Club Activities

These are the available Clubs in Bakuhatsu Gakuen

Book Club

A big part is reading, and discussing books, as well as working on reading out loud, speed-reading and text analysis. There's also a certain amount of tracking down rare books. Also they can kill people with paper cuts, apparently.
There is a President, a Treasurer, and a Librarian (who keeps track of the school library books, better than the actual paid librarian does).

  • Excuses to go searching for secret tomes!
  • There are actual magical books out there, which will grant Magic Spells if you find them
  • Partial Grade Boost to Language Studies
  • Full Grade Boost to any attacks made with books (which are treated as swords or clubs in their hands, generally)
  • Has a not-so-friendly rivalry with the Occult Club
  • Sends people to kill those who lose books or are excessively late

House Noble Rose is favoured, as it lends an image of elegance and peaceful reading of contemplative works and poetry

Cheerleading Club

Okay, so apparently cheerleading isn't all about taking group showers, the Internet has let me down. Actual athletics and gymnastics are involved, as well as gossip, plotting, bitching and sniping. It has a President, who does not trust anyone else enough to appoint a Treasurer or whatever.

  • Gain a Partial Grade Boost to Gym for the purpose of athletic stuff, and the Leaps And Bounds ability
  • Automatically considered attractive because you're a CHEERLEADER!
  • The club is seriously allocated extra shower time because the school made the same mistake I did
  • …they frequently need to sweep it for cameras though
  • They are very obviously assassins - they plot people's deaths, and are athletic
  • Depending on whether they're Nice or Nasty, anyone in this club gains either TEAMWORK RA-RA! or Sneak Attack

House Maiden Knight is favoured because they're designed for this kind of stuff. House Divine Spark is also favoured because they have the same skills and desires, it just goes hand-in-hand.

Chess Club

They play chess. There's also checkers, go, shogi, battle card games and BattleMallet 9,001… but it's mostly chess. The President is a Machiavellian Xanatos Gambit "just as planned" sort of guy. There's also a Treasurer, and a Timekeeper.

  • Big on scheming, strategy and plotting, the Just According to Keikaku ability is gained
  • You know if Schniezel performed an illegal move in chess so it's odd that he would say checkmate
  • You can bring money and prestige to the school/yourself by performing in televised chess tournaments
  • Know the rules for any bizarre games, even variant rules - gain Expert: History when recalling old rules and laws

House Noble Rose is favoured, because they are the lords who send peasants to die for them. House Heart Blade are also favoured due to their love of tactical combat and honourable battle.

Cooking Club

This club specialises in all aspects of food preparation, but mostly actual cooking. They cover regular meals, but a big draw to this is the baking of cakes and preparation of sweets. They are extra-popular on Valentine's Day. There is a President, a Treasurer and a Secretary (who handles stock taking).

  • Get invites (and money) for school functions, being hired on to cater
  • Even if you suck at Science and didn't take Home Ec, you have a Grade of B when it comes to cooking.
  • If you DID take Home Ec or have an A or better in Science, gain two Bonus Dice for cooking purposes
  • You can wield kitchen utensils as the closest matching "real weapon", but increasing the damage by +1
  • There are serious goals for taking over the school cafeteria

House Lotus Fist is favoured, due to their vague obsession with proper healthy eating and nutrition. That said, everyone likes good food.

Cosplay Club

Yes, costumes and disguises! Specifically, it tends to be anime costumes. Many magical girls pick this club, and it helps them in reimagining their transformed outfits, but plenty of others join in just for fun. House Divinity also like this for the fancy gowns and suits that can be made here, though they're the type to just ask members of this club to make outfits for them, rather than doing it themselves. This club only has a President and a Treasurer.

  • Automatically good at sewing and such - if you didn't take Home Ec, you effectively have a B for the creation of clothes. If you DID, get a Partial Grade Boost for these purposes.
  • Costume design is taught as a skill, and you always have a disguise on hand
  • A lot of money can be made shortly before the school prom and similar things

House Maiden Knight is favoured

Darts Club

Why darts? Simple. It's a club for the "sport" of throwing sharp pieces of metal with accuracy. Yes, it's actually a club full of ninja assassins. There is only the Grand Master (President), no other positions of power.

