Claudia Bigby

Lawful Neutral Human Fighter 2 (2,000)/Mage 3 (6,800/10,000)
Hit Dice: 2d10+1d4
Hit Points: 24/24

Strength 18/00 +3 Hit, +6 Damage, Open Doors 12, Bend/Lift 20%
Dexterity 17 -3 AC, +2 Reaction, +2 Hit with Missiles
Constitution 10 System Shock 70%, Resurrection 75%
Intelligence 17 +6 Languages/NWPs, 75% Learn New Spells, +10% XP
Max Spell Level 8, Max 14 Spells/level, Bonus 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Wisdom 6 -1 Magical Defence
Charisma 10 Maximum 4 Henchmen

AC: 5 (10 base, -3 Dexterity, -2 Class)
THAC0: 19 (17 with Darts, 15 with Grappling, Lucern-Hammer)

Weapon Specialisation: Lucern-Hammer (+1 Hit, +2 Damage, 3/2 attacks)
Weapon Specialisation: Grapple (+1 Hit, +2 Damage, 3/2 attacks)
Style Proficiency: Two-Handed FIghting (-3 Speed Rating)
Reading/Writing (Intelligence +1)
Ancient History (Intelligence -1)
Heraldry (Intelligence)
Brewing (Intelligence)
Agriculture (Intelligence)
Blacksmithing (Strength)
Leatherworking (Intelligence)
Swimming (Strength)
Bear Animal Lore (Intelligence)
Set Snares (Intelligence -1)
Charioteering (Dexterity +2)
Knitting (Dexterity -1)

Spells Per Day:
1st Level: 3
Memorised: Spook, Colour Spray, Magic Missile
2nd Level: 2
Memorised: Melf's Acid Arrow, Irritation

Defence Bonus (-2 AC when Unarmoured)
Spell Resistance (+1 to Save vs Spell)

Character Points:

Saving Throws:
Save vs Paralyzation/Poison/Death: 14+
Save vs Rod/Staff/Wand: 11+ (8+ "when Dex applies")
Save vs Petrification/Polymorph: 13+
Save vs Breath Weapon: 15+ (12+ "when Dex applies")
Save vs Spell: 11+ (8+ "when Dex applies")

Medium Shield (+1 AC)
Buckler (+1 AC for 1 attack/round)
20 Darts (Speed 2, +2 to hit (THAC0 17), 1d3 damage, 3 attacks per round)
Lucern-Hammer (Speed 6, +4 to hit (THAC0 15), 2d4+8 damage, 3/2 attacks, double damage when set against charge)
Spell Book
Clothing (sandals, common robe, cloth cloak, vest, belt, girdle, pouches)
Components Pouch
Trail Rations
5 Torches
Inkpot + Quill
Potions: Slipperiness, Sweet Water
Scrolls: Watery Fist (2nd Cle)
Coin Purse (157 Platinum Pieces, 8 Gold Pieces, 5 Silver Pieces)

Spells Recorded:
1st Level:
Cantrip, Change Self, Colour Spray, Identify, Magic Missile, Spook, Wizard Mark
2nd Level:
Melf's Acid Arrow, Irritation, Cat's Grace
3rd Level:
Lance of Disruption, Fireball

First Chronicle of Claudia Bigby
A Humble Beginning
As a proud descendent of the infamous Bigby bloodline (inventors of such spells as Bigby's Crushing Hand) , I always knew I would one day be a great mage - it is just the done thing for my family. It would be remarkable if I were not a great mage at some point. Not only that, but it would be my legacy to one day create a new Bigby's Hand spell. I was a realist, of course, I know arcane forces are powerful, complex things, and no wizard writes their own spell while in their infancy. No, even then I knew it would take years of adventuring, and sitting down to perform research afterwards - it would probably be when I was in my sixties, but nonetheless, you can't escape destiny. As such, I was enrolled into the Wee Jas Academy for Gifted Mages right from the start.

Before then, it must be said our household was a relatively poor one. We couldn't afford to keep all seven serving staff on hand at all hours, putting them on a rotating schedule, and frequently I would look out the window of our horse-drawn carriage at others riding donkeys and wonder why we had no donkeys for riding. I wasn't even allowed to put on dirty rags and go play that food-foraging game with other children, it was imperative that I remain indoors and work on my important life skills. Still, as much as I longed for those peculiar activities that seemed to be a luxury only for others who had such time to spare, I understood the importance of my duties.

