Coastal Brazilian Gray Zone

Name: Coastal Brazilian Gray Zone
Type: City State
Status: EuroCorp-Controlled
Hypnos-Rating: 1:3

After the genetically engineered plants and animals overwhelmed South America one human bastion held out, the Brazilian Gray Zone. Originally simply known as the Safe Zone, it eventually became known as the Gray Zone for its towering gray walls and watchtowers. Every day, squads of soldiers and volunteer citizens patrol the streets for saplings and go beyond the walls to beat back the jungles with toxin guns and flamethrowers.

The Gray Zone is entirely dependant on food exports for survival, and mostly funds this state of affairs with interesting animal and fruit specimens from the jungle. Efforts have been made to "neuter" some of the plant specimens to limit their frenzied growth and so make them more viable for commercial exploitation, but this has met with very limited success so far. They also export quite a lot of trained soldiers who are instantly snapped up by EuroCorp as security and army troopers.

While EuroCorp has a heavy presence in the Gray Zone, very few citizens are actually Dreamers(comparatively). For every one Dreamer, there are three normal citizens. This is due to the need for everyone's constant vigilance, a single unnoticed acorn could split part of the wall in half in hours and permit ravenous creatures from the jungle inside.

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