  • Gain Sneak Attack
  • A Partial Grade Boost is granted to all math-related activities
  • Has a fierce rivalry with all other "ninja assassin" clubs
  • You can always find a dart/shuriken/kunai to throw when you need one

House Lotus Fist is favoured here

Detention Club

Delinquents, the lot of them. Basically, they're always in detention. Indeed, this gives them extra club time: every lunch break and some weekends. In order to be eligible for Club President, you somehow have to be sent to double detention. Note that people in this club actually are troublemakers. People in this club should not have a good Grade in Behavioural Assessment.

  • You effectively get away with minor offences, because you were going to be in detention anyway
  • You have all this extra time to work on plotting and other activities that can be done in the detention room
  • There isn't much of a club agenda, either, allowing enough studying or whatever that once per Episode you can just gain a Partial Grade Boost on any one Test that isn't Behavioural Assessment
  • Other students who get sent to detention can very quickly be mugged or brainwashed
  • You have a minimum Grade of B for intimidating people

There is no favoured house

Duty Club

Effectively, butler and maid training. It covers everything such people would be expected to know, and generally keeps them in good favour with others. They are closely aligned with the Social Club. The President is the Head Maid or Chief Butler, depending on their preference, and there is also a Treasurer, Secretary, and Officer of Public Relations (who links the members up with paying customers, assigns tasks from the school and so on). It is not actually a weird Dominance-Submission sex thing.

  • You often actually have to help clean the grounds and such, which puts you on good standing with school staff
  • Can be paid big money to serve other students (like the Social Club) or to help out at events
  • Tidying quickly is also useful for concealing and pocketing items - such a task is Trivial to you
  • The Help should always be invisible, so you gain the Camouflage ability
  • You can easily be brought on board by the Student Council

House Heart Blade is favoured as it fits the "loyal and dedicated servant" image.

Exploration Club

This club is very much about treasure hunting, but also mapping out the school buildings to discover lost corridors and forgotten rooms. They even get approved excursions where they go out exploring forests, caves or the ocean. There is a President and a Treasurer.

  • Basic driving and navigation is Trivial for you
  • Can always try to find a hiding place for evading trouble or storing things, even when time is a factor
  • Every now and then, good payloads of loot can be discovered
  • School trips and access to special vehicles!

House Lotus Fist is favoured - exploration and clambering about in dark places is just another form of training.

Gun Club

It's really more of a "general military" club, but the real focus is on guns. They even make their own guns, and have quite the stockpile of existing ones. There is a President, a Treasurer, and the Holder of Keys - the only person with the keys to the storage room. Sometimes people discuss history or military tactics.

  • You never have a Grade worse than C when shooting things
  • Maintaining and repairing guns is a Trivial task, and if you have the tools, you can build new ones as a Basic task.
  • Access is given to the gun lockers, but guns must be returned, and ammunition paid for.
  • Yes, even bazookas and things are available

House Heart Blade is favoured, for those who conjure firearms or just simply like violence in all its forms.

Kendo Club

This covers a variety of things - iaijutsu, fencing, naginata, eskrima and so on. But mostly it's kendo. They are very serious about duels, and consider regular fighting to be beneath them. The President of this is almost always a member of the Discipline Committee, too, because violence is a transferable skill, and the bamboo shinai sees equal use in both roles. There's also a Treasurer.

  • General weapon usage and swordplay is covered, especially for one on one combat. Gain either Evasive Athletics or Athletic Assault.
  • This also covers honour, tradition, focus and so on. A Lotus Fist who needs to roll to control their Aura gains a Bonus die to do so
  • Being invited to a duel in the flower garden is always dangerous, but victory can win respect and prestige - no loser of these duels has ever harboured ill will against the winner, and a draw always results in the forging of the bonds of eternal friendship or true love.

House Heart Blade and House Noble Rose are both favoured.

Newspaper Club

This club exists to get in everyone's business and snoop about. As such, they're usually playing a delicate balancing game of pissing people off (by investigating them and publishing any embarrassing news) and keeping them happy (by doing interviews and publishing success stories). Because of their tendency to uncover the truth, the Student Council has problems with them - there is no Freedom of the Press, merely Freedom to do What You Can Get Away With. This has a President, an Editor and a Treasurer.

  • Expect a lot of interaction with other clubs, and opportunities to investigate everything
  • Bribes and threats will go your way in equal measures
  • Enjoy a Partial Grade Boost to Language Studies
  • You also gain Camouflage, it tends to be needed for this.

House Divine Spark is favoured for this, because of their intrinsic link to the press via the need for attention.