At age fifteen, I was amazed at the majestic sight of the Wee Jas Academy - it was huge! I knew it would be larger than my house - ours was probably one of the smallest in the district, a mere three floor affair - but I wasn't expecting an actual stronghold. Towers pushed through the clouds, the walls were massive and lined with skulls (although I later discovered these skulls had been created wholecloth without the need for killing and skinning creatures), the statues so large that even the statue of a gnomish wizard was thrice my own height. I knew I was lucky that my family name carried such importance as to guarantee my admission, because it was obvious how exclusive it would be. Yet there I was, accepted without a second thought, and assigned to the West Tower, a section reserved specifically for newcomers, as "all must prove their worth". I would have accepted no different.

Unfortunately, it turned out that I was actually a terrible wizard, despite bloodline, upbringing, intelligence and destiny. What I did excel at was the array of elective physical classes such as weaponry, athletics, mountaineering and charioteering. Rarely a day went by without me engaging in such exercises, completely outperforming even older students (except when they reminded me of the value of magic, and proceeded to paralyze me, Haste themselves and such - that was rather the point, after all). Within just a few months, I was well-toned and tanned, rippling with muscles, and stronger than nearly any other student, even older students, even boys… even staff. But of course, all the time I spent engaging in the physical arts of lifting heavy things and punching hard things, I was neglecting my actual studies. Meditation never lingered on magic, but turned to daydream, and I rarely bothered to read the tomes and scrolls left by stuffy old wizards (the very kind I imagine I will be when this book is published!). I did write a lot, however, but then, rarely was it my assigned homework. Typically, my penmanship would be less to do with essays on magical theory, but more to do with poetry, or my own journal which is forming a basis for this book, or fanciful tales of legendary characters and the events of their lives. Indeed, this continued into a tendency not to study in classes, and for the first year I was unable to cast even the simplest of spells!

It was obvious that my problem was that of applying myself - after all, not everyone has the spark, but those that do have the spark still need to fuel it themselves. I had never relied on hand-outs or help before, making my own way, and there was no issue there of "not being good enough" or "lacking magical ability". No, it was laziness that saw me suffer, and that very same laziness is probably why we see so few adventurers today. All those pleading for help should try helping themselves, as I did there at the academy! Pick up your own sword and do something!

Having become an excellent warrior there, I would have served well as a servant, "meat shield" or pack mule. I could very easily have been assigned those duties to another, stripped of my status and hat, and forced into servitude and menial labour, were it not for my close friends: Rebecca Mordenkainen and Listelle Nybor. All of a similar age and status, we were a team. They, however, understood the importance of hard work, and applied themselves right from the start. I fell behind, but they never drifted away. Perhaps it was the incident were a bully kept shrinking Rebecca until I relocated their jaw with a hammer. Or perhaps it was just our very natures. At any rate, we made a good team, and they stayed with me. In the end, it was probably Nybor's Gentle Reminder (I had no idea it was cast by throwing old boots at the target!) that saw me sit down and actually study.

Despite my good friends, I still spent a lot of time in detention, which typically involved being sent out into a grove full of ducksnakes and bunnyraptors, having to survive a night - something I did just fine with the aid of the hammer I carried. Actually, detention was quite a lot of fun in that respect, far better than hall-cleaning duties, or having to hammer our nails to be used as spell components (or cure small leather strings to fasten component bags - the smell remains for hours). This enjoyment probably helped me stick around long enough (and on their end, my final willingness to study saved me from expulsion - I am aware that even liches have a limit to their patience!), that finally I did show that glimmer of magic. Some instructors were concerned that this was an innate slowness on my part, that it would take fifty years of training just so I could cast Fireball, so I understand they conspired to accelerate my training and graduation.

Indeed, I did end up graduating from the Wee Jas Academy on the same year as my good friends, certificate and everything, and was quickly pushed out the door. It was then that I knew I had my destiny before me: as a real wizard, I had to head out and show the world what I could do. No, not just show the world, but show myself - I had a duty to experience the world, be a proper adventurer, learn by doing, and master magic in the practical way. This promise I made, and that was what led to the wide travels detailed in future chapters.

Friends and Foes:

Rebecca Mordenkainen: It turned out I was to be surrounded by others of similar breeding to myself. Rebecca Mordenkainen is of course descended from the great line of wizards who can conjure swords, bees, hounds and mansions. At our time in school, she only mastered the art of summoning a single bee (at least, from the spells of her family name - she could cast plenty of others I assure you). She was the more serious, studious kind, and provided useful tutoring, explaining arcane terms such that even a simpleton could understand, and drawing diagrams of magical effects as pertains to planar forces. I have sketched a copy of one of these in the cover for future reference. She has similar goals to my own, and I worry that we may one day cross paths as rivals - though I'm sure we are more likely to meet up as accomplished wizards and scholars, retired and ready to discuss our travels and magical abilities, comparing charts and methods. Apparently, the spell she wishes to one day write and name will be one that summons a complete ship. Now there's dedication - to tell you the truth, while I wish to have a hand spell named after me, I have not put such thought as to the specifics, and it is possible I may need to do so even now. It is noteworthy that she is a rather frail and scrawny girl, so it is perhaps handy that I was able to carry everything for the three of us - indeed, even going so far as to carry the pair of them. She also seemed to be, at the time, jealous of my frame, while I envied her magical aptitude - and of course the two things were completely at odds with one another, as you cannot focus both the body and mind simultaneously.

