage, 0 range, speed 4, type Unarmed, enc 10, "Get Over Here!" special
Sheet of paper to redeem for a sheet of unbreakable glass or profits made on research on in Embernest: 0 enc

Enc: 50/100


Zero lol

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