Occult Club

This covers a wide assortment, from Cthulhu cultists to stage magic to goth Wiccans to people who want to unlock the secrets to ancient sorcery to those who want to see if ancient sorcery is even real. The President is referred to as the Supreme Sorcerer of the Ninth, and has four assistants (roughly equal to Vice Presidents), called the Four Shadows. Yes, they wear hooded robes. There is also a High Priest (the treasurer) and the Book Keeper (secretary).

  • Magic Spells can be learned here, though it still requires research and everything. Alternatively you can gain Exorcism if that's more your style.
  • If Cthulhu is going to be summoned or someone is going to be sacrificed… it's here.
  • Hates the Book Club, because the Tome of Eternal Darkness is still classified as a book

No House is particularly favoured here - it requires an outlook on life, not an innate power.

Parkour Club

You'd think this would not be a thing in the future. You'd be wrong. This is dedicated to flinging yourself off high places and moving about like Naruto. Wall running is just a thing people do, and it's all a part of martial arts combat. The only special rank is President.

  • Has a rivalry with Cheerleading and Darts Clubs because ninja
  • You are only ever late to class if you want to be, or if you start moving after the bell has already sounded
  • You gain either Leaps and Bounds, Expert: Gym (for moving around the place) or Sneak Attack.
  • If you specifically run away from someone, you can make sure the path you take is one that normal people can't replicate - chasing you becomes Ridiculous if they don't have special forms of movement.

House Lotus Fist is very much favoured.

Pet Club

This is where you get your pet cat if you're a magical girl. Many magical girls sign up for this club so as to have a cute pet they can talk to. Others sign up for attack dogs and stuff, though they don't get dragons and such. This also doubles as equestrian club. There is a President, a Treasurer and a Chief Carer (who looks after unadopted animals, or the pets of those in the infirmary). Sometimes the Chief Carer has all of their fingers and toes. Becoming President requires proving your worth: being locked in a room with a wasp nest thrown in. You pass if you talk the wasps into calming down.

  • You flat-out get a useful pet animal of some kind. Even a bear or something. They treat you as their Best Friend and Idol/Beloved.
  • There should be a plot hook about the responsibility of pet ownership, just for you!
  • Riding is a Trivial task for you, and you can use Language Studies to communicate with your pet - a Standard task.
  • You also get a Expert: Health for first aid and animal care.

House Maiden Knight is favoured.


This isn't for Science, it's for SCIENCE! In other words, anti-beam beams, plasma cannons, fusion reactors, force field generators, black hole generators, plagues, one-pill every-cancer-cures, synthesising new drugs, making scarves that let animals speak, making bombs that cause explosions to explode… oh and giant robots. There is a Super President, who resides over the Presidents of Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering. There is also a Treasurer, a Secretary and an Officer of Damage Control.

  • In your core specialist field, your Science Grade is never worse than a B
  • Any big project always makes a plot hook - either you succeed and have your killer destructo-laser or whatever, or you fail and unleash space distemper or something. See: the SCIENCE! power
  • The lab also provides a lot of long-forgotten, discarded experiments to dig through, which can be used to help solve and/or cause problems in a pinch

No House is particularly favoured.

Social Club

This is about as bad as that in the Ouran High Host Club anime. There is the core of the club - the hosts and hostesses, and then there are the members who are just paying customers. It isn't officially prostitution, and it shouldn't be played that way. There is a President, a Vice President, a Treasurer and a Business Administrator - who handles the introductions and arranges meetings. Technically there are also many specialty positions which are basically different fetishes - "The Dark Mysterious Older Guy", "Twins with Implied Twincest", "Busty Chick", "Girl Who Looks and Acts Younger Than She Is, What is Wrong With You?" and so on. Mostly this is conversation and tea parties, despite how wrong it all seems.

  • The club rakes in mega money from the non core members and from others (anyone can acquire their services in free time)
  • This helps to develop social skills, granting a Partial Grade Boost in Language Studies
  • It also helps people know about etiquette, tea ceremony, dress sense and other things

House Noble Rose is favoured. Naturally.

Tennis Club

This hones reflexes, running speed, and a killer backhand that caves ribcages in. It is not a gentle, serene, girly sport. That said, thanks to short skirts, the female tennis team is very popular. There are rumours they smuggle drugs via tennis balls. There is a Team Captain, and there is a Treasurer.

  • For the purpose of running, and looking good, you gain Expert: Gym
  • With a racquet and a ball, you now have an Extreme Range weapon - and even in close combat, if you state you're delivering a backhand attack, it deals +1 damage
  • There is some mysterious influx of money for the club

Houses Heart Blade and Lotus Fist are favoured

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