Listelle Nybor: The Nybor spells are rather shocking - creating powerful effects by purely mental means. The most simple of them creates rather an unpleasant headache, similar to being hit in the head by an old boot. Admittedly, that was also the material component and I am still not entirely convinced that was truly a spell as opposed to throwing an old boot. Nonetheless, she is a rather well-read Enchanter - something that is completely cut off to me, so I will never know for sure whether it was magic or an old boot that truly affected my head and caused me to study. Another thing I will never know is if it was her magic or her personality that made her such a delight, filling hours with chattering and fun. If Mordenkainen was the serious and devoted intellect of the triad, and I was the sheer musclepower and bravery, then Nybor was certainly the heart, the glue that bound us, and the presence making us tolerable to others. Given her skill at Enchantment, I imagine next time we'll meet, she will be running some form of organisation, I only hope it is not to my cost.

Chandra Abi-Dalzim: Enchantment was not the only school at which your remarkable heroine had no aptitude. The other was Necromancy, and Abi-Dalzim (of Horrid Wilting fame) never let me forget it. She was a mean girl, and I would bet gold to goblin bones that she will end up as a wicked necromancer, maybe even a lich, commanding legions to do evil. In a way, I hope we do butt heads so I can one day extract retribution for the minor curses she leveled at me. The retribution will come at the end of a sledgehammer, I assure you. Even in the academy, she dressed in a creepy manner, and had a laugh that Tasha would envy.

Professor Sand: Not literally every person I met descended from a family that researched named spells. One instructor was an elf named Sand. Much like the substance, he was dry, coarse and irritating, and he could not only talk paint off the wall, but back into the tin, where it would seal the lid back on in a futile effort to drown him out. While I would not go so far as to call him an enemy, we did not get along, and he certainly didn't approve of my attitude. On the other hand, he seemed to want to see success, so piled more and more work upon me, not giving up, and at least respected my philosophical leanings - such as in regards to protecting others and acting responsibly. This was a surprise at the time, for while I have, in my vast experience, learned that people are complex beings since then, at the time it was all too easy to just classify someone as good or bad, friend or foe. I did not like the instructor, but nonetheless I respect him. I would buy him a drink if we met again - if only to keep him quiet.

Professor Melf: An interesting note to my readers is that, when I first left the academy, I already had one spell of the second circle inscribed in my book, despite being unable to cast it at the time. As it turned out, it would not be the only one "learned" before it was of use to me. The spell in question was Melf's Acid Arrow, taught to me by a professor of the same name. He was what some people refer to as "an amiable chap". Surprisingly helpful, he provided a lot of useful information once I began applying myself. When it was revealed I had the ability, he felt it a suitable gift to teach that spell to me so I might use it to melt trolls somewhere down the line. Apparently his great uncle still has a wooden leg due to an incident with them, and the family has hated them ever since. Good to know.

Beauford Evard: I have heard dreadful tales of the spells revolving around Evard's Tentacles, indeed I wrote at least one of those tales, and its discovery landed me in cauldron-scrubbing duty for a full month. Nonetheless, while the original Evard was probably quite horrible, the few times I met up with Beauford, she seemed quite pleasant. As a matter of fact, she was very friendly and helpful, if with a mind as depraved as my own when it came to jokes. Indeed, we didn't see much of each other, due to an unfortunate incident where we both happened to be in the broom cupboard at the same time and were discovered there in an awkward state - entirely a misunderstanding on their part, though I can easily see why they might have thought we had been up to something. After all, we were about to be up to something before we were discovered, but on a technicality we had done nothing and it was a misunderstanding. Nonetheless, by pure happenstance we ended up with all of our classes being at opposite ends of the academy after that. I'm sure she's doing very well for herself these days.

Character Points:
10 gained from Human, spent to raise Strength from 18 to 18/00
15 gained from “Cannot wear armour” (Fighter)
10 spent on Defense Bonus (Fighter)
5 spent on Spell Resistance (Fighter)
10 gained from losing access to Enchantment/Charm and Necromancy spells (Wizard)
10 spent on Hit Point Bonus (d6 hit die, Wizard